The news is always on at the gym when I go in the mornings, so I get to catch all the crazy, awful, scary headlines first thing. Sometimes I watch a while, and sometimes I turn it off straight away. Nevertheless, a lot is happening on a constant basis that causes people to feel anxious, depressed, and frightened.

That’s why I was delighted when a lovely viewer asked me to talk about my personal experience with angels. In all of this darkness, angels offer a ray of hope, and I’ve had such wonderful experiences with them that I know without a doubt that they are here to help all of us when we need it.

Angels are easy to talk to, to listen to, to see and to feel. In fact, they’re easier to connect with than guides, more personal than God, and I can tell you first hand, they ALWAYS come through with the best signs available.

Angels love to give signs, and all you have to do is call on them, ask them to show you they are here, and then watch. I guarantee you will get at least one beautiful sign if you intend to be aware and notice.

The video above is all about some of my hallmark experiences to date with angels. This psychic journey has brought me into some very interesting situations, some in which I blissfully saw angels clairvoyantly, and others in which I really worked hard to call them in and help me get rid of dark energies.

As for you – and all of us – if we can collectively call on angels daily, hourly, or with each breath we take, we can not only calm ourselves down, but hopefully get some positive energy out to the world as well. Even if you just work with angels in your personal life, your own sense of peace and love, the frequencies they bring to you, can have a wonderful wave-like effect on the people you interact with. We are all resonating with each other, and the more of a positive resonance that we are able to create on an individual level, the better it gets for everyone.

If you have particular angel stories, I would love to hear them, so please feel free to email me or add it in the comments on YouTube so other people can see and learn and know they are not the only ones seeing the signs! 🙂

Thanks for reading and watching. And remember, if there’s anything if your life that you need assistance with, I’m here to help with readings, energy healings, on-demand meditations and my psychic development training program. So just reach out! 🙂

It’s crazy times in the world right now. I suppose it always has been. But in any event, when the going gets tough…it’s TIME TO CALL IN THE ANGELS.

I love working with angels, and when you call on them, there is no doubt about it – they answer. They provide comfort, hope, healing, upliftment…and they give signs, too. It’s easy for them.

The more you intend to work with angels, the more they come through.

And so here are two really easy and powerful ways to call in the archangels when you need them. They are super simple, but incredibly comforting.

We don’t have to do this alone…there is support all around us. All we have to do is ask.



Last week I was at this intense conference in Boulder, Colorado. Most of the attendees were physicists, doctors, researchers, scholars, and psychiatrists. They were all presenting in-depth research and scientific reports quantifying PSI and consciousness and all the stuff I live for in my work: the effects of energy healing, what parts of the brain activate to exhibit PK abilities, survival of consciousness, charging water and plants, changing the weather, and much, much more. It was incredible. I’m still processing it. These findings will hit the mainstream media in the next 5-10 years I’m sure, but for now, they’re presenting at conferences like this for a kind of “peer review” amongst like-minded people.

As a healer, I was fascinated by the subject matter. However, after hours and hours of slideshows and charts and graphs and scientific jargon, I found myself getting into “analysis paralysis” mode. I just want to feel to magic, to help people transform, to witness miracles firsthand. That’s why I do this work. Because to be “in” it every day is nothing short of remarkable.

So it was with a somewhat befuddled mind and craving for some real magic (and more FEMALE GODDESS energy as many of the people in attendance were men and I saw and felt for the first time ever really, how hard it is to be a woman in a field dominated by old white MEN!) that I headed home.

I hadn’t really meditated super intensely all week, so I felt kind of off-kilter. When the pilot on the plane said we’d be hitting some major turbulence for the first 45 minutes of the flight, I was like OMG I can’t handle this!

So I just started saying the names of the 4 major Archangels: Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. I believe in them, I work with them, I feel them and know them and have complete faith in them. I managed to remember that Raphael represents and controls the element of air, so I said his name a lot too (loudly inside my head, that is). I also just said “Help, help, help.” This became my mantra.

The turbulence wasn’t as horribly awful as it could have been, and when we leveled off above the tremendous clouds, I just happened to reach into the seat pocket in front of me and pull out this folded piece of paper. It was a boarding pass from a previous flight (not mine).

And guess what the name of the passenger was?


I was so amazed I showed the guy next to me (I told him I’d been praying to the angels). And he thought it was pretty cool too. I contemplated on it all, and then also realized that Angel’s originating flight had been La Guardia – which means “to guard.”

Now to a non-believer, this may sound like some whimsical tale, some random coincidence that my mind linked together to create something of meaning. However, to me, this was a sign. A pretty obvious one at that! There are no coincidences.

