I am sure you’ve heard the phrase “what’s your story” or, if you’re working on improving yourself and your life, the healing method whereby you re-write the story of your life.

We all have a story; our lives are stories. What is your story like? Is it the kind you’d love to read? Or are you telling yourself, and everyone around you, a story that diminishes you or keeps you in a pattern or cycle that is less than positive?

If you are in a scenario that’s not so great and you want to change it, the first thing to do is to look at it as though it is nothing but a pretend story. What are you telling people about yourself and your life? What do you talk about all the time? What are you thinking about? How are you perpetuating this story?

Many of us wear our stories like a cloak around our bodies. They become interwoven with our aura, and therefore these stories literally become US. But if we stop talking about the stories, stop complaining about them, and stop being them, we can remove that cloak and don a new, sparkling cape that tells a different story.

Life is all about cycles, patterns, eras. And the biggest thing about these cycles and patterns and eras is that they can all come to an end. They can mutate, shift, and transform. We can choose to end patterns, become different people, and improve our lives. It just takes a concerted effort and a willingness to shed the old skin in order to make way for new growth.

It’s not like we’re getting rid of ourselves, our core being – it’s an upgrade. If you want a laugh, I made this video (in which I talk about getting rid of physical objects when I did The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up earlier this year) wearing a dress that I got in high school. It’s one of the few clothing relics from that era and I kept it to remind myself that I can change, and be a new and improved version of myself, but still retain that part of me that was young and hopeful and wore a silly yellow dress from a vintage store with red lipstick. In essence, still be me. Does that make sense?

I have done a lot of work on re-writing the story of my life, and little by little, it has made a difference. There are two easy ways you can do it. One is doing a hypnotic regression or guided meditation where you go back to your childhood and change the really traumatic things and make yourself feel better. Another involves associating with a new archetypal image and imagining you are that god or goddess or superhero. Both have been amazing for me – so try them if you are so inclined! All it takes is a little time and imagination.

If you are interested in healing and transforming your life, remember I’m always here to help, with readings, energy healings, on-demand meditations and my psychic development training program. So just reach out! 🙂

Angels in Disguise


I have a book about modern-day miracles that I love, and the author cites all kinds of incredible stories in which people witness amazing things that happen, things that are nothing short of miraculous.

One of my favorite types of stories along this vein is about angels that come through. From what I’ve read in this book and others is that sometimes angels will materialize in human form and deliver aid when it’s needed. I LOVE that – don’t you? The comfort in knowing that that sort of help is available and has happened before just gives me hope.

While I have yet to meet an angel in human form that I’m consciously aware of, I have met people who act like angels. Their kindness and love in times of need is pure magic, and so wonderful that it restores my faith in humanity.

We were in Oregon last week, and went to dinner at this great place called Imbrie Hall. It’s an old restored farmhouse and associated buildings that they made into a restaurant/bar/destination, and the property is really unique and interesting. While we waited for our table, Ivan frolicked on the lawn with other kids, and I remember walking towards one of the houses and looking up at the roof.

I feel like I am in a dream state even remembering this now, because the next thing you know, people in front of me were looking behind me with shock on their faces, and then I heard 4 year old Ivan cry out and I turned around and Ryan was picking him up and there was blood on his head. Ryan had been right behind him, and he tripped and hit his head on this rope thing. I was still trying to figure out how badly hurt he was and how it all happened, but blood was literally spurting from his head and I needed to be calm and cool and get help. Ryan was pressing on the wound and took Ivan to the boys bathroom. It all happened so fast! I want in behind them and didn’t care that another dude was in there, I just saw Ryan was using a LOT of paper towels and there was a lot of blood…Ivan’s baby-fine hair was stuck to the side of his head. Luckily Ivan was okay, and not scared himself. He even told Ryan “I’m fine, Dad!” but STILL.

So I left the boy’s bathroom and went to find help. There were 3 waitresses together and I just told them my son fell, and there was a lot of blood, and we needed help. One asked if she should call an ambulance, and I remember saying my husband would think that would be over-reacting. Then another one took hold of the situation, asked me where Ivan was, and went to get stuff. She came and found us within two minutes, with a cloth that she just held steadily on his head. In what seemed like seconds, the blood had stopped and we ascertained that it was just a small little cut that happened to bleed a lot. She gave me another cloth with ice and some band-aids and rubbing alcohol, and I asked her if she had had EMT training because the way she reacted was so professional and just – together. And guess what? SHE HAD.

