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I experienced a moment of wickedness today. But for the sake of intuitive stuff, let’s just call it a “bad vibe.” And bad vibe it was, indeed. There was a girl at the gym, the girlfriend of a boy I’ve seen there, and I felt so icky when she was near me, almost kind of repulsed, that I felt awful thinking and feeling that. I noticed her messy hair, her saggy sweatpants that look like she’s wearing a poopy diaper, her ratty sweater, and other things I won’t discuss because you’d think I’m a B-word.
I also recalled that although her boyfriend is courteous and there’s no reason not to like him, I don’t get a good vibe from him, either.
Am I evil? Wicked? Judgmental? God, I hope not.
What I’d like to think is that, well, there’s some icky vibe I’m picking up on. It’s something to note when working on intuition. How do some people make you feel? What’s your impression of individuals when you’re around them? There are people that I meet or even see in passing who make my heart soar, people I like in an instant. Then there are those that give me that icky feeling, ick, blegh.
I wondered if that girl killed puppies, or did other bad things whilst not at the gym. Or, it could be that she’s repulsed by herself, or unhappy with things in general, and it’s so strong that sensitive people can pick up on it. Alls I know is, when I get that icky vibe, it’s best to just STAY AWAY. Just avoid the source of that feeling, and put my attention onto something else. Because if you sit around focusing on that icky feeling, you’re tuning into it, too, and that’s no good.
It’s like psychic “mind your own business.” Good, common sense.

Reading of a Lifetime


I started working on intuitive development because it was so amazing and exciting… the idea that I could sense things, help myself to make decisions that would be good for me, be psychic – it was just incredible. Then, the idea that I could actually do readings for others became a possibility and that was astounding. Not everyone wants to do readings for other people, and there are lots of days when I don’t know if it’s such a great thing. People can be mean, judgmental, and thick headed. Why would I want to put myself out there to be criticized for not “seeing” something, or not picking something up, or telling someone the wrong thing or something they don’t want to hear?

Some readings are very down to earth and practical: clients ask for specific details about their lives, and I answer those questions as best I can and hope I’m able to be of service.

Other readings, however, are so magical and charged with energy that it’s unbelievable, the stuff that comes through – information about past lives, soaring through different universes, filled with details, otherworldly beautiful things that move us both to tears and amazement. Without a doubt, those readings are the most profound and transformational. I wish that every reading would be that way, but perhaps it’s best that they are not, so that these are ever more precious.

I did just such a reading yesterday, for one of my aunts. Maybe it was so great because I know her, because she is my aunt; or maybe it was so great because she was open, and extremely intuitive and magical herself. Over an hour passed without us even knowing it, and the information just flowed like a river. I was so grateful to be able to share the moment together with her, to know so much, to transcend our lives – we were communing with her very soul, majestic and wise beyond comprehension. It was as though we were wandering through the experience together, both delighted and amazed at what we were experiencing. We touched an essence so much bigger than everyday life. It’s these types of readings that I live for. There is no possible way to accurately describe how they can make us feel.

Let’s Pretend!


Assuming you’ve read the Mists of Avalon, here are some tips you can REALLY do, even this weekend, to see if you can be as psychic as the Priestesses themselves:

Start by lighting candles and burning incense to make your room feel more magical and sacred. Eat a nice light meal, or don’t eat at all. The priestess fasted often to increase their intuitive abilities, and abstained from eating meat. The only thing they drank was water.

Start your whole process by meditating and calming your mind.

Get a nice metal or golden bowl and fill it with fresh water. Stare into the water with a question in mind and wait for images to come to you. If nothing really “pops out,” just pretend you see something. Could be that that which you’re pretending to see or portent is really something intuitive. Get into the magic: wave your hand over the water to clear images away, like Vivianne does in the book.

OK, so they didn’t weave in order to access mystical info, but Morgaine would often go into a trance when she was weaving – that’s why she avoided it, because her “sight” would creep up on her unexpectedly and she’d freak people out! Just do something repetitive and calming, like braiding string or beading or knitting. You can even make a symbolic woven bracelet or something. Intend to make it a magical item, if you want, one that you can use to give you strength, or good luck, or enhance your psychic ability. While you’re weaving, see what thoughts float into your mind. Make note of them.

Closer your eyes and make some predictions:
Just start saying things, like “I see my friend Sedgwick calling me later today.” or “I believe Satine and Arthur will break up.” Think about why you’re saying these things. Is it a hunch, an observation, a belief, or a feeling? The Priestesses of Avalon often had feelings about things that others weren’t aware of – mostly because they were simply more observant. They all knew Gwenhyfair and Lancelet had a thing for each other, and the day she married Arthur was not a good one. It’s kind of just like common sense, but that’s what intuition is: common sense and observance!

Play with cards to get answers to questions you have:
Check out Colette Baron-Reids Avalon deck – it’s super magical and fun. You can also use Tarot cards, or anything that appeals to you. No, they didn’t use cards in Mists of Avalon. But we have them now, so why not play?

Mists of Avalon


I’m re-reading the Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The first time I read it, I hadn’t yet begun to develop my intuitive side. Now that I have, I’m discovering so much more tangible magic within the pages. It’s a big tome, but worth the read: the ultimate Intuitive Development chick lit. If you’re looking for fiction to get you in the mood for psychic discovery and exploration, look no further!

