I did a reading for a client yesterday who is going through SO MUCH DRAMA I could hardly believe what I was hearing. In fact, everything was so complicated that I had to ask for clarity in order to open up my intuitive channels. When you’re doing readings, you have to turn off all judgment; you will NEVER do ANYONE any good by being a judgmental psychic (or a judgmental person in general, really). So my judgmental self was turned off, but I was still overwhelmed by the drama he was going through: major legal issues, identity theft, really bad investments, some accidental involvement with criminal mafia types. I kid you not.

My client is a very gentle soul, an artist, a healer, and very intuitive. His life isn’t quite going in the direction he ideally would like it to, and he desperately needs change. In fact, he needs and craves this change on such a deep level that he subconsciously created these very frightening situations in order to shake things up so that he’ll have to move forward: he won’t have a choice.

Sometimes drama is a good thing, because it propels us forward. If you like a little bit of excitement, negative or positive, drama can be great. It can be like being on a roller coaster – sometimes fun, sometimes scary, but a great thrill ride all in all.

If you don’t like roller coasters, though, and you find there’s a little more drama in your life than you’d like to deal with, you can just choose to disengage. Just step away from it, and set an intention to have a smooth, easy ride on a nice, clear, level road. It really works.

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