Becca’s kindness, calm authority and quick action was just what we needed in that situation, and to be honest, my feeling was that she was like an angel in disguise. I’ll never forget how much she helped us. I told the manager on duty that night and sent an email to the company too!

It’s amazing how many wonderful, beautiful people are here on the earth, and how much we can help each other. And then think, if people can be so good to one another, how incredible must it be when real angels come through and help us? From what I have noticed personally in my meditations and healing work, the more you intend to reach angels and invite them into your lives, the more they will come. And you’ll see signs everywhere, receive love and guidance just when you need it, and will act more angelic yourself.

If you have any stories about angelic people or real angels in disguise, please let me know so I can share them with everyone! Just email me. 🙂

I’ve been so lucky with my body in this lifetime! Despite the fact that my mother had cancer when she was pregnant with me, and died from cancer when I was 15, my body’s been fine. I dislocated a knee in 6th grade and that’s been the extent of it.

However, as time has gone by, my body has started to hold on to emotional wounds and scars and carry them in the form of pain and tightness.

Several years ago, I dislocated a shoulder, and then did it two more times. Ouch! The last time it was dislocated was when my son Ivan was a baby. It has never healed, and I never had the time to go to physical therapy, and so now it pretty much always hurts. This hurt has traveled up to my jaw, all along my wing on the back, and now that I hold so much tension all over there, my right hip went out of whack and my lower back started to hurt – for the first time ever.

Your body is an instrument that can work for you or against you, and just like a plant that suffers without water or sunlight, your body suffers when you don’t give it – and your very essence – the things that you need.

And it’s not just the basic nourishment. Your body needs to dwell in an environment that’s right for you, to be surrounded by people that are good for you, and to work and create a life that is allows your spirit to fulfill its purpose and to thrive.

Today I had the great opportunity to do an amazing yoga class with a friend who just got certified as a yoga instructor. The stretches and exercises we did were so good for my body, and it released some of that pain and tension it’s been holding on to. She had me focus strictly on the parts of the body I was moving, and as I did so, my body spoke to me. I tend to be in my head a lot, so this was pretty cool. It was the best yoga class I’ve ever done!

The more you let your body tell you what it needs, what it really craves, what it likes and what it doesn’t like, the more you’ll get your body on board to help you create the circumstances you need in your life in order to thrive, and to prevent serious pain and illness.

To ignore your body and/or go against what it needs is tantamount to attacking or not supporting yourself. I’ve worked with so many people who just straight out admit that they don’t like their bodies and they don’t like their reflections in the mirror. But that’s terrible, and so sad. The body is just like this robot shell your spirit chose to inhabit for a lifetime. Why not embrace it, and get it to work for you?

Just try, for today, to look down at your hands and tell them how much you like them. Wiggle your toes and think about how happy you are that they’re here and they work for you. Look at your reflection in the mirror and say “Hey, Gorgeous!” or “Hi, Handsome!” even if you feel silly doing it.

I’ll be working on the same things, too, because I don’t want my body to go into revolt in 5 years because I didn’t give it what it needs now. 🙂

Clairvoyance, or Clear Seeing, involves seeing things through your mind’s eye, or the lense of your imagination, and then interpreting what you see.

Everything is Based on Pictures

It’s based on the notion that everything that comprises your reality is based on pictures that are charged with energy. These pictures are the foundation of everything. They can be solid pictures taken from something you’ve seen or experienced before, or pictures from the collective unconscious.

When you work with pictures, you can start to change them, and therefore change your reality. Clairvoyant schools teach a method whereby you “blow up” a picture charged with an emotion, and then move the energy that infuses that picture and heal yourself.

How to Heal a Matching Picture

Let’s say you have a major fear about something. All you have to do to heal this fear is to take a few minutes to quiet your mind and go within, then create an image or symbol of a rose in your imagination. Let that rose fill up with the energy of what you’re fearing, or what the fear really stems from, and don’t judge or try to interpret what you see. Just let it be.

You might get a sense or feeling about what comes up, or simply have an understanding of what that picture symbolizes.

Next, just direct that rose to explode, and know that as that picture disappears, so does the energy that charges it, as well as it’s hold on you. Take as much time as you need to. And when it disappears completely, you’re done. Simple as that.

You might want to create more roses around this subject, or just be done with it and see how you feel.

