Hi and Happy Halloween!!!

In keeping with the season, I present to you a video with tips on how to protect yourself psychically in scary/haunted/negative places. We all wish these didn’t exist, but indeed they do, and sometimes we find ourselves in these places inadvertently…so my tips will help keep you safe until you can calmly and quietly reach the exit door.

The first time I remember being in a decidedly dark and scary place was when I innocently wandered into a witchy voodoo shop in gay New Orleans. I LOVE New Orleans and of course I love all things witchy, but once I was in the place I started to feel this very dark and not-so-good feeling. There was some bad mojo going on in there and I felt great – relieved and uplifted – the minute I left. Mind you, this was before I delved into the psychic/spiritual world – before I knew anything about energy being a real thing.

Since then, I’ve encountered other similar spaces, and have heard countless stories from friends and clients about things that go bump in the night and places that contain them. I have had to work in places like this, as have many of the people I know. The good thing about energy is that it can be cleared; however, if you live in a negative space or have to work in one, eventually you would be better off moving on than trying to make it work out (unless things change on a very dramatic scale, like people leave, situations change, and someone comes in to clear the space afterwards).

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here are 3 very basic tips in a nutshell:

  • Keep your vibration high and your light strong – powerful light literally burns negative energy away
  • Clear the room using pillars of light in the four corners and one in the center
  • Do rituals like the LBRP
  • Call on the angels, god, and hierarchy of light beings to aid and assist
  • If you feel off, LEAVE!

Having been in situations I’d rather not have been in, I can tell you first hand that things like music, laughter, dancing, singing, and the energy of pure delightful LOVE are ideal when it comes to this. That, and having a no-BS attitude like that of the ladies in the most recent Ghostbuster movie: “The power of Patty compels you!!”

And remember, if there’s anything if your life that you need assistance with, I’m here to help with readings, energy healings, on-demand meditations and my psychic development training program. So just reach out! 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE things that smell divine. LOVE THEM!!! And I’m crazy about essential oils. They really do make me feel good. All I have to do to shift my energy is go into my closet, take out a little bottle, and smell it. Ahhh, aromatherapy!!!!

In this week’s video I talk about essential oils that help you to meditate, raise your vibration, and activate your clairvoyance/psychic abilities/third eye. I used to burn incense a lot, but now that I have a young one at home, I don’t want to have all that smoke in the air. Plus now I have a super amazing essential oil diffuser that is INCREDIBLE and lets me disperse the most beautiful aromas throughout my mediation/reading/energy healing space.

There are tons of essential oils you can use, and they really do help you to calm down or get energized, to help you tune in, raise the energy of a space, and heal you. You can use them in your skincare, put them onto your pulse points, and diffuse them. You can also clean with them, put them into your homemade toothpaste, ingest them, and all sorts of other things too but I usually just put them in my skincare blends and diffuse them.

In the video above, I talk about the ones I use specifically in the work I do. Because it is a longer video (20 minutes!) here is a short breakdown for you of SOME of the oils I use/talk about:

Frankincense: to create a sanctimonious atmosphere
Rosemary: to get you psychic!
Cinnamon: for psychic protection
Lavender: for relaxation, soothing
Cedar: to help with your personal power
Orange: to create an energy of joy

I love essential oils so much I also have a few room spray blends I made that can not only make a space smell better (I live with 3 boys if you count the cat), but also clear your aura and/or clear the energy of a room. Playing with essential oils is SO MUCH FUN!!! In fact, I’m expecting a delivery today with more rose oil, which my guides told me to incorporate into my skincare routine! I’m tickled and frankly, quite excited. It’s the little things, guys. The little things. 🙂

Taught by TWO teachers – Debra Lynne Katz and MOI!
Date: Sunday September 20, 2015
Time: 9am -12pm PST
Price: $60

Join Debra Lynne Katz and me in this powerful 3-hour LIVE workshop (I haven’t done one of these in over a year!!) that will help you to get more power and control over your sensitivity and empathy. 
It’s not easy being a sensitive person: you experience so much more of the subtle energies around you than other people, and it’s hard to tell what belongs to you, what belongs to someone else, and most importantly, how to clear it. 