And Angels, when you pray to them, deliver signs like the gangbusters.

Try it! I guarantee you will see and feel them.

I love working with these beautiful, strong, powerful, loving light beings. They keep me centered and make me feel safe. I think a lot about things like this, and I also believe that if, worst case scenario, that plane fell out of the sky, I’d still have been OK, because my consciousness would have just sprung right out of my crown chakra and back home to the angels. Not to be morose, but it’s important to know that you can pray for an outcome, and/or you can just pray to get connected and to feel better. Either way is fine as long as you just let go and trust there is a higher order to everything and that you will be OK no matter what.

I know this was a long note, but I just had to share that amazing angel experience with you.


Note: I recorded this video last December, so when I say I just started working with the 4 major archangels this year, I meant last year – 2015.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to connect with angels earlier. Maybe I just didn’t think they’d have time for me. Or maybe it wasn’t the right time. Wait – I have a correction to make on that. I DID call them into the delivery room when my son was born, and I know they were there and overseeing things because a) you can tell and b) the birth was really easy and amazing. I guess I did have a feeling that angels were just for times like that. But now I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. They are here for us all the time, and the best part is, they LIKE to help us. They WANT to help us.

In any case, and I don’t think this comes through clearly enough in the video (I’m still learning how to do decent videos here!), but once I tuned into the archangels last year with major intention to connect, the love and guidance…and SIGNS! I received from them was nothing short of miraculous.

The 4 major archangels are Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. They represent the 4 earth elements and directions, among other things. Raphael (whose colors are yellow and violet) represents the air and the east. Michael (red and green) is fire and the south. Gabriel (blue and orange) is water and the west. And Uriel (black, brown, olive and lemon) is earth and north.

From my personal experience, Raphael is light and fast and fun. Michael is very serious and strong and he doesn’t mess around. Gabriel is, to me, the embodiment of protection, understanding, and flexibility, and Uriel is wild, sincere, fierce and wonderful, like the earth, and like the animals of the earth. I didn’t really talk about all that in the video, because I’m trying to keep them under 5 minutes. But I could talk about angels for ever and ever!

If you want or need hope, protection, love, strength, or inspiration, just ask the angels to help you. Meditate on them, and try and get a sense of what their energy is like. Notice what you feel. And then look for signs that they will give you – because they WILL!!! Once after praying to Gabriel, I saw his colors (blue and orange) everywhere – in fact a man with cobalt blue hair and an orange shirt was walking down the street the moment I left my house in my conservative neighborhood. Angels will give signs through the radio (a piece composed by Arcangelo Corelli, for instance, or Gabriel’s Trumpet). They’ll show you clouds that look like angels. Or birds that fly right in front of you. Or anything else that you will recognize and understand.

Yes, the 4 major archangels are intense energies, and larger and greater than I think we can even imagine. But they will answer when called upon, and it doesn’t have to be at a time of great crisis. Though it would be nice to start asking them to help and intervene on behalf of all of humanity, don’t you think? So we can avert wars and save the planet and just focus on bringing more love and light into the world.

What are your experiences working with angels? Have you seen one in real life? I’d love to hear from you!

Angels in Disguise


I have a book about modern-day miracles that I love, and the author cites all kinds of incredible stories in which people witness amazing things that happen, things that are nothing short of miraculous.

One of my favorite types of stories along this vein is about angels that come through. From what I’ve read in this book and others is that sometimes angels will materialize in human form and deliver aid when it’s needed. I LOVE that – don’t you? The comfort in knowing that that sort of help is available and has happened before just gives me hope.

While I have yet to meet an angel in human form that I’m consciously aware of, I have met people who act like angels. Their kindness and love in times of need is pure magic, and so wonderful that it restores my faith in humanity.

We were in Oregon last week, and went to dinner at this great place called Imbrie Hall. It’s an old restored farmhouse and associated buildings that they made into a restaurant/bar/destination, and the property is really unique and interesting. While we waited for our table, Ivan frolicked on the lawn with other kids, and I remember walking towards one of the houses and looking up at the roof.

I feel like I am in a dream state even remembering this now, because the next thing you know, people in front of me were looking behind me with shock on their faces, and then I heard 4 year old Ivan cry out and I turned around and Ryan was picking him up and there was blood on his head. Ryan had been right behind him, and he tripped and hit his head on this rope thing. I was still trying to figure out how badly hurt he was and how it all happened, but blood was literally spurting from his head and I needed to be calm and cool and get help. Ryan was pressing on the wound and took Ivan to the boys bathroom. It all happened so fast! I want in behind them and didn’t care that another dude was in there, I just saw Ryan was using a LOT of paper towels and there was a lot of blood…Ivan’s baby-fine hair was stuck to the side of his head. Luckily Ivan was okay, and not scared himself. He even told Ryan “I’m fine, Dad!” but STILL.

