The topic of spirit guides comes up a lot with the people I work with, and the biggest two questions are 1) How can I hear them/connect with them more easily? and 2) What are their names?

So in the video above, I chat a bit about the concept of spirit guide names. The primary takeaway is this: they themselves don’t really associate as a naming identity, as they dwell in the world of spirit, but we call them names for ourselves so that we can more easily identify who these beings are.

Of course, a lot of this depends on who you are using as a guide, too. If it’s your grandmother, and you would prefer to keep calling her by the name she had in her lifetime, then that’s what you will call her and that’s who she will say she is. If, however, it’s a light being from another universe where they don’t speak in language form, you might call that guide any name you want that will help you identify him or her or it. 🙂

The spirit guide realm can be very complex, depending on who you want to work with, what you want them to help you with, and more. You can rely on one guide, or dozens. You can talk to a group of guides, as many people do, and refer to them as a collective, none of them having their own name.

I went for years not naming my guides. One of them I just called “The Blue Guide” because everyone saw him as blue. But last year, when I started channeling, I got a name. And then when I work from the realms of the Ascended Masters and beyond, I get many, many names of different beings. We’re talking angels, saints, masters, etc. Now up there in those realms they don’t chit chat with each other they way we do, but they tell me who they were on earth or when they interacted with others on earth, and that helps me identify their presences and energetic signatures.

When it comes to a name, just know that it’s more of a tool for YOU to associate with that being than it is their actual moniker.

I wish you the best of luck in working with your guide or guides. I do have some meditations and downloadable workshops that are designed to help, so click here for more info!

And remember, if there’s anything in your life that you need assistance with, I’m here to help with readings, energy healings, on-demand meditations and my psychic development training program. So just reach out! 🙂

Spirit Guides


You’ve got to admit, the whole notion of spirit guides is pretty new agey. Which is why I thought it was funny when I found myself telling close friends last week that “My Spirit Guide said (insert guidance here – from ‘don’t get an IPL photofacial because the results won’t be worth it’ to ‘send Ivan to this new school vs. another’).” It still makes me chuckle; I am amused, blown away, and also a tad skeptical (STILL – I’m working on it).

The thing is, I have been intrigued by the concept of spirit guides ever since I heard about them, and have been working diligently to make contact with mine. Now that I have been channelling for over a year, I am confident that my main guide is 100% real, accurate, and, basically, legit – because I sit down and listen to him every single day. The things he has told me are right on, and the level of energy healing and other things I have seen and experienced in this realm of the Ascended Masters is just BEYOND. Before that, I knew I had guides, but channelling has taken it to the next level.

So in the video above, I chat and at some points ramble about spirit guides vs. deceased loved ones and how to connect and why. Once you get in the zone, and it has taken me quite a few years to do so, but once you do, you will be amazed by the level of assistance that’s available to you.

I don’t say this in the video, but I have had experiences where my departed loved ones have come through, and I know it’s them vs. my guides because of the feeling I get. When Nana came a couple of years ago, she gave me a song she used to love. It just was placed in my head and I felt a wave of love and mutual forgiveness that was much needed. My grandma Lauretta helped me in the delivery room when Ivan was born, and angels were there too because they always come when you call them, without a doubt and undeniably so, and I just knew they were there.

You most definitely can differentiate who it is that is helping you and what they are here to assist with. My blue guide, an Ascended Master who I talk to daily now, has a pattern of speech and a vibration that I clearly recognize. Now, with him, I am channelling, so that is different than just tuning in while going about your day. The main difference with that is I set time aside, just like I do with my daily workout, to focus and connect.

When you make the effort to take this path seriously and incorporate it into your life for guidance, spiritual and emotional healing, or whatever else you need, the space will be made and they will most absolutely come through. You can have many guides to assist with many different areas of your life; teacher guides, medical guides, master guides, spiritual guides, creative guides…there is no limit to the type of help you can receive.

Remember, we weren’t sent here to earth to struggle alone and get through life without assistance. There are realms upon realms of wonderful beings and energies available to you. And if you need help making the connection, remember that I’m here with readings, energy healings, on-demand meditations and my psychic development training program. So just reach out! 🙂

There are many, many hidden patterns, subconscious beliefs, undercurrents and themes in our collective consciousness that point to the potential actual existence of things generally assigned to the realm of the unknown.

Here are a few notions that seem to point to something more than, or deeper than, we are aware of with our 5 senses:

1. God Lives in the Sky

Have you ever noticed that when most of us think of God, we look up to the sky? I know I do. I mean, sure, we all kinda know that God isn’t a man who lives in the sky, but we do tend to look up. Art thoughout the ages has shown God and heaven as represented above. Could this general theme be paying tribute to the idea that aliens, or gods from other worlds, visited earth? Why else does God live “up there?”

2. Faeries, Humans, other Realms and the Space-Time Continuum

I recently read a book called “Some Kind of Fairy Tale” by Graham Joyce. The story is a modern take on the ancient myth of faeries taking humans to their realm. The human is gone from earth life for many years, but in the fairy realm this amounts to just a few days. A classic version of this is the ballad of True Thomas and the Queen of Elfland (click here to read it). Similar themes appear in C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia.” Yes, these are all stories. But isn’t it interesting that they all have a common theme of space and time not being quite as we imagined, and of other realms existing behind the veil? Where did that come from?

3. Yoda, Star Wars, and the Jedi Mindset

How is it that Yoda is soooo realistic? Yes, he is a fictional character. But I, and many people I’ve spoken with, totally feel like he’s real. In fact, I use his image for my Spirit Guides workshop, because he seems like he’d be the most kick-ass guide. Don’t you think? So many people all over the world connect with Yoda and the Jedis in a sort of “Yes, this is IT!” collective acknowledgement, that I wonder if George Lucas created, or rather, channelled, this info. I know this sounds crazy, but if you think about it, the universe is larger than we can even imagine. We don’t really even KNOW what other worlds exist on other planets, so…why not?

4. Comic Books and the SuperHero Phenomenon

So many people connect with the concept of Superheroes that it’s not even funny. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, the X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Wonder Woman…the franchises behind these characters have grossed trillions of dollars worldwide. We love superheroes. We can’t get enough of them. We want to be them. We can be them, to a certain extent, if we utilize more of our brain power (that’s why I keep saying we’re all psychic – we are all capable of knowing more, being more, healing ourselves, raising our consciousness, becoming mega-awesome). This fascination with Superheroes, people with extraordinary powers who end up saving the world, points to a deeper truth: that perhaps it really is possible.

I know this is a short list – and I’d love to hear from you. What additional widely accepted subconscious beliefs, stories, or myths can you think of that point to something we’re not consciously aware of?