Energy and the Food You Eat


We were at dinner with a healer friend recently, and he made a mudra with his hand and drew a circle around his food before he ate it. I remember that other healers I know do that, too. It’s not something I tend to think about that often because with 3 year old Ivan, I’ve had the tendency to just shovel whatever into my mouth before, after, or while I’m begging him to eat. I also tend to be more of a “closeted” healer, and I don’t do stuff like that around other people. Though I might start doing it now!

My husband Ryan and I asked him to explain his particular method of food blessing, and he said he directs golden white healing light through his hand and fingers, and then sees and feels it surrounding his food and ridding it of bad vibes. He said our food goes through so many things before it reaches the table – chemicals, handling, packaging, and then the energy of the person preparing it. When he blesses his food, he heals the energy of it and balances it so the sort of “ph” is good for his body.

And that reminded me of something. Recently, someone we know who is one of the best cooks I’ve ever met in my life, brought over a couple of dishes she made. I won’t say who she is for privacy’s sake. Usually we gobble up her food and it is AMAZING. But this time, I got the worst most awful indigestion. And Ryan did, too. Two totally different dishes, with totally different ingredients, and we just couldn’t eat the rest, though it felt crazy to not devour it like we would normally. The flavors were technically right, but the food was just “off.” And I realized that she had been off, too, just not herself lately, and kind of depressed. So I surmise that she was not having a great day when she made those dishes, and her energy went into the food.

It’s something I try to be conscious of when I’m cooking. When I’m in a bad mood or ruminating about negative things, the food I make kind of sucks. But when I’m happy, and grateful, the food is pretty good. I love cooking from that happy place, because it is really so much fun, and it feels wholesome and right.

Everything we eat has it’s own energy, and that energy is then shifted by the artist who makes a meal out of it. If we direct our consciousness to treat our food with love, and care, gratitude and respect, it will definitely nourish and heal our bodies accordingly. One of the most beautiful books of fiction I’ve read that captures this idea is “Like Water for Chocolate” by Laura Escuivel.

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