It’s Simple

Don’t get tricked by the simplicity of this. It doesn’t have to be complicated to work. The more simple the process, the more powerful. The trick is allowing yourself to get into the right mindset, and to firmly believe and understand that you are working in the subtle realms of energy and clairvoyance.

For more info on how to use this and other methods to heal and do readings for others, check out Activate Your Psychic Super Powers. It’s an 8-week program designed to lead you through the process step-by-step, with text and guided meditations.

Next time you feel a major issue coming up, or you’re in a place where you’re ready to heal some fears or limiting beliefs that are holding you back, try this process. Let me know how it goes!

I just listened to a meditation, and something interesting crossed my mind. The mediation was a healing one, and it reminded me of a series of energy healing sessions I did with someone over the phone last year. As I listened to the meditation, my energy shifted and I matched the vibration of what the guy was talking about. It wasn’t anything super profound; in fact, it was blissfully simple.

Regardless of that, the clearing effect was great. It made me wonder just how helpful and/or necessary it was to work with the person last year. I didn’t decide that yet, the thought just floated through my mind. Now that I think about it, I think it was great to work with the healer, and there was a reason for it. But I also think there are times when guided meditations work just as well as energy healings do. The point is to get your energy field (and mind, and body) to accept a shift in vibration. And whether that happens through a live session or through a meditation doesn’t really matter, as long as it happens.

Sickness is always about an imbalance in the body, which usually begins on an energy level before it affects the human body. So if we can sense that something is off, and then match our vibes to a frequency of wellness, or something more uplifting, we can start the healing process.

It’s hard to do just do a healing on yourself, all by yourself. It’s certainly not impossible, but it takes a focused effort and level of concentration. If you have doubt or fear about what you’re doing, you might block yourself from letting the healing take place. That’s why it’s great to work with someone, or to listen to meditations that you can do over and over and over again, to raise your vibration and get healed.

Know that as you’re experiencing an energy healing session or listening to a healing meditation, you just want to be able to will your mind, body, and energy field to get to a higher vibration, and that’s when the real healing takes place. If you set it up so that you simply KNOW and BELIEVE that you are being healed, it will help exponentially.

It’s OK to just decide when you feel you’re drawn to something or need something. If there’s a period of time in your life when you benefit from working with energy healers, that’s great. If another time comes when you feel like meditations are better for you, that’s great too. There aren’t any rules, and the more flexible and adaptable you are, the easier and more fun the whole process is.

If you’re interested in more energy healing techniques, check out the recorded workshops I’ve done HERE. They’re chock full of healing meditations, practices, and tools that will help you raise your vibes and accomplish whatever you’re seeking to work on both physically and energetically. From losing weight, to protecting your energy, to releasing blocks so you can create a life you’re loving on every level…it’s all here. I’ve put years of practical experience into these recordings and I know they work!

Last year, I did this live Total Body Transformation workshop, which was so great that my friend and teacher Debra Lynne Katz and I turned it into a 3-month Total Body Transformation Boot Camp that was just awesome. We’re working on a larger-scope project with this, but if you’re interested in that initial workshop, I made a nice recording of it with all the techniques that you can download over at the store page: http://www.krishanti.com/p/krishantis-store.html.

OK, so now that spring has sprung, it’s a great time to get outside and start exercising and moving your body. The thing is, exercise without intention doesn’t provide as great results as exercise with intention. If you slog though 30 minutes on the elliptical looking at the “Bad News” on the news, your body is going to feel blah (or, worse yet, just plain bad) thinking about all the stuff that’s wrong in the world. Not to mention the electromagnetic waves emanating from the TV screen that’s attached to those things, which isn’t healthy.

If you focus on your body while you’re exercising, though, and you channel your thoughts toward what you want your body to look like and how you want to feel, you change the game. It doesn’t have to be arduous. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

In order for exercise to work really well energetically, and to transform your body, you want it to be FUN. Or at least COOL, something that you can feel you’re really in the zone with.

Try this: the next time you’re exercising, listen to some upbeat music that you love (that totally sounded like something out of Reader’s Digest or Women’s Day magazine – sorry!). What I’m trying to get at is you have to get something you REALLY REALLY LOVE that makes you feel AMAZING. Look for something new, if you can, unless it’s something old that reminds you of a GREAT time in your life and makes you feel sexy and strong and healthy and happy.

