I’ve been so lucky with my body in this lifetime! Despite the fact that my mother had cancer when she was pregnant with me, and died from cancer when I was 15, my body’s been fine. I dislocated a knee in 6th grade and that’s been the extent of it.

However, as time has gone by, my body has started to hold on to emotional wounds and scars and carry them in the form of pain and tightness.

Several years ago, I dislocated a shoulder, and then did it two more times. Ouch! The last time it was dislocated was when my son Ivan was a baby. It has never healed, and I never had the time to go to physical therapy, and so now it pretty much always hurts. This hurt has traveled up to my jaw, all along my wing on the back, and now that I hold so much tension all over there, my right hip went out of whack and my lower back started to hurt – for the first time ever.

Your body is an instrument that can work for you or against you, and just like a plant that suffers without water or sunlight, your body suffers when you don’t give it – and your very essence – the things that you need.

And it’s not just the basic nourishment. Your body needs to dwell in an environment that’s right for you, to be surrounded by people that are good for you, and to work and create a life that is allows your spirit to fulfill its purpose and to thrive.

Today I had the great opportunity to do an amazing yoga class with a friend who just got certified as a yoga instructor. The stretches and exercises we did were so good for my body, and it released some of that pain and tension it’s been holding on to. She had me focus strictly on the parts of the body I was moving, and as I did so, my body spoke to me. I tend to be in my head a lot, so this was pretty cool. It was the best yoga class I’ve ever done!

The more you let your body tell you what it needs, what it really craves, what it likes and what it doesn’t like, the more you’ll get your body on board to help you create the circumstances you need in your life in order to thrive, and to prevent serious pain and illness.

To ignore your body and/or go against what it needs is tantamount to attacking or not supporting yourself. I’ve worked with so many people who just straight out admit that they don’t like their bodies and they don’t like their reflections in the mirror. But that’s terrible, and so sad. The body is just like this robot shell your spirit chose to inhabit for a lifetime. Why not embrace it, and get it to work for you?

Just try, for today, to look down at your hands and tell them how much you like them. Wiggle your toes and think about how happy you are that they’re here and they work for you. Look at your reflection in the mirror and say “Hey, Gorgeous!” or “Hi, Handsome!” even if you feel silly doing it.

I’ll be working on the same things, too, because I don’t want my body to go into revolt in 5 years because I didn’t give it what it needs now. 🙂

Being grounded means you’re centered, fully present and aware of what’s going on around you, and you’re calm, alert, and “plugged in.” When you’re grounded, your spirit and your consciousness is connected to your body. You’re right here, right now. When you’re not grounded, you’re floaty, you’re here, but not really here, and you tune out the world around you. You’re caught up in your thoughts and you’re sort of out to lunch. For some people, being ungrounded is more comfortable than being fully present, because it’s easier to tune out the sad reality around them than it is to be fully aware of it. It becomes a basic coping mechanism, a way to deal with things they don’t like. But unfortunately, when you’re always ungrounded, the things you’re tuning out aren’t going to change much, because you’re not present enough to change them.

The more grounded you are, the more power you have to get things done and to direct your life from a place of strength and ease. People who are grounded are great at manifesting on the physical plane, because you have to be fully engaged in the physical world in order to manifest at that physical level. When you’re ungrounded, you’re pretty much walking around like an empty shell, just letting your body go through the motions.

So how do you know if you’re grounded or not? Here are 9 warning signs to watch out for:

1.You’ve realize you’ve been driving, jogging, cycling or rowing a boat for 10 minutes and you don’t remember what you’ve passed by
2. You’re listening to someone talk but don’t HEAR what they are saying
3. You realize you’ve been thinking about a person or problem or a problem with a person for so long you can’t remember how you got onto that tangent
4. You can’t concentrate on easy things like basic math (with a calculator)
5. You feel floaty and spacey
6. You aren’t focusing on what you’re doing
7. You can’t make a decision to save your life
8. You’d rather escape into a book or movie than live your life
9. You don’t realize what your body feels like to you – you feel disconnected from reality

Being grounded means being fully present in the now. Your consciousness is aware of everything that’s going on in the physical world, very connected to your body, and very connected to the earth – strong and secure, like an ancient oak tree, with roots going deep into the earth. Trees like this don’t get blown over very easily. However, when you’re ungrounded, you’re like a sapling with roots barely skimming the surface of the soil. You can get blown away in the blink of an eye.

If you notice you do all of the 9 things above all of the time, or some of them some of the time, just pay attention to when these things happen – and when they do, make a conscious effort to “snap” yourself back to the present moment. Direct your attention to the things right in front of you. Stomp your feet and wiggle your toes. Clap your hands and snap your fingers. Take a deep breath, and notice what the air you breathe in smells like. Do something physical – move your body, jump up and down, stretch, take a walk, work outside or in the kitchen. With practice, you’ll find yourself more and more in tune with the present moment, and you’ll gradually become more and more grounded in your everyday life.

Do you think you’re more ungrounded or grounded, generally speaking? What feels more comfortable to you?