Debra has written 3 books about psychic development (You are Psychic, Extraordinary Psychic, and Freeing the Genie within), and has been teaching clairvoyance and doing readings for over 20 years. She knows SO MUCH about this subject and what people face when they open up to their intuitive side.

Debra taught me to become psychic, and I’ve learned so much about psychic protection and what works and what doesn’t in the almost 10 years I’ve been doing sessions with people that it could fill a book.

Together, we’ll help you to go BEYOND the basics of psychic protection so you can really get a handle on how to effectively manager your empathy.  Here are some of the things we’ll cover:
  • an easy method to discern what you’re picking up on empathically
  • powerful energy exercises to strengthen your aura
  • how to ground a room
  • how to become invisible and repel nasty energies from your space
  • practice exercises with fellow students to experience, and then heal and clear the energies of what you’re picking up on
  • tips to help you discover if and where you’re leaking energy, and how to seal that up
  • easy, step-by-step methods that will help you to feel OK for the rest of your life
  •  and MORE.

Don’t let your empathy force you to hide out from the world. Learn to control it, and make it work for you, so you can feel healthy, strong, and totally sane. 

Date: Sunday, September 20, 2015
Time: 9am-12pm PST
Place: Teleconference
Price $60


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New Fun Things!


I just added a couple of new free meditations to the store page of this website. One is on increasing your self-worth and self-love, and the other is on attracting more abundance into your life. Check them out and let me know what you think!

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see I also added a new meditation that I’m calling the Energetic Facelift/Beautification Healing Meditation. When you work with color, vibration, and energy, you can literally shift the cells and molecules that make up your body (which is made entirely of energy anyway!) and create positive changes. Since everyone wants to look better in some way or another, I thought this would be a fun meditation to use on a regular basis. It’s only $15 – less than anything you’d find at Sephora and a lot less than a real face lift!

While you’re at the store, check out the courses and things I’ve created covering topics like spirit guides, soul mates, psychic protection, releasing blocks, and healing your body with energy work. They’ve all been designed to help you with some of the biggest issues you’re facing so that you can make lasting, positive changes in your life. In the mean time, I’ll be working on a past life regression meditation, a chakra healing program, and anything else you request!

Being empathic means you’re sensitive to the emotions of others, as well as the vibrations of your surroundings. You care – a little too much. You’re like a sponge that just soaks things up, very much to your detriment.

I have yet to meet an extra-sensitive empathic person who says “I love being this way!”

Most of the empathic people I meet feel that their empathy is more of a curse than a blessing. They can’t be around certain people, because their life force energy literally gets drained out of them. They don’t feel comfortable in a lot of places, because it’s too much for their senses. When it all boils down to it, life itself just seems too harsh, filled with yucky vibes they have to work hard to avoid.

The good news is, you can curb your empathy so you don’t have to suffer so much. Here are some basic self-care exercises that will help:

1. Cut Out or Avoid ALL Toxins

If you’re already sensitive, think about what your environment could be doing to your vibration. Toxic noise levels, power lines, energy grids, chemicals in the personal products you use, toxic chemicals in the foods you eat, toxic workplaces, toxic home spaces, toxic people, toxic TV shows, toxic electronic devices, toxic music – all these things are really, really draining to the empathic person. Make it your mission to cut out or avoid these things, so that you can build up your energy, your strength, and your vibration.

2. Get Grounded and Heal Yourself with Nature

Fresh air, trees, mountains, water, green grass, the sun, rocks, gardens, flowers…putting your body in this type of environment is very healing and strengthening. Eat fresh, organic, unprocessed foods. Use essential oils and crystals and sound vibrations to restore your energy. Make it a point to live closer to the earth, which will restore and heal you.