Past Lives


Two-Year Old Toddler Smokes Cigarettes – Watch more Funny Videos

When you get into the intuitive/psychic world, a lot of “out there” ideas become more like ordinary reality. Among those ideas, for me, is the belief in reincarnation. I believe we’re all souls that are born and reborn into life after life in this world. I’ve done many past life readings that make complete sense to me and my clients. Exploring past lives is great fun (although not all of our past lives were fun!). You’ll often find that different intuitives will see the same lives for you, or threads of the same theme.
I recently read a book called “Children Who Remember Past Lives: A Question of Reincarnation” by Ian Stevenson. Basically, these kids are born with memories you’d have no idea they’d have, speaking languages there’s no way they could know, with habits similar to that of a grownup,with scars eerily similar to those of another who just died.
This video of the smoking baby is, of course, shocking and bad and all that, but I can’t help but assume this little tyke smoked in a past life. It’s so natural to him…like a habit he never kicked. Just something to think about.
There are some awesome books that focus on past lives. Some of the best are by Brian Weiss. The Rhine Research Center focuses on gathering evidence to prove the theory of reincarnation.

The Powers of Hypnosis


The first thing you need to do before embarking on the road that winds through the Intuitive Realm is to believe you can, in fact, be psychic. Of course, the other thing that I’ve said before and that everyone in this field will attest to, is that you HAVE to meditate if you want to learn how to access your intuitive powers.
It is not easy for everyone to meditate. Oftentimes, I’ll just find myself sitting there thinking about stupid stuff over and over again. But one of the ways I got more comfortable with meditation was by using hypnosis. My aunt is a hypnotherapist, and she made some nice tapes for me. She also introduced me to Richard Sutphen and Brian Weiss, two veterans of hynosis. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and listen. You won’t be prompted to quack like a duck or do anything ridiculous like the guy in Office Space, but you will find it easier to slower the chatter in your brain and manipulate sensory imagery and corresponding emotions that your mind processes every waking moment.
Another thing you can do is read some hypnosis scripts and then record one with your own voice. There are tons of books on the subject – just google them or check them out on Amazon.

Gypsy Queen


I found this image at Grosvenor Prints. Here is the description:
Margaret Finch, Queen of the Gypsies at Norwood.
Drawn from the Life by Ino. Straeke 1739. Engrav’d by Hen. Roberts 1742.

The Norwood gypsies lived in the area now known as Gypsy Hill. So famous were they that a pantomime called ‘The Norwood Gypsies’ was staged in Covent Garden in 1777. The most famous of the gypsies was Margaret Finch [d.1740]. A report published a few years after her death states that the ‘oddness of her figure and ye fame of her fortune-telling drew a vast concourse of spectators from ye highest rank of quality, even to those of ye lower class of life’. She lived in a conical hut built of branches, at the base of an ancient tree, and it was there that great numbers of people visited her.
[Ref: 5760] £160.00

A Great Quote


I’m reading a little book by Ted Andrews called “How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides.” It’s jam packed with information, and I love the easy practicality of his approach.

I go through certain periods, as do my fellow intuitive friends, of feeling “not so psychic.” That’s why I LOVE this quote from the book:

“There is a misconception about the psychic world and the path to higher spirituality today. Many assume that if they are not working actively in the field they cannot be making progress. They feel that if they are not demonstrating psychic ability, they are not growing. We must be careful about having a desire or need to be out front, displaying our abilities.
It is not the demonstration of psychic ability, higher intuition or type of spirit contact that unfolds our potential. It doesn’t even reflect it. Our potential and the reflection of it can be seen in the meeting of our daily trials and obligations in a creative manner that propels us along our individual paths.
The purpose of contact with the spirit realm is not psychic power, but expanded perceptions. It is the development of the ability to look beyond physical limitations and learn the creative possibilities that exist within them while at the same time transcending them. It is to help us rediscover the wonder, awe and power of the divine universe how it lives within us.”



I did a reading for a client yesterday who is going through SO MUCH DRAMA I could hardly believe what I was hearing. In fact, everything was so complicated that I had to ask for clarity in order to open up my intuitive channels. When you’re doing readings, you have to turn off all judgment; you will NEVER do ANYONE any good by being a judgmental psychic (or a judgmental person in general, really). So my judgmental self was turned off, but I was still overwhelmed by the drama he was going through: major legal issues, identity theft, really bad investments, some accidental involvement with criminal mafia types. I kid you not.

My client is a very gentle soul, an artist, a healer, and very intuitive. His life isn’t quite going in the direction he ideally would like it to, and he desperately needs change. In fact, he needs and craves this change on such a deep level that he subconsciously created these very frightening situations in order to shake things up so that he’ll have to move forward: he won’t have a choice.

Sometimes drama is a good thing, because it propels us forward. If you like a little bit of excitement, negative or positive, drama can be great. It can be like being on a roller coaster – sometimes fun, sometimes scary, but a great thrill ride all in all.

If you don’t like roller coasters, though, and you find there’s a little more drama in your life than you’d like to deal with, you can just choose to disengage. Just step away from it, and set an intention to have a smooth, easy ride on a nice, clear, level road. It really works.



I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of witches, but never really got into the practice of wicca. I did go into a witch’s shop once in New Orleans, and the dark energy there was palpable. I kid you not. It gave me a very bad feeling, and that was way before I began to meander through the intuitive realm.
I do believe that witches of old were really just people who were interested in magic, in what we are now recognizing as energy. They were into herbs and focusing their mind power with rituals. Some were probably very bad, doing bad spells to hurt others or bringing ill will upon their crops and flocks, and some were probably very good, acting as healers and midwives and using herbs and prayer and things like that to help people.
It’s a dark and rainy day today, perfect for nice, good witchy rituals and magical witchy gypsy music like this: