Today’s message is all about shifting your vibration to manifest or attract money. It’s the second part of a two-part series on shifting your vibes to manifest what you want; the week before last (I skipped a week b/c of the 4th of July!) I talked about how to shift your vibes to attract a romantic partner.

There are a lot of teachers and authors who talk about manifesting money, so I am sure you’ve heard it and get it – but we can all use a refresher, right? And the two big keys to help open up the flow to more prosperity are basically 1) to release your fears about not having enough and 2)to get into the feeling place of what you want; the experience of it, instead of just the “having” of it.

Everyone has a different experience of money or lack thereof, so to make a blanket statement about why you’re not in the zone of having as much as you’d like is different for each and every individual. A lot of it has to do with your parents, your family, and how you were raised. Much of it has to do with how much you think you are worth.

Because I have been working with channelling and gathering information this way (after doing clairvoyant readings and healings for 10+ years now and getting some clairaudient info here and there, this channelling thing is super new and exciting and fascinating to me!) let me just paraphrase for you what the Masters told me about this:


There is so much fear surrounding money or the lack thereof. To change your vibration to attract more money, one must let go of fear and self-recrimination, these deep-seated ideas about those in power, about balancing the scales, about terrible outdated ideas like slavery. Working with the small amount you have, appreciate it, hold it, think of how you can allocate or spend it, and feel how abundant you are with this.

This is all based on capitalism, in other societies this is a non-issue, oh how the world is so skewed, it has always been this way with the majority of mankind, greedily amassing things. It was not always so. True joy and happiness comes in basking in the presence of others, enjoying the beauty of the world, this is all that is truly necessary in order to thrive. To be at peace with oneself and one’s surroundings, to commune with the divine.

The easiest way to change your vibration to attract more money is to release feelings of lack, of shabbiness, and of being slovenly. Work hard and work smart, understand that it is not wise to tightly grasp money in one’s fist, but to be one with it’s fluidity, so that it can flow easily. To un-dam the river and allow it to flow. Open to the flow, with a meditation.


And I do have a free “Attracting Abundance” meditation to share with you! Click HERE to listen to it. 

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best in your manifesting journey! Remember to try and make it FUN, too – everything shifts with the energy of joy, excitement, and happiness!


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