First things first, I know the term “negative people” is a strong one, but it seems to get to the point pretty much. We are all sparks of the divine, but some of us, either throughout our lives, or at different points in our lives, can be a tad negative.

When you start working to raise your vibration and get your energy strong and high, and/or if you are an empath like I am, you will notice people’s energies and you will likely not really want to be around negative people. The most common advice is to just stay away from them or avoid them. But, as Julia (who does energy healing work) said, this isn’t always possible. And she’s right. So I sat down with the Ascended Masters to see what they had to say about coping with negative people.

For the full run-down, check out the video above. In a nutshell though, they said that negative people are in pain, and that you can’t change them unless they want to change. If you can’t avoid them, i.e. if they are your family or they’re a part of your work life, you must keep your vibration as high as possible so that they will either 1) distance themselves from you or 2) be less negative around you. I know that is a lot easier said than done – while writing this out I am totally remembering some unkind gossips from a former workplace – but in any event, raising your vibration is the best thing you can possibly do energy-wise and it will help, so there is no problem in trying it!

Also, here are some steps for dealing with negative people that the Masters outlined:

  • Be neutral
  • Do not excite or anger yourself or them
  • If you cannot avoid them, become transparent
  • Charge yourself with light; bask in light
  • Forgive yourself for anything this stirs up in you
  • Take time to mend and heal after interacting with a negative person

Consistently work to raise your vibration to high levels (what works for me is following guided meditations, exercising, being creative, being outside, listening to great music, laughing, and spending time with people I love) and it will help repel negativity on all fronts. However, even if you do this, you won’t be able to avoid them 100%, because they’re simply a part of life. Unless you live far away from civilization, you will encounter a variety of different energy types.

I hope this helps! And remember, if you need help with connecting to your own intuition or would like guidance in any area of your life, I’m here to do readings, healings, spiritual coaching packages AND one-on-one psychic development training – so don’t hesitate to contact me for a session at


I love movies. I also like good TV shows. I didn’t watch TV for years and years, but when Ivan was born, TV came back on the scene big time. When you’re feeding a baby, you can’t do much other than watch TV. And now that Ivan’s a two-year old, at the end of the day, all we have energy to do is collapse on the sofa and watch a TV show for 30 minutes before bed.

I know TV isn’t good for you, but come on; everyone needs to indulge in not-so-good things every now and then. Even the Dali Lama takes leisure time, though I doubt he watches Modern Family, Nashville, or Scandal.

I’ve seen billboards all over town for the past couple of years for this really popular cable tv show, and they looked so scary that I had no desire to watch it. But this season it’s all about witches, and it has some amazing actresses in it, and I thought it might be interesting and fun. I love a good witch story! So I DVR’d the premiere, and watched it during Ivan’s nap several weeks ago. I was hesitant and worried that it might be too gross and frightening, but I risked it. What the hell.

You know what? It wasn’t just scary – it was HORRIFIC. They showed things I didn’t want to know about or be aware of. Hideous stuff. Murder, death, violence, destruction, yucky, ugly, dark, disgusting things. People using magical powers to kill other people. It made me want to throw up. But made myself watch it til the end (I covered my eyes at parts I knew would be bad for me to see). Afterwards, I had some quiet time to try and restore myself back to a nice, good, light energy, and it took some time. A whole week later, I had a nightmare in which I saw a horrible image I’d seen during that episode.

Watching that show was the energetic equivalent of smoking an entire pack of clove cigarettes. Deadly.

I know this show is incredibly popular, and has met critical acclaim. People really love it. But UGH! It was so dark and sad and blegh. I know everything can’t be hopeful and we can’t all have happy endings, but engaging in things like this just isn’t good for the soul. There are enough horrors in the world already. I don’t need to smoke the cloves.

I guess I’m just saying, if you want to participate in something damaging to your vibration, by all means do it – but be aware of what it’s doing to your vibration, how it’s making you feel, and how it could ultimately impact your psyche and your life in general.

Have you watched anything recently that brought you down? What about something that raised your vibes? What do you like to watch, in general?

