This image is called Catskin, by Arthur Rackham. I discovered it a while ago on one of my favorite websites, And then, I saw it, larger than life, a replica (not the original) in a furniture gallery on Melrose last week. It’s funny how that happens. Synchronicity, though I don’t know why seeing an image of Catskin would be synchronistic. Perhaps someone reading this blog would like to purchase a gigantic copy of this image; maybe that’s wherein the synchronicity lies. If so, it was hand-painted by someone, not Rackham, and it’s hanging in a gallery on Melrose on the left hand side of the street if you’re headed towards downtown, a little bit east of La Brea.

Say Readers...

  • K.   

    I think it is. I don't have the story in my compendium of Grimm tales so I'd rather just say that she wove a garment out of the hair she collected as she lovingly brushed and groomed the friendly village cats.