3. Practice Centering Yourself in Your Solar Plexus Chakra and Turning Your Emotions OFF.

When you’re an empathic person, it can seem as if your emotions are always on and amplified to react to and match the energies around you. If you picture yourself firmly grounded in your solar plexus chakra (this is your 3rd chakra, right around where your belly button is), and imagine you’re turning the dial down until it’s in a permanent OFF position, you can actually put a stop to the sensitivity. It takes practice but if you stick to it, it will work. Just put your dominant hand over your gut, take a couple of deep breaths, and imagine you’re standing there in your solar plexus. Try and visualize yourself if you can, and if not, just know that you are consciously there. Next, imagine that you’re now turning your sensitivity off, or closing the curtains, or shutting the door to your empathy, which in this visual is like a room in your solar plexus. You close the door, but you get to stay inside and bask in your own good energy. This is not going to hurt you in any way or make you any less of a good person – you’re just closing shop for the time being, and you are perfectly allowed to do so. It’s your right to do so if you choose to. Then just see how you feel!

Once you realize you’re an empathic person, you really do have an advantage, because then you know how to work with it. For more tips and techniques, check out my MP3 instant downloadable workshop, Psychic Protection Techniques for Empaths and Sensitive People.

And good luck!

No matter how good (or bad) the holidays are, let’s face it: everyone gets a little frantic around this time of year. Those of us who are sensitive need extra help, to lift our spirits and put our feet back on the ground.


My audio meditations and eCourses can help you build skills to stay grounded and keep in touch with who you REALLY are. So you’ll be able to manage the Holiday Blues, even when you’re inundated with all the season’s weighty emotions.

Whenever I’m visiting relatives, I always sneak away to meditate, read one of my “magical” books, and just take 5 to connect with my spirit and regroup. So I know this helps!

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Here are the instant-download audio courses to choose from:

Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Heal Your Body with Energy Work

Meet and Work with Spirit Guides

Release Your Blocks and Create the Life of Your Dreams

Psychic Protection for Sensitive People

Magnetize Your Soul Mate

Tis the season, not only to celebrate with your loved ones, but to be grateful for who YOU are and appreciate your own beautiful spirit. I hope the audio courses I’ve created will help you to do just that.

Happy Holidays!

With Love,


When I first heard of the term “empath,” I thought it was so cool and interesting. My initial reaction was, “Wow! Someone who is so sensitive that they can sense what other people are feeling!”

Then, when I started delving more into psychic and intuitive development, and I realized I was an empath myself, I came to understand that it’s not exactly something that’s easy to work with. Being extra sensitive can be quite overwhelming, especially when you just want to turn it off and feel what you’re feeling, not what the whole rest of the world around you is feeling. For tips on dealing with being extra empathic, check out this blog post: 10 Coping Tips for Emotional Empaths, or my new Mp3 instant downloadable audio workshop, Psychic Protection for Empaths and Sensitive People. 

Once you are aware that you’re extra sensitive, you can start to decipher what triggers you respond to, and then adjust your environment accordingly – meaning, don’t go to the gym when it’s extra crowded, or avoid certain types of people, places, music, movies, etc.

It’s helpful, though, to figure out why you might be empathic in the first place (other than the basic idea that you were just BORN a sensitive person, which is also commonly the case). Here are 3 reasons that could be useful in explaining why:

1. You were raised in an environment that caused you to become hyper-vigilant.

Whether your parents argued a lot, or treated you badly, or were sick, or you were teased and bullied at school, if you were raised in an environment that caused you to be extra hyper aware of everything that was going on around you, you most likely developed the traits of an empathic person. Let’s say you were verbally abused by a parent. You’d spend your day at school dreading what they were going to do when you got home, and you thought of all kinds of things you could do to avoid their harsh criticism. You’d cope by feeling them out, not only with your 5 senses, but with your intuitive, or 6th, sense as well, as a means of being vigilant so as to pre-determine whether or not you’d be attacked. That caused you to be extra-senstive, a trait you now take with you as an adult to your relationships at home, with friends and family, and at work.