How to Trust Your Gut


Everyone has intuition; we just don’t all rely on it as much as we do our rational, analytical minds. Societal conditioning leads most of us to second-guess ourselves when it comes to intuition; what if that gut feeling, hit, or hunch is crazy, totally off, or, worst of all, WRONG? These realistic fears often hold us back, or influence us to make decisions that seem to “make more sense” than otherwise.
The problem is, our analytical minds can be just as wrong…even more so…than our intuition. Intuition is about subtle energy, feelings, and vibrations. It’s infinitely wiser, and can help immensely if it’s well-developed. Because we’ve spent most of our lives trusting our brains, though, the only way to make the switch is to let the brain ease in to the intuition. When it comes to learning how to trust our gut, we really have to start merging the two sides – analytical and intuitive – together.

How do you do this, though? The easiest way is to start small, and play little games where the stakes don’t matter.  You can first begin to tune into your intuition by noticing how you feel about a person or situation (happy or sad? anxious or excited? angry or lovey?), or by paying careful attention to thoughts that float into your head unexpectedly. If any of these feelings or thoughts or impressions require action, check in with your analytical mind to see if you’d be comfortable with that. If so, go for it. If not, just take note of the intuitions and then go ahead with your mind’s decision. Little by little, you’ll start to see that your gut is pretty right on. It just takes time and practice to trust it.

For example, I met with a client last week who had really started paying attention to the impressions and “messages” she got, which, in several cases, all happened to be little premonitions of future events that particular week. She didn’t have to “do” anything, but she just took note. And guess what? They all came true. All of them.

Another client gets goosebumps when she knows she’s making an incredibly good decision for herself. It’s so funny – but those goosebumps are never wrong. The best intuitive coaches in the world always say that the body never lies. It can’t. So trust the hairs on the back of your neck, the goosebumps, etc.

I have a friend who started developing her intuition by practicing “psychic free-flow.” She would take time out to state and then write down her hunches/intuitive impressions about things. Not all of them were accurate at first, but in time, as she learned to switch over from her analytical mind, more and more became so. Now she can just blurt out her intuitive impression, and know it won’t mis-guide her. That’s how she connects with her gut feelings.

Learning to trust your gut should be fun and easy. If they taught intuition in grade school along with traditional studies, it’d be like this: classes for developing your analytical mind would involve reading and memorizing, then taking multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank tests that you’ve studied for.  Classes for developing your intuition would involve painting a picture of the answer (with brushes or your fingers!), doing an interpretive dance, checking in with your body, belting out a song at the top of your lungs, or acting out a scene with dolls. Indulge yourself with this. It works!



I used to wish I had a fairy godmother. Sadly, they don’t really exist – at least not the types from the fairy tales, the magical ones who give us dresses and turn pumpkins into carriages and make everything all better. For the most part, as adults, we’re on our own.

That’s one of the big things you start to learn how to do with psychic development. It’s like using magic to become your own fairy godmother. I’ve talked about being grounded and protecting yourself energetically, and there are a bunch of other awesome things I’ll get into later on.

But today I just want to talk about a nuts and bolts thing with regards to taking care of ourselves. I was on the phone with a business acquaintance/friend today, a boy who can be nice, but who can also be very ego-centric and condescending. I said something that ticked him off and he started to get upset. He raised his voice, and I could feel the anger he was experiencing just radiating through the phone. I kind of couldn’t believe it. Luckily, I don’t have to deal with angry people that much. As his voice got louder and louder and he got madder and madder, I found myself holding the cell phone away from my ear…and then I just hung up. And turned my phone off. I don’t need to be yelled at. That’s violent, and mean. I don’t want that.

I waited a bit, then I sent a text saying I hung up because he was yelling and getting mean. He replied decently. I won’t be talking to him anytime soon; I still feel jarred and upset by his outrageous reaction. That’s the thing, though – when you start to own your space, and get very comfortable with your own energy, and set your own energetic boundaries, you can remove yourself from unfair situations. And you should! Being more intuitive and more psychic makes you more sensitive, so you HAVE to take care of yourself, and be your own fairy godmother. Get away from bad situations. Run away from bad vibes, and don’t let anyone abuse you.