So I left the boy’s bathroom and went to find help. There were 3 waitresses together and I just told them my son fell, and there was a lot of blood, and we needed help. One asked if she should call an ambulance, and I remember saying my husband would think that would be over-reacting. Then another one took hold of the situation, asked me where Ivan was, and went to get stuff. She came and found us within two minutes, with a cloth that she just held steadily on his head. In what seemed like seconds, the blood had stopped and we ascertained that it was just a small little cut that happened to bleed a lot. She gave me another cloth with ice and some band-aids and rubbing alcohol, and I asked her if she had had EMT training because the way she reacted was so professional and just – together. And guess what? SHE HAD.

Becca’s kindness, calm authority and quick action was just what we needed in that situation, and to be honest, my feeling was that she was like an angel in disguise. I’ll never forget how much she helped us. I told the manager on duty that night and sent an email to the company too!

It’s amazing how many wonderful, beautiful people are here on the earth, and how much we can help each other. And then think, if people can be so good to one another, how incredible must it be when real angels come through and help us? From what I have noticed personally in my meditations and healing work, the more you intend to reach angels and invite them into your lives, the more they will come. And you’ll see signs everywhere, receive love and guidance just when you need it, and will act more angelic yourself.

If you have any stories about angelic people or real angels in disguise, please let me know so I can share them with everyone! Just email me. 🙂

Let me be honest with you. When I first heard the term “spirit guides,” I thought it was completely whack. The concept sounded completely odd to me. A guide? A SPIRIT guide? What’s the point of that? And if you can’t see them, then why would you bother?

As I learned how to do readings and healings, however, I discovered that spirit guides are actually quite helpful. I get great information from them regarding areas I’m not familiar with (medical stuff, for instance), and some of the insight and guidance I’ve received is nothing short of astounding. In assisting us on our path, spirit guides in turn grow and evolve. So, through my work, the whole thing started to make more sense to me.


When I started training people on how to connect with their intuition, and when I would “check in” to see what types of guides were around clients who specifically asked me to check in on that for them, I began to notice something. Some students would easily connect with what appeared to be guides, but when we looked more closely, they were NOT guides. They were spirits that were not helpful or enlightened. Same thing happened with clients; I’d start describing energies around them and they’d go “That’s my grandma!” or whatever.

Not all spirits are guides. And you should be VERY careful when you try to connect with ANY sort of spirit, whatsoever.

So if you’re thinking about working with spirit guides, here are some tips that might help:

1. Avoid blind trust and make sure it’s a guide, not just any old disembodied spirit.

Don’t just expect that any old spirit you make contact with is a guide, no matter how helpful he or she may appear to be. Work with a trusted intuitive, or healer, or psychic-minded friend to check in and see who you are communicating with. That is the very best way to tell.

2. Ask God, Creator, or Divine Source to guide you in this process.

Look: the highest guidance possible is that of GOD. Don’t ever, ever, ever think there is anything or anyone more powerful, or that it will be easier to connect with guides than with God. Ask Source to help you connect with positive, enlightened energies who will only help you to get closer to the divine. Say a prayer EVERY time you attempt to get spirit guide guidance, and make sure that the whole process is with God’s grace and blessing. Otherwise, you could be opening the door to all kinds of weird energies not in alignment with your highest good.

3. Work with Angels before working with guides.

The frequencies that angels work on is much different than that of spirit guides. If you first get to connect with angels, you may not need spirit guides at all. But it’s up to you – angels are incredibly powerful, and very close to God, but you might feel like you need some denser energies and spirit guide know-how, as spirit guides have lived on earth and gone through the whole evolution process that you are presently having to endure. Once you are familiar with angelic vibrations, though, it will be easier to tell when you’re getting good, high-level enlightened spirit guide knowledge and information.

You can keep this whole thing simple – it doesn’t need to be complicated – but just know that any sort of entree into the spirit world can be super dangerous if you’re not grounded, connected to God, and keeping yourself in the light.

For more info on spirit guides, check out my instant-download audio workshop, Meet and Work with Spirit Guides, right here:

Have fun and be safe!

Do you ever feel like you have a guardian angel or team of helpers who guide you through difficult times? 

