Don’t be a Fish out of Water!


Do you remember that show, Bewitched? It was about a beautiful blonde witch, Samantha, who was married to a regular dude, Darren. She tried not to do magic, but always got herself into situations where she simply had to use it. Basically, Samantha masqueraded as a normal person in order to fit into the lifestyle of a 1960’s suburban housewife.

Like Samantha, I tried to fit in for years before just accepting the fact that I’m a weirdo. I was never the pretty cheerleader or sorority girl, and even though I got a sensible haircut and nice Ann Taylor clothes, I still didn’t fit in over at Corporate America. Finally, I discovered my path, came out of the psychic closet, and let my freak flag fly. I love the work I do, but it’s still hard to be a nonconformist.

I just got back from a totally nice vacation with my husband’s family. It was a great trip, but I felt a little bit like Samantha, because I was around people who don’t get what I do. I couldn’t talk about energy or magic or the workings of the universe. I didn’t have time to meditate (although long walks in nature with my husband and baby were just as healing). I’m not condemning the family by any means – they are the most wonderful, loving people I know – but because they aren’t really into the stuff I am, I felt a bit like a fish out of water. It’s the same way for me with my own parents and siblings (whom I adore), and with certain friends who are not into what I’m into. After spending a lot of time with them, I’m desperate to connect with people who get my lifestyle.

If you are working on developing your own intuition, psychic powers, and spirituality, it’s beyond critical that you find like-minded people to connect with. They’ll help keep you on the path. It’s too hard to go it alone, because aside from the work you do every day, our society is all about entertainment, celebrities, sports, shopping and what’s on TV, and that doesn’t leave much space to carve out time for cultivating and developing one’s mystical pursuits. Don’t be a fish out of water! Find your tribe. One place that helped me was Sonia Choquette’s Six Sensory World community. You can meet with people online and/or see if there are any groups who meet in your area. Trust me: your intuition will grow tenfold if you’re just around the right people.

I am glad to be home now and have a chance to connect with psychic friends, to meditate, do some healing ceremonies, and re-awaken my inner witch. Do I wish I was more of a normal person? At times, yes…but then again, I remember that when I did try to fit in, something was always missing. Now that I’ve found it, I wouldn’t give it up for the world.