Just really get into the music as you exercise, and do not by any means entertain any negative thoughts about your body whatsoever. Imagine that you’re dancing. As you do this, think about and visualize BRILLIANT, happy, sparkly shining golden light coursing all through your body. Feel that energy, and pour love through yourself inside and out. Just LOVE your body, love your aura, love yourself from your head to your feet. I wish I could demonstrate how this works in an exercise class, because there’s one song in particular I recently discovered that actually helps you move energy through your chakras and central meridian and it’s beyond amazing. And you’d never think it because it’s a total dance-pop party song and I’m not going to tell you who it’s by!!! BUT IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can keep that sort of thing up the entire time you’re exercising, or at least most of the time, you’ll not only start to transform your body, but you’ll change your energy vibration as well. You will look radiant and you will glow from the inside out.

The more you make that a practice, the better and better your body will look and feel.

Try it and let me know how it goes!!!

Being empathic means you’re sensitive to the emotions of others, as well as the vibrations of your surroundings. You care – a little too much. You’re like a sponge that just soaks things up, very much to your detriment.

I have yet to meet an extra-sensitive empathic person who says “I love being this way!”

Most of the empathic people I meet feel that their empathy is more of a curse than a blessing. They can’t be around certain people, because their life force energy literally gets drained out of them. They don’t feel comfortable in a lot of places, because it’s too much for their senses. When it all boils down to it, life itself just seems too harsh, filled with yucky vibes they have to work hard to avoid.

The good news is, you can curb your empathy so you don’t have to suffer so much. Here are some basic self-care exercises that will help:

1. Cut Out or Avoid ALL Toxins

If you’re already sensitive, think about what your environment could be doing to your vibration. Toxic noise levels, power lines, energy grids, chemicals in the personal products you use, toxic chemicals in the foods you eat, toxic workplaces, toxic home spaces, toxic people, toxic TV shows, toxic electronic devices, toxic music – all these things are really, really draining to the empathic person. Make it your mission to cut out or avoid these things, so that you can build up your energy, your strength, and your vibration.

2. Get Grounded and Heal Yourself with Nature

Fresh air, trees, mountains, water, green grass, the sun, rocks, gardens, flowers…putting your body in this type of environment is very healing and strengthening. Eat fresh, organic, unprocessed foods. Use essential oils and crystals and sound vibrations to restore your energy. Make it a point to live closer to the earth, which will restore and heal you.

3. Practice Centering Yourself in Your Solar Plexus Chakra and Turning Your Emotions OFF.

When you’re an empathic person, it can seem as if your emotions are always on and amplified to react to and match the energies around you. If you picture yourself firmly grounded in your solar plexus chakra (this is your 3rd chakra, right around where your belly button is), and imagine you’re turning the dial down until it’s in a permanent OFF position, you can actually put a stop to the sensitivity. It takes practice but if you stick to it, it will work. Just put your dominant hand over your gut, take a couple of deep breaths, and imagine you’re standing there in your solar plexus. Try and visualize yourself if you can, and if not, just know that you are consciously there. Next, imagine that you’re now turning your sensitivity off, or closing the curtains, or shutting the door to your empathy, which in this visual is like a room in your solar plexus. You close the door, but you get to stay inside and bask in your own good energy. This is not going to hurt you in any way or make you any less of a good person – you’re just closing shop for the time being, and you are perfectly allowed to do so. It’s your right to do so if you choose to. Then just see how you feel!

Once you realize you’re an empathic person, you really do have an advantage, because then you know how to work with it. For more tips and techniques, check out my MP3 instant downloadable workshop, Psychic Protection Techniques for Empaths and Sensitive People.

And good luck!

What Makes Your Spirit Thrive?


Aside from love – CREATIVITY.

Your spirit thrives on creativity.

Whether you’re creating music, making crafts, drawing, painting, writing stories, creating friendships, creating incredible inventions, creating formulas, or creating masterpieces in the kitchen…your spirit is here to create.

To be, to do, to express – to create.

Someone asked me in a session recently what she needed to do to heal. I saw that painting would be incredibly soothing to her soul. But she told me she would not, could not, and simply refused to paint. She said her brother had always been the artist in the family, so she gave up trying.

And yet, her spirit wanted to paint. Who cares if it’s just a splash of color on a canvas? Or a bunch of smears of pinks and oranges? Her personality needed it to be perfect, or forget the whole thing, and so she created a major block, one that her spirit was pretty bummed about.

