I used to wish I had a fairy godmother. Sadly, they don’t really exist – at least not the types from the fairy tales, the magical ones who give us dresses and turn pumpkins into carriages and make everything all better. For the most part, as adults, we’re on our own.

That’s one of the big things you start to learn how to do with psychic development. It’s like using magic to become your own fairy godmother. I’ve talked about being grounded and protecting yourself energetically, and there are a bunch of other awesome things I’ll get into later on.

But today I just want to talk about a nuts and bolts thing with regards to taking care of ourselves. I was on the phone with a business acquaintance/friend today, a boy who can be nice, but who can also be very ego-centric and condescending. I said something that ticked him off and he started to get upset. He raised his voice, and I could feel the anger he was experiencing just radiating through the phone. I kind of couldn’t believe it. Luckily, I don’t have to deal with angry people that much. As his voice got louder and louder and he got madder and madder, I found myself holding the cell phone away from my ear…and then I just hung up. And turned my phone off. I don’t need to be yelled at. That’s violent, and mean. I don’t want that.

I waited a bit, then I sent a text saying I hung up because he was yelling and getting mean. He replied decently. I won’t be talking to him anytime soon; I still feel jarred and upset by his outrageous reaction. That’s the thing, though – when you start to own your space, and get very comfortable with your own energy, and set your own energetic boundaries, you can remove yourself from unfair situations. And you should! Being more intuitive and more psychic makes you more sensitive, so you HAVE to take care of yourself, and be your own fairy godmother. Get away from bad situations. Run away from bad vibes, and don’t let anyone abuse you.