Do You Really Want to Know?


A lot of things can come up in an intuitive consultation session. Hopefully, most of it will resonate with you, and help empower you to make healthy decisions in order to move forward in your life.

Sometimes, however, you may receive information that you’re not exactly thrilled about. For example, I recently saw a documentary that was produced about three years ago. In one scene, a young woman went to visit a psychic, and asked about her new boyfriend. The psychic told her that their association was based on business, or had to do with career/business, and that the relationship would not last in the long run. The young woman was incensed, and badmouthed the psychic afterward, questioning her professionalism and basically characterizing her as a quack.

I was curious about the whole thing, so I went online and found out that the guy ended up dumping the woman. So, as the psychic predicted, their relationship ultimately did not work out. And yes, the pair met during the course of making the film, and their budding relationship became a big part of the film, so the relationship was in fact somewhat related to business. I suppose that if the psychic had padded her words a little more gently, she would not have angered the girl so; nobody wants to hear that their new relationship will fail. But…she asked. And she got her answer.

Basically, if you are not energetically or physically prepared to hear the truth about a situation, it will not make sense for you to ask about it, because chances are, you will not like the information you receive, and you’ll spend a lot of unnecessary time being upset about it.

Once, several years ago, I did a session for a client who just found shocking and solid evidence that her boyfriend had cheated on her at least twice. She forgave him, and he swore he hadn’t done anything wrong (despite explicit photos on his camera). And so, in the reading, she asked me if he would do it again. I tried to set my analytical opinion aside (umm…it wouldn’t take a psychic to guess the probability on that one), and checked my vibes on the matter. And the answer was yes, he would do it again, and the girl would be better off without him. But she was not ready to hear that. I tried to tell her with as much sensitivity as possible that although he loved her, he did have a problem with monogamy. She didn’t want to hear this, and said that he’d promised to be faithful to her, so I must be wrong. I didn’t want to argue with her and piss her off, so I let it go; she would deal with it when she’s ready.

In another instance, a client asked about her boyfriend, and I saw that he was, essentially, a destructive ratlike creature who would destroy her life. My vibes gave me the green light to tell her this, and she said she knew it. She was ready to hear this, and needed validation, which I gave her, in order to end the relationship.

I’m supposed to be somewhat of an expert on these things, but I get tripped up too, and often have to remind myself that I DO want to know the truth, not just what I think I want to hear. Not too long ago, I got very upset when my psychic friend told me that a job I was considering accepting would end up being just plain awful. I so didn’t want to hear that! But I knew in my heart that she was right, and after fuming about the general unfairness of the situation, I decided not to take the position. I later got validation that this was the right step to take. The reading served as a catalyst to help me make a very good decision. I needed to know, and I was ready for the answer.

So, all in all, if you’re seeking guidance, be it from a psychic intuitive, your own deck of oracle cards or any other means, you need to ask yourself: do you really want to know?

Say Readers...

  • abigail kilronan   

    How do u differenciate btwn self fulfilling prophecies and and psychic truths?

  • Krishanti   

    I think they are both the same in a way, and they can both be changed. A "psychic" truth essentially just reveals the underlying energy of a situation or circumstance, so if a psychic truth reveals a certain pattern, or "self-fulfilling prophecy," you can either work to change it if you so desire, or leave it as is and let it be. Does that make sense?

  • Charlene   

    I think people get so upset when they hear the truth because they already knew it on some level and now they are forced to "see" things and perhaps take action. They can't use the "ignorance is bliss" excuse any longer. Plus, sadness comes up and it's just easier to be mad than sad for lots of us.