The act of creating is so powerfully healing! It’s not about whether you’re any good at it, whether you can make money at it. The mind labels everything and decides what is worth it or not – but the spirit needs to express itself.

If it makes you happy, DO IT. You don’t have to be a rock star to sing or record music. You don’t have to be a fashion designer to make clothes.  You don’t have to be a chef to bake cookies. You don’t have to be a world famous photographer to take photos.

But you do need to always be creating. It’s simply an expression of your soul.

And that’s that!

I was drawn to learn how to do readings and energy healings because of the immense amount of pain and suffering I went through and learned from.
My childhood was very difficult, and even when I was very little, I had this feeling I would lose my mother. It was a sort of internal knowing, one that I didn’t WANT to know. In fact, I remember reading a book when I was 7 or so where the kids’ mom died, and they called her “Mama.” I decided then and there that I’d never call my mom “Mama” and maybe that would save her. I’ve written in another post you can find here about how long she suffered before she died of cancer at 39, leaving me all alone at 15.

The thing is, my suffering didn’t stop there. It wasn’t like my mom died, and that was the worst thing that happened. Other not-so-great things happened, too; a myriad of unfulfilling jobs, a feeling of being abandoned and unloved, misunderstood by friends and family, and, until I found the spiritual path, a feeling that I didn’t know what I was here for or what the whole point of life was. I was depressed for a long time, and I turned my back on God because what kind of God would let my mom suffer in so much pain, only to die – and to leave me all alone without her?

Meditation and healing work really helped me grow in leaps and bounds, and I am dedicated to continue on the path of self-healing. However, being committed to the path to grow spiritually is not easy. There are always roadblocks and chances to grow my soul, situations that force me to stop and remember the point of things, to not fall prey to the illusion that I’m an abandoned orphan who will never have it easy.

I’ve had many a dark night of the soul, and I’d like to present some tips that have helped me through them:

1. If you’ve been hurt by your parents, try not to blame yourself or them.
It’s hard not to think of our parents as these people who should be perfect. They’re not. Some parents treat their kids like toys, loving the GI Joe doll but not really knowing how to play with the Barbie. As much as your parents say they know you and can point out all your flaws, it’s not necessarily true. Try to think of them as little kids on the playground, and don’t make them so important when it comes to your identity. To read more about healing the relationship with your parents, and how to forgive, click here.

2. Go to someone for support. 
A lot of clients and friends feel that if they’re down, their friends don’t want to have to listen to them complain. But everyone goes through rough times. Reach out, and don’t suffer alone. If you don’t have friends or family who will listen, go to a spiritual counselor through your church, to a good therapist (don’t stick around if they’re bad) or a support group.

3. Meditate, and pray, and read uplifting books.
Nothing beats meditation. You can listen to guided meditations if it’s hard to focus. Find one you like and listen to it over and over until you feel better. Some of my favorites are the ones by Sonia Choquette, Brian Weiss, and Colette Baron-Reid. Spiritual books are very helpful too. I love all of Sanaya Roman’s books. Sonia Choquette’s books helped me through a lot of painful times, and Esther Hick’s Law of Attraction books are amazing. My aunt recently gave me a copy of a book called “The Impersonal Life” and that is incredibly helpful too. Some people swear by “A Course in Miracles.” I love books by Louise Hay. There are so many great books out there – just see what you are guided to, and read it. IT WILL HELP SOOTHE YOUR SOUL.

4. Try not to take ANYTHING personally.
When you’re having a dark night of the soul, you’re probably feeling like life is hell, you are worthless, there’s no point, everyone hates you, nothing’s going to get better, and you might even want to hurt yourself (or think you wish you were dead). The thing is, if you practice detaching a little, you’re going to feel better. Pretend that you’re not you. Pretend you don’t even exist. That the people who have hurt you don’t exist. That nothing matters. You might not be able to be in that zone for long, but if you try just a bit to get into that space, it will help give you some relief.

5. Write it down, and let yourself cry.
Rather than keep the pain bottled up, just journal it out, get it out on paper, identify how you feel, and cry while you’re at it. If you feel inspired to write a solution, that might help. If you don’t, don’t worry about it, just write out the pain, and release it.

