Can you trust that things might work out in ways you can’t even imagine?


Sometimes people ask me when they’re going to get a new job or a new boyfriend, and I cringe a little inside, because a) timing is not the easiest thing to predict, since there are a lot of factors involved, and b) a lot of people are downright pissed when it looks like they’re not going to meet a great romantic partner or land their dream job for another couple of years.

I get readings for myself on a regular basis, so I know the feeling. One of my favorite readers told me at the beginning of the year that my new website might not be up and running as soon as I’d hoped. She’d said it might be done by May, and I was super disappointed at that estimate. Well, now it’s August, and it’s still not up for various reasons (including my own resistance), so she was right.

When you can’t see your future, it’s hard to connect with something someone might tune into. You can’t see it, and you can’t fathom it, so it just doesn’t make sense to your logical mind. But the world works in mysterious ways that can surprise you.

In fact, when you turn things over to the universe and just trust that it’ll all work out in ways you might not even imagine, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a very silly example:

I stopped in at the H&M in Century City a few months ago and was excited to find a plain, basic long sleeved orange t-shirt. All they had in stock was a medium, though, and it was too big. I liked the shirt so much that I went to another mall, the Beverly Center, to see if they had it. They didn’t. I also checked online – none in stock.

Now, if I had had a reading and the person had told me I’d be getting not one, but two, of those t-shirts in the near future, I’d have found that hard to believe. See, there are no other H&Ms nearby, and plus, I made a new rule to curtail my shopping habit: I am only allowed to shop 4 times per year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. (I realized it’s better for my spirit to be out hiking, playing outside at the park with my husband and son, or just hanging out with friends and family than shopping).

But get this. A friend and I went up to Santa Barbara for a spiritual retreat, and on the way, she suggested we stop at a Whole Foods off the freeway in Oxnard. It just so happened that that Whole Foods was in a shopping center with an H&M, and we just so happened to stop in. I didn’t need any clothes per se, but I browsed, and lo and behold, found not one, but two of those long-sleeved orange t-shirts in a size small on sale for like $7 each. I’d never have expected that. As a side note, I asked the universe for special treats and delightful surprises on that trip, and this was one of them.

I know that is the silliest example, but it’s the most recent one I can think of. Things like this happen ALL THE TIME, from the smallest scale to the largest scale. You can think of them as little miracles, or you can think of it as the fact that you can influence things, but you can’t control them, and sometimes wonderful events and circumstances that you’d never even imagine can happen for you.

What do you think?