Do You Have Abandonment Issues?


I’ve been learning this new healing process called The Emotion Code. I’ve been working with a couple of healers on personal issues, and experimenting with using it on myself and others.

Recently, during a session, I hit a MAJOR nerve related to my abandonment issues. Through the Emotion Code method, I worked on releasing abandonment from when my mom divorced my dad when I was 3, stuff leading up to that when I was 2 that I don’t remember, fear of abandonment from when I was en utero and my mom was told by her doctors that she and I would both die if she didn’t abort me (she had cancer), and then, of course, the ultimate abandonment: when she died when I was 15.

Of course, any terrible painful emotional experience is an opportunity for the soul to learn and to grow. So I decided to tune into my spirit guides about the spiritual meaning behind abandonment issues.

Here’s what came through:

1. Abandonment does not really exist. People come, and people go. Humans are not made to live forever, nor are animals. The spirit lives on, and in spirit, we are all one. What you perceive as abandonment in the form of death is merely a transition from one vibrational level to another. From density to light. From timefulness to timelessness. There is no time in the world of energy. Time does not exist.

2. Any and all loss you endure is temporary. In the true nature of the universe, loss does not exist. We are all comprised of energy, and energy never disappears. In the earth plane, it might feel as though loss is forever, but it is not.

3. The physical human body experiences agonizing pain and suffering. Not only does the physical body suffer, but the emotional body suffers as well. It might be simple to say that this is an illusion, but while in the flesh, it is difficult to see this as such. These sufferings are very traumatic and devastating. If a human can overcome them, see that even the suffering is an illusion, soothe and nurture the soul, and see and feel and live in the light, the soul will grow and evolve in this lifetime, and a great lesson will be learned.

4. Your ego perceives abandonment as the ultimate rejection, which contributes to you feeling worthless of love, worthless of anything. If you think about the other person’s path and what led them to leave you, realizing that you personally actually have very, very little to do with their decision, you will find some relief.

5. Humans have a great fear of being left alone. Being abandoned in some cases causes people to feel rejected. As if not only were they rejected by one or several people, but perhaps they deserve to be rejected by the whole human race. This is about being separate from others, when in fact, we are all one. There is no separation. All is one and one is all. It is an illusion that we are separate from one another, and this illusion causes great pain. See the whole for what is is, and know that you are no less deserving of rejection than the man or woman sitting next to you. We are all the same.

6. Completely succumbing to the pain of abandonment is a way to avoid your own power. By feeding the fear and sorrow, you focus on that, and forget the truth: that you are more powerful than you could ever believe. You are limitless.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Emotion Code, check out this link. The healer I work with personally is amazing, so if you feel like you could benefit from working with her, email her by clicking these words and let her know you heard about her through

Have you suffered from abandonment issues, how did you cope? Have you healed yet? If so, how long did it take?