Astrology: How Accurate is it?


I am so not an astrologer and I don’t even really understand how it all works to be honest with you! I mean from the idea that the planets can indicate how WE ARE, down to all the intricacies of a chart…it baffles me. It is a definite science and such a unique form of divination that it takes a concerted effort to really learn it and be good at it.

So when someone asked me for my opinion as a Clairvoyant/Intuitive regarding the accuracy of astrology, I had to take a minute to think about it! I have had astrological readings before and I LOVE how accurate they can be when it comes to telling you what your personality is like. It’s also fun to check out compatibility-related things. 😉

I have a friend who’s Indian mother-in-law is super into Vedic Astrology, and was told by one of the top astrologers in India that if she didn’t conceive her second child straight away, she would lose her only chance at having a daughter EVER EVER AGAIN. We were all pleasantly surprised to find out that Baby #3 was in fact another girl, but that also meant the astrologer’s information was not quite right.

In today’s video I just chat informally about my thoughts on the matter (like how those general astrology columns in the magazines are rarely spot on as it pertains to my life). The thing is, getting an astrological reading is similar to getting an intuitive reading; a lot of it depends on the person who is interpreting and analyzing the data.

There are so many different forms of divination out there: in fact, this summer I discovered a gem of a book, The Wordsworth Book of Divining the Future, that listed all the different methods of prognostication, from ancient times until now. By the way, have you ever heard of TYROMANCY? It’s the art of reading CHEESE!

Just as there are different methods of divination, there are all kinds of different ways to interpret the information that comes through, and to get the most reliable information, you want to go to someone who has really mastered the craft. Of course, you can master it for yourself, which is what I would highly recommend, because then you activate your own intuition and don’t have to go to someone else to get input. However, a second opinion is oftentimes very helpful, especially when you really just need some good advice.

And so, yes, astrology can be extremely accurate, but a lot of it depends on the person gleaning the information and interpreting it.

Thanks for reading and watching. And remember, if there’s anything if your life that you need assistance with, I’m here to help with readings, energy healings, on-demand meditations and my psychic development training program. So just reach out! 🙂

Shocking news! After a friend told me about the differences between Vedic and Western astrology, I went home and looked up my birthdate. And guess what I discovered?
I’m not a Pisces after all. In fact, I’m an Aquarius!


My husband isn’t a Gemini. He’s a Taurus!


Our son isn’t a little Libra with a Libra moon – he’s a Virgo with a Cancer moon!


I’m still processing all of this. My whole world has shifted.


But then again, it hasn’t. According to vedic, the definition of an Aquarius sounds a lot like me! “Individualistic, assertive, independent, humanitarian, inventive, original, eccentric, opinionated, societal, unconventional, musical, rebellious, organized.” It’s really fun to read an astrological personality description and find out that you kind of act like that. I also discovered that the Vedic stone for Aquarius is amethyst, which is my favorite stone! Aquamarine is the stone for Pisces, and I’m not drawn to that at all.


This whole discovery made me think – how much are we influenced by our signs? I grew up around astrology, and I have ALWAYS identified with Pisces. I’d think about how I’m a dreamer, and remember that that’s a Pisces trait. I’d note how much I love water – again, Pisces! Intuitive Pisces – I’ve found the work that suits me.  Pisces are prone to depression – something to watch out for! And I always get irritated when my husband Ryan proclaims he’s a Gemini (though he’s on the cusp and technically a Taurus in Western Astrology) because I read somewhere that Pisces and Geminis don’t make good love matches (but in Vedic astrology, Aquarius and Taurus do – yay!).


I love astrology. I’ve seen simply AMAZING things unfold out of astrological readings I’ve had, and the science of the subject is really astounding. There is a lot of truth to astrology. I can’t explain how astrology works the way I can explain clairvoyance and psychic phenomena, because it kind of blows my mind and I don’t have a lot of firsthand experience with it yet. But I believe the concept/science of how astrology works has a lot to do with sacred geometry, alignment, and ancient archetypes. 


When I did Tarot readings about Ivan before he was born, he always came up as the Justice card, which is Libra. And I remember looking at the calendar the day before he was born and noticing that the next day was the first day of Fall, and the first day of Libra. I said “You can come now!” and he listened to me, and did. He was born on the Fall Equinox as a double Libra, and I was thrilled, because I love Libras. Oh-oh. He’s a Virgo now! But the Virgo traits don’t sound a lot like Ivan – he seems more Western astrology Libra right now. Yet, he’s only 2 – so we’ll have to see. Obviously, I want him to be a Libra. Yet, I’m still a Pisces, even though I’m also an Aquarius. I’m going to try not to overthink it. I’ll always love him more than life itself no matter what.


I suppose the reason I wanted to talk about this was that it made me become more aware of the way in which preconceived notions that we have about ourselves, our lives, and the world around us might not necessarily be the truth. If you feel like something’s off, maybe there’s something to that, and you should investigate a little instead of presuming that what you see and hear is in fact reality. Perhaps you’re not the person you think you are, or the person everyone around you wants you to be. Maybe (like some people I’ve met) you’re not even from this planet. Perhaps that disabled person you spoke to the other day is an angel or an ascended master in disguise. Maybe there’s more mystery, magic, and incredible wonder to the world than your mind can even fathom.


Anywho, I found a nice chart calculator at Check it out, and tell me what your Vedic sign is! Is it different from what your western astrology sun sign is? Do you connect with the personality traits of your Vedic sign? Please add your comments below!