2. Your aura is not strong, and your spirit isn’t always grounded in your body.

If you’re a dreamer, or you find yourself “checked out” a lot of the time, not really aware of what’s going on around you, then you’re ungrounded. It’s more common than you’d think. Some people are just natural dreamy types, and prefer to be floaty and perhaps a bit spacey (or too much in their heads, and not their bodies). Other people develop holes, rips, tears or just overall weaknesses in their aura as the result of psychic trauma or long-term abuse (even mild abuse or injustice can weaken the aura). Your spirit cycles in and out of your body at a constant rate, and for some, their spirit just floats off into never-never land, leaving their body and consciousness exposed to the vibrations of everyone around them. This is easy to fix, though – you just have to work on getting grounded. For tips on that, check out this blog post: 9 Warning Signs You’re Ungrounded.

3. You just had a baby (even if that was 3 years ago).

I had to put this in there because of personal experience!! I was already sensitive, but once my son was born, I could hardly do readings for people, because they literally drained the life out of me. I’d feel awful during and after my sessions. I’ve spoken to other intuitive and psychic moms who have experienced the same things. Some of us just get so, so sensitive – not only are our hormones awry, but we’re also protecting and nurturing a whole new life who is completely reliant upon us for everything. Part of what I’ve discovered from my sessions with clients, as well as sessions I’ve gotten for myself, is that your spirit sits with your child. Meaning, not only are you working on inhabiting your own body, but you’re also with your baby’s body, making sure he or she is OK. In time, as they become more independent, your consciousness won’t need to work so hard to be with them – now that Ivan is almost 3, I’m doing a little bit better – but I still need to work my psychic protection techniques really hard in order to feel strong during and after sessions. Moms are spread really thin, not only in the physical activities department, but also spiritually. This makes us just super sensitive, more likely to be ungrounded (see #2), and more liable to be sensitive to the energy of our environments.

I’m sure there are more than 3 reasons you might be extra sensitive. What do you think?

I re-recorded four popular workshops and two meditations recently, and they’re now available for immediate download through the newly minted STORE section of the website.

The classes I have up now are:

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Psychic Protection for Empaths and Sensitive People

Over the next few weeks, I’ll work on recording a Past Lives workshop, as well as a class on Intuitive Development.
If there are any topics you’d like me to cover, let me know!

Date: Sunday, April 28
Time: 11am-1pm PST
Place: Online!

Are you sick and tired of being empathic? Are you extra-sensitive to the vibration of certain people and places? Do your emotions swing all over the place for no apparent reason, or do you ever start to feel overwhelmed, drained, run-down, weirded out, or bombarded by energies in different places or spaces?

If so, this is the class for you. We’ll work on specific protectional shielding, strengthening, and clearing tips and techniques that will help you get grounded, centered, and back to your own vibration.

In this two-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • An easy method for discerning just what it is you’re picking up empathically 
  • 3 Uber-powerful energy exercises to strengthen your vibration and bullet-proof your aura
  • An ancient rite that will protect and clear any space you’re occupying 
  • Why the simple “shield” technique doesn’t always do the trick
  • How to ground a room so your energy isn’t compromised 
  • How to stop energetic leakage
  • A life-boosting energetic clearing exercise that will help you strengthen and re-claim your energy 
  • Simple, yet incredibly effective techniques to cleanse, clear, and re-claim your vibration on an as-need basis
Don’t let overactive empathy run your life for you – take charge of your vibration and learn to work with it!

Date: Sunday, April 28, 2013
Time: 11am-1pm PST
Place: Online!
Price: $40
CLICK HERE to sign up!