Do You Really Want to be all that Powerful?


“You are all-powerful.”

“You are one with the universe.”
“You are a spark of the divine.”
“You are psychic.”
If you’re into New Age dogma, or follow the New Thought movement, these are just a few of the phrases you’ve probably heard over and over and over again. We can all say these phrases are true. We can all know these things are true. But can we accept them, and have them? Do we really want to be a spark of the divine? Do we really want to be all that powerful? What does that even MEAN?

For hundreds of thousands of years, the world has been set up so that a few people were (and still are) in charge, dictating how it’s going to be for everyone else. Religion and the church have been in the game since the beginning, appointing hierarchical authorities claiming to be closer to God, telling the masses that they’d go to hell if they were disobedient. People who were uncannily powerful, or magical, or who marched to the beat of their own drum, were ostracized, imprisoned, tortured, and killed. People who went with the program were accepted.

In terms of politics, the history of the workforce, and how people earned a living, many of those deemed “lesser-than” were enslaved, and forced to toil away mercilessly. We gasp at the idea of slavery these days, but those old patterns are still in effect. How many people feel like slaves at work nowadays, jokingly calling bosses “slave drivers” and feeling like prisoners trapped in a life of low-paying drudgery? If you work for a company, you don’t call the shots, not by any means. You do what you’re told. This is residue from the era of slavery, a concept that’s as old as the hills. It’s changing, gradually, but it will take time.

I’ve said this over and over – I hate being called a psychic. That’s not what I AM – I’m regular. I just learned this awesome technique that helped me tap into a deeper level of knowing. This technique is not off-limits, or secret. It’s easy. It just requires discipline. But being disciplined isn’t easy for everyone. It’s easier sometimes to just watch TV, rather than work on developing our own authentic, personal power (trust me, I know).

If you’re remotely interested in personal growth and awareness, and are wondering what blocks may be holding you back, think about this. The human race is, to a certain extent, locked into a cycle of fear and suspicion, borne from centuries of people in positions of authority keeping the masses in oppression. We’ve been taught to be afraid of witches, wizards, magicians, to fear people who know more, who believe that they have their own true power, who know the unspoken mysteries of the universe.  Could this heavy energy be holding you back from creating the life you really want, from realizing you’re a spark of the divine, from being at peace with yourself and whole in your own personal power? Could unspoken agendas from the collective energy of the history of civilization be holding you back from moving forward, embracing your own power, and marching to the beat of your own drum?

Say Readers...

  • Willow Woman   

    Krishanti, once again I feel that you are talking directly to me. I have been dedicated to healing and releasing my blocks of negative energy and for over a year now. I thought I could just embark upon a path of enlightenment, but learned I was full of blocks. A few months ago I was guided to the Emotion Code and Body Code therapies and find them to be the most profoundly powerful method of clearing trapped negative energy. When I have "cleared" my past darkness, it is one of my goals to participate in your online workshops. I think you are amazing and I am so grateful you are sharing your gifts online, as I am an East-coast woman! Love and blessings to you, never stop.

  • Krishanti   

    Thank you! I would love to try more Emotion Code and Body Code healing work – I had a session in April and was amazed at how profound it was. Love and Blessings to you, too!