Can You Predict the Future?


A lot of people who specialize in psychic work carve out a niche for themselves by predicting the future. The Psychic Twins do it, and Sylvia Browne did it, too. We all know Nostradamus predicted the future, as did Edgar Cayce.

As possible as it is to see the future, I personally don’t like to make predictions for people. I can try and do it, but I prefer not to, because the future is nebulous, very changeable, and absolutely NOT set it stone. I can make suggestions as to what might happen, but I don’t think it’s fair to sit you down and tell you that “You will make a fortune this September” or “You will divorce your husband in 5 years.” Who am I to say that? That’s your call, not mine, and by telling you something like that, not only am I making a lot of assumptions, I’m getting dangerously close to robbing you of your free will to decide what you will and will not do in your future.

Of course, it’s human nature to be curious about what the future might look like – but there’s just no guarantee. Too many factors are at play. It is possible to take a sneak peak at your own future – you can do this by following the same meditative technique you’d use for a past life regression, only push yourself forward into the future. I did this once, and found myself swinging in a hammock in a backyard. Several months later, there I was, in a hammock at my aunt’s house. I thought that was pretty fascinating! Not useful, practically speaking, but interesting nonetheless.

A few years ago, I made these feather hair clips that were just gorgeous. I got them into Glamour Magazine, and Marie Claire. A buyer from Bergdorf Goodman called me for info. During this time, I had a reading with Sylvia Browne, and I asked her about what kind of career I’d be good at. She said she saw me making jewelry (which was what these feather hair clips looked like) and that I’d be very successful with it. I was super excited. But then, I got cold feet. I didn’t see myself sitting at home with my glue gun making feather hair clips for a living, and I didn’t have the motivation to look into outsourcing. I dropped the ball. No feather hair clip success came. Did that mean Sylvia was wrong? No. It meant I changed my mind, and therefore changed my future.

There have been a few people who’ve told me that they’re now with people I described in their sessions. One person met her husband roughly 6 months after her reading, and another met his partner 3 years after. I don’t know how that works, but it’s pretty awesome. On the other hand, some people are still alone, and not very happy about it. One girl recently got really frustrated when I peered into the future and saw that her wedding might not take place for several years. I felt so badly, and told her I could be wrong. I could be! Nobody can predict what is going to happen with 100% accuracy.

The best way to get information about your future (other than the technique I mentioned above) is to ask what you can do now to ensure that you’re happy and fulfilled in the future. The actions you’re taking now are like the seeds you’re planting for your future. The more effort you put in NOW, the more luck you’ll have with a future you’re happy with. You can visualize, make dream boards, and infuse your subconscious mind with positive affirmations, and then watch as that future you intend to create matches up with your present experience. You can create the life you want to live.

Navigating your life right now is kind of like sailing. You have to be willing to shift, change, and adjust your sails so that you can continue moving ahead through the ocean of life. Everything around you is energy, which means nothing is solid, and nothing is written in stone. You can literally change any potential future you might be creating for yourself, right now. Think about how much FUN that is! Your future really is in your hands.