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Whether we’re aware of it or not, we all have a spiritual support system to help us with any and all of our endeavors in life. In fact, some experts say we can connect to as many as 33 guides at any point in time.

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When I first started to develop my psychic abilities, I heard psychic development experts talk about spirit guides, and to be perfectly honest with you, I had a hard time believing they were real.

First off, I thought – what ARE they? Are they ghosts? Spirits? Angels? Beings from another dimension?

Then, I thought – if they DO exist, why would they want to help ME?

I remembered how much time and energy I spent as a kid praying, begging God, Jesus Christ, and the whole f*$%ing pantheon of angels to heal my mom, to keep her alive, and to alleviate the horrible pain she was in when she was suffering from cancer. I didn’t think my pleas were heard, though, because not only did she endure excruciating pain for 5 long years, but she died when I was 15, leaving me to face the rest of my life alone, without her. I turned my back on God and anything else “other-worldly” for 15 years after that. So, to say I’m skeptical is a bit of an understatement.

Yet, today, through all the work I’ve done to develop my intuition and access a greater level of understanding of the whole spiritual side of things, I have to say I honestly do believe that spirit guides exist. I still tend to test them every time I ask for guidance for myself, and every heartfelt plea I put forth starts with “If you really do exist…” and then “please help me with…(xyz).” Yet when I ask my guides for help, and then quiet my mind and look for signs and listen for messages, I do get answers. I have guides who help me cook, who help me find great deals when I shop (and I love to shop), who help me get parking spaces, and who help with all sorts of other things that aren’t so mundane – like understanding why my mom suffered so much, where she is now, and what our karma together was all about.

Guides show up ALL THE TIME when I’m doing energy healings and readings for people. When my brain is in that alpha mode, and I’m looking to help others, spirit guides come through without fail. I clairvoyantly see them, I hear messages they have to deliver, and I know I’m not making it up because the advice they give is invariably greater, wiser, and even sassier than I’d ever be.

Here are the most common questions I’ve heard, along with answers I’ve gleaned, about spirit guides:

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides are energy beings who are here to help you get through life on earth. They can appear to you as a person, an animal, or a sound, touch, or color. Your spirit guides can be ascended masters, deities, departed loved ones, or spiritual avatars like Christ, the Buddha, Quan Yin, or any of the angels or archangels.

How do I know they exist?

By trial and error, really. Just start asking for help, for guidance, for answers. And then just pay close attention to any messages you receive. You might PRETEND that when you ask, someone is listening. Once you start to really feel like you’re being heard, you can transition into a working relationship with your guides. It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike. Once you know how to do it, you know.

Why would they want to help me?

The universe consists of many, many layers and dimensions. In helping you get through your life, your guides are able to ascend as well.

How can you hear their guidance?

You can sense that your guides are with you by paying attention to signs, shifts in vibrations, and higher-level thoughts that float through your brain. Many people will hear songs on the radio, see billboards or ads that make sense, or notice hummingbirds, butterflies, or other creatures that make them  feel uplifted and provide reassurance. You can tell you’re getting high-quality guidance when you ask yourself questions, then hear answers in your head that are wiser than your own voice. It takes getting used to, but with time, you’ll figure out when guidance is coming through.

What can spirit guides help me with?

You have your own set of guides who help with your particular life path and any and all problems that you have. These guides are like guardian angels, who are with you from the day you’re born til the day you die. You can also ask to connect with any other specific type of guide to help with anything you need assistance with. If you’re sick, ask for healing guides to help you. If you’re struggling with a creative project, ask for an artist guide to come through. If you’re working on spiritual growth, ask for a specific deity to guide you.

How can I strengthen my connection to my guides?

As with intuitive development, you can strengthen your connection to your guides through meditation, hypnosis, and guided imagery. When you meditate, you slow your brain waves down from the active “beta” state to the calmer “alpha” mode. That’s when guidance comes through. You may think you’re imagining things, but that’s how it all begins. Soon you’ll realize that you really are receiving messages that are useful and make practical sense to you.

If you’re interested in learning more about guides, check out this workshop I recorded that’s chock full of my own stories and experiences with learning how to connect with my guides, as well as tips for how you can connect with yours, including two guided meditations. It’s $55 and for the 90 minute class, which you can download instantly. I also recorded a fairy-tale like magical forest meditation for connecting with your guide – click here to purchase and download (it’s toward the bottom of the page).

What do you think about spirit guides? If you’ve had experiences with your guides, what are the ones that you’ve remembered the most? How do you connect? Please share your stories, tips and comments below!