6. Escape.
Don’t be a prisoner to your thoughts. Go away, take a trip that distracts you, look for something to get your mind off of your sorrows. Go for a long walk in the woods or on the beach or by the lake. Do some volunteer work for people less fortunate (or as bad off) as you. If you’re too sad to do that, rent some good movies just so you can get out of your head.

7. Let art, dance, and music heal you.
Throw yourself into creating something beautiful, or even something ugly. Dance. Listen to music. Make music. Your spirit is a creative life force energy, and by doing and being and creating, you’re giving your soul space to breathe and shine through your body. When your spirit shines, your ego (the part of you that’s in pain) takes the back seat.

When was the last time you suffered a dark night of the soul? How did you get through it?

A client came to see me last week, and asked about her ears; she’s been losing her hearing, and doesn’t know what to do about it. I tuned in to her physical body and noticed that there appeared to be a swelling and buildup in both ears, and one ear had a fluttering sense to it in the eardrum. I asked her if she’d been to a doctor, as obviously I’m not a medical professional (I majored in Art History!) and I always recommend a client sees someone trained in medicine for an official diagnosis. And get this.

She had BEEN to a doctor. An ear, nose and throat specialist. And you know what he said? 
He checked her ears, shrugged his shoulders, and dismissed her. 
What a joke, right? It’s a crying shame. But what’s even more of a shame is that this happens all the time. MOST doctors are like this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to doctors with problems, only to be offered a prescription to mask the symptom rather than an in-depth understanding of the real root of the issue.
If all doctors were trained to use their own intuition and tune in to their patient’s bodies, the world would be a different place. We’d have a whole new understanding of what causes illness in different people, and health would be much less elusive. The CIA trained soldiers  in the art of remote viewing; surely, doctors can be trained to remote view their clients bodies and pick up things that MRIs, X-Rays, and CT scans can’t register. 
It’s not difficult to use your own intuition to find out what’s going on with your body. The first thing you need to do is learn how to be in sync with your physicality. A lot of people think of their bodies as separate from themselves, and then when the body malfunctions, they get fearful and don’t know how to get the answers they need. 
If you’re tired of getting no answers from your doctors, or if you want to learn how to use your own intuition to maintain and promote good health, here are three ways you can tune in:
1. Think of your body as an ally. Appreciate it, and ask it what it needs. 
Before you take a bite of a Big Mac, for instance, ask your body if this food will truly nourish and support it. If you’ve already ordered the Big Mac, of course you’re going to eat it, but in the future, just try and sense what your body – and not your taste buds – craves. Same goes for exercise. As you’re toiling away on the elliptical or the treadmill, ask your body if it likes and is getting the most out of that exercise. You may hear a “Yes!” or you may get a sort of “I’m bored” feeling. If your body seems bored, let your imagination show you what it needs. You might get a vision of yourself skiing, or swimming, or doing something different. Just go with what you get, and then try and implement that new element into your routine. Same goes for herbs, supplements, and medications.
2. If you’re ill, don’t be content to mask your symptoms – dig deeper, and get to the root of the problem, then work on solving that. 
Most doctors encourage people to take their pharmaceuticals and shut up. They solve the problems after all, right? But if you want true healing, you have to find the root of the issue. In order to do that, you must quiet your mind and tune in to your physical body. This classic grounding meditation will help you get into the zone. Next, just visualize your body on a screen in front of you, and ask it to show you the problem area(s) and the solution. You may hear answers, get ideas, or see images of things that will help. The key here is to let your imagination take the reigns. Don’t dismiss anything you pick up as silly or “out there.” That’s how intuition works. Release yourself from your analytical mind and trust what you get.
3. As for higher guidance, and be open to different answers.
Every human body is different. Some people need meat, and some don’t. Some are allergic to things that others are not. In order to find out what is best for your body, ask for higher guidance to support you and give you the answers. Perhaps your body is too sensitive to live in the city, and a life in the country would revive you and give you the energy you need. Maybe you need acupuncture, or a holistic health practitioner. Maybe Western medicine is just the thing for you. You never know until you ask for higher guidance. It’s like putting a request out to the universe, and then just waiting for the answers to come in. Know that you don’t have to struggle, and it doesn’t have to be this great big difficult challenge. 
The more you work with and trust your intuition, the more it grows. There are no wrong answers, either. Just have fun with it, and explore, giving yourself validation, as well as credit, for seeking information and knowledge. 
What do you think about medicine today? Do you think things would be different if all medical doctors were trained in medical intuition?