Celestial Magic


I was musing recently about astrology. How is it possible that the alignment of the planets can serve as a roadmap for our lives? When you really think about it, it’s totally profound. It shouldn’t make sense in practical terms, but it does. And when you’re working with an expert astrologer, the insights that your astrological chart can provide are mind-boggling.

Maja D’Aoust, an incredibly gifted astrologer I know, looked at my chart the other day and pointed to a specific section of the geometrical graph it formed. She asked me if my father had been distant (he had – I grew up with my mother after they divorced). It was just so amazing that she honed in on that one very particular and very specific aspect of my life…and that I was born into a situation that evolved into that. The complexities of this are ever-intreguing, because it makes one think about whether or not we have free will. I always believe we do, but then things like this make me realize that, free will or not, we come to life here on earth with certain issues to deal with and work through.

If you’re interested in getting your chart done, Maja is awesome. I asked her what she thought about how and why astrology is so powerful, and she told me about cymatics and Ernst Chladni, a man who discovered that sound waves create a vibration that affects physical matter. Maja said that she believes the alignment of the planets can create a similar vibration, or pattern, that affects our physical life experiences. It’s so profound that it’s hard for me to really conceptualize, but it makes sense. And it is beyond fascinating.

Another one of my favorite astrologers is Susan Miller. Her AstrologyZone horoscopes are so great that I’m amazed that they’re free. She’s been spot-on with her forecasts for years now, and I just love her and am so grateful for her contributions!

There are so many ways to gain insight into our lives through divination: we’ve got astrology, the tarot and other divination cards, scrying, the i ching, runes, our own intuition, and much, much more. In fact, I just checked out Wikipedia and found all of these methods of divination. If you’re really interested in figuring things out, as I am, there’s no reason why you can’t delve into whatever aspects of divination are calling out to you, and start learning how to understand (or start to understand) the grand scheme of things. It may take a lifetime of discovery, but what a fun way to continue to learn and grow!