If you read last week’s post, you’ll know I just finished doing The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. And it led me to make this video, which is all about clothes, your awkward inner child, and how to heal her.

During the “tidying” process, I stumbled upon a photo of myself that only a mother could love. I really did not like the photo in any way.. it wasn’t even funny “Flashback Friday” awkward. It was awful, and it just triggered EACH AND ALL of my ugly-dorky issues. And so, after tearing said photo up and throwing it in the trash, I did a powerful age-regression meditation to heal that sh*t. (click here if you want to buy it from Orin and Sanaya Roman).

And then I got over myself and made some more videos, which I never would have been able to do if not for all of this healing and energy work. In fact, I actually created a program called “Reinvent Your Self-Image” to address just this issue – and it was after designing that program that I was able to get on camera in the first place. Before that? Videos? FORGET IT!!!

Time and time again, I meet with (mostly) women who have the exact same issues that I have. Although we are quite lovely now, an awkward, pimply inner pre-teen wearing off-brand clothing lurks within (typically in the solar plexus chakra), making us feel unattractive, unworthy, and, worst of all, unloveable.

The good news is, the minute we become aware of this, we can begin to heal and transform it. In the second half of the above video, I talk about how to do just that. Age regression meditations, where you go back in time to heal and re-write your past, really help. Working on visualizing yourself as you are now or as you would like to be definitely helps, too – plant that image in your solar plexus chakra with lots of brilliant golden sunlight for maximum effect. And the meditations and exercises in “Reinvent Your Self-Image” are powerful – just do them until you work through the energy. You’ll know when you’ve done it.

I really love clothes, so I talk about it a lot in this video. What has been coming up lately with several clients I’ve met with recently too is hair; beautiful women who are wearing their hair in a way that doesn’t suit them. Not that I am one to talk about hair, as my hair issues are another thing, but let us save that for another day. 😉

I wish you the best of luck in healing and reinventing your self-image. You are not alone in this. And remember, if you need help with connecting to your own intuition or would like guidance in any area of your life, I’m here to do readings, healings, spiritual coaching packages AND one-on-one psychic development training – so don’t hesitate to contact me for a session at ask@krishanti.com.

A couple of announcements before we get started with today’s video:
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A dear client asked me to talk about this the other day and it is a HUGE deal! What I have seen in working with clients and in my own life is that when you really start to notice that people aren’t hearing or listening to you when you try to speak/communicate…

  • This is a calling to shift and transform old, outdated energy and feelings that you are not good enough or are lesser than others in any way
  • You DO have important things to contribute and you are preparing to ground into that
  • It’s time to heal/clear your solar plexus and throat chakras
  • You are growing into yourself and creating more space for your spirit to communicate on the earth plane
  • You might want to re-think certain relationships
  • It’s time to work on the tone of your voice and how you project it

The video above will help with some ideas that can change things up, but the most important message I can convey here is that if you are on the spiritual path, and you start to notice that people are not letting you speak (in any situation – at work, with friends, or at home), you are definitely being called to change that because what you have to say is important. Words are powerful and can be very, very healing. So it’s critical that you ground into your seat of power (solar plexus chakra) and your voice (throat chakra) because you are being called to do so. If you set your mind to it, you can and will change this.

And I wish you the best of luck!!

Remember, I’m here to do readings, healings, and spiritual coaching – so don’t hesitate to contact me for a session at ask@krishanti.com.

Sunday, February 23rd:

Reinvent Your Self-Image and Change Your Life!

You know what you want in life, but somehow, things just aren’t coming together. What’s wrong with you? Why are you stuck? In this workshop, we’ll focus on shifting your vibration, waking up your soul, and re-programming your subconscious mind so you can reinvent yourself and start living the life you want. Many times, we can’t accept change because we’re used to keeping ourselves small. As difficult as it is to be stuck in a rut, there’s a comfort in knowing what to expect.

If you have a deep desire for some positive changes to take place, 2014 (the Year of the Horse) is the year to do it.

The exercises in this workshop will help you to:

  • Discover why you’ve been keeping yourself small
  • Free yourself from the limitations other people are putting on you
  • Re-establish a new image for yourself that will help you move forward in life
  • Jump-start your subconscious mind and get rid of insidious self-sabotaging energies
  • Shift your vibration so you’re more in alignment with your true spirit and your own higher power
  • Re-claim your 3rd chakra power so you can start taking clear and right action
  • Find your voice, so you can speak your truth and be confident about what you want out of life, regardless of what the world around you thinks
  • Release yourself from the shackles of past circumstances

Change can be uncomfortable, but what’s more uncomfortable is living a life that doesn’t match what you truly want for yourself. This class is like an energetic makeover, and if you continue with the exercises introduced, you will see a positive impact! Reinvent your self image and change your life – now is the time for action!

Date: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
Time: 11am-1:30pm
Place: Conference Call, via Maestro Conference
Price: $50
RSVP: Click Here