Bruce Jenner’s Mission


The sensation around Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn has been in the news for a while now. Some people probably hate him/her, others are proud, and some don’t care. I never watched the Kardashian show(s), but when I first heard about Bruce I thought it was another thing they were doing for money/press/etc. But as I found out more – namely, from a friend who works in the entertainment industry – and then thought about it a bit, I realized he’s not doing it for that. There’s a whole other thing going on here, and it’s HUGE, and I’m talking soul-level, spiritual evolution huge, not ratings-and-money huge.

Bruce Jenner, with his history as one of the world’s most loved and admired Olympian athletes, with his fame and his vast fortune (from even before the Kardashian show), is in a position to change the way people regard transgenders. Not only that – he’s showing people how to BE THEMSELVES, no matter what the repercussions are.

Caitlyn’s mission is opening her up to loads of ridicule, cruel scrutiny, and disgusted fascination. Some people are looking at her the way you look at an interesting and strange monkey on exhibit at the zoo. But other people are seeing Caitlyn as a bold, brave, strong soul, a person who is honoring her spirit no matter what the fallout is.

I have done a lot of readings and healings with transgenders, and it’s hard to describe the depth and level of emotion I feel when I tap into what their purpose is here on earth. Any soul who would choose to be born into the wrong gender, who then is able to change that, is extremely strong and powerful. The pain, ridicule, alienation, and misunderstanding that many transgender people face would be enough to kill some people – and it has. But beyond all of this is another spiritual secret that I very strongly believe, and that is this: God does not really have a gender. God is both male and female. So the spirits that choose to go through gender transitions on this earth plane are on a very special mission from God. It’s not one blanket mission – everyone has their own individual purpose – but it is definitely a significant one.

We are all here to do something – every soul has a mission. And no mission is insignificant. Just because you never make the cover of Vanity Fair or become the first man to walk on the moon or the first woman to lead a nation, doesn’t mean you’re not making a difference. Be brave, be strong, and follow your heart, no matter what other people say.

I love the Annie Liebowitz Vanity Fair cover. What do you think?