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There are tons of interesting theories related to psychic/intuitive mental activities and the idea of putting your attention on to something, or taking your attention away from something. The ultimate proof of this, in my mind, is that you can actually physically heal yourself and others by specifically running through exercises in your mind. It’s amazing and mind-boggling at the same time, and I think about it and practice it a lot.

As awesome as that and other psychic things are, however, we still have to live in everyday life, and that involves, for some people, driving and traffic.

I know a lady who says she can change traffic lights from red to green while she’s driving down the street, so she doesn’t have to stop. I believe that’s possible, but I haven’t really tried it, because I’m too busy driving to put the mental activity or energy into changing the lights. Plus, how would that whole thing work? What would it do to the other lights on the grid? It’s too complicated for me. But here’s a funny trick I learned. It’s probably not very out there and some people might find it silly that I’m even saying this, but have you ever noticed that if you’re sitting at a light, staring at it and waiting for it to change, it can feel like it goes on forever and ever and ever?

I noticed that if I get out hand cream, and start rubbing it into my hands, the light changes almost instantly. It even works in traffic jams. Which sucks, because then I have to try and steer with lotion on my hands and then I’m hoping for a light so I can rub the rest in. If I don’t need lotion, I’ll start fussing with something in the car, or pick up a book and start reading it, and, Presto! The light changes.

It’s all about attention. If I’m staring at a long light or peeved about a traffic jam, I’m totally focusing on it, all caught up in it, and not liking it very much. But if I start doing something else and almost forget about the light or traffic, it clears up on its own much faster than I’d ever have imagined.

Just something to think about, or try…

So, as I said in that last post, I felt pretty down Monday through Wednesday of this week. Finally, yesterday afternoon my friend and I decided to try a clairvoyant healing technique, and guess what? IT WORKED!

Here’s what we did. We started out with a specific meditative technique as outlined in the traditional Clairvoyant reading method (there are schools that teach this, or you can read how to do it in Debra Lynn Katz’s awesome book, “You are Psychic.”). It’s so easy: basically, you use your imagination to ground yourself, fill your body up with a pure, clean, light bright golden energy, invite in earth energy and cosmic energy, set your protective shield up around your aura, and then imagine you’re sitting in a little room in the center of your head behind your third eye and visualize a movie screen out in front of you that your clairvoyant pictures run on.

My friend said her name a few times and then asked her question, and for the particular issue she was having, I saw an image of a scary monster hiding behind a door that she was afraid to open, and I made it go away. Then I saw her as a small child, still fearing this and other monsters, and I took care of her and together we vanquished them and in the end she was having a nice picnic outside under a tree and Prince Charming came and joined her.

Then we finished with that and I said my name a few times, asked my question, and then she saw images for me (I was lugging around these great big heavy cinder blocks), and she cleared them away but they re-appeared and I started moving them again so she decided to make them into a staircase that I walked up the stairs and then other, more positive images came in.

Simple enough, right? Like making up stories and pictures together. But afterwards, we both felt amazingly better. If you just decide to believe that this intuitive/psychic stuff is real, and try it, it can work magic in your life. I literally felt like a cloud had been lifted from over my head. I’m happy again, and everything is fine, as it usually is.

I think what happens in these meditations is that we are clearly seeing energy and then manipulating it…dissipating negativity and making the way for lightness to come in. There are other scientific explanations, too, along the lines of quantum mechanics and entangled photons and all that. But as I’m more of an artist than a scientist, I’ll maybe attempt to talk about that on another day, and in the meantime, practice this fun stuff with friends and clients.

Too Much…


This past weekend was great, but when Monday came I felt like I’d been slammed by a tidal wave of sadness that STILL hasn’t really gone away. It’s a combination of things – family drama, life circumstances, several very close friends being really depressed, someone else winning the $266,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot, etc. etc. etc.

When you get into this intuitive stuff, one thing that happens is that you increase your sensitivity like 100-fold. So you’re more likely to feel emotions really strongly, those of your own, those of your family and friends, and those of society in general. Fun, huh? There’s also the thing my aunt, who is a psychologist and hypnotherapist, told me about: once you start to meditate, and raise your vibration, you experience ups and downs much more heavily. It’s like a roller coaster effect, and it takes time for it all to level off – years, even.

Luckily, there are effective ways to deal with these sad, uncomfortable times. Enjoying movies or TV shows that make you laugh. Listening to music that makes your heart soar. Eating delicious food, getting lots of fresh air and exercise. Maybe shopping, getting together with friends and laughing. Volunteering. Listening to a meditation CD if you can’t get out of bed. Also, along those lines, continuing that meditative practice by grounding as much as you can, and imagining an invincible shield all around your body and your aura, that keeps your positive energy in (you ground out the negative energy), and protects you from absorbing the energies of other people around you.

It takes practice and a lot of work if you don’t want to stew in a soup of hopelessness, anxiety, and sorrow, but it’s worth it.

Baby Steps


I just did a follow-up reading for a wonderful client I’d met with last year. While things have changed for the better in several ways, she’s still facing the same bigger issues that were nagging her a year ago. I gave her some intuitive insights that made her laugh, and some suggestions for future action steps. She’s not at the place to move mountains yet, but she’s getting there, little by little.

It might take several years for her to be in the position she ultimately wants to be in. Sometimes just making things happen that we desperately want to have happen takes some warming up to. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it, but we can try making lists, focusing on our goals, and taking baby steps to get there.



Whenever I feel bad vibes or glum in general, laughter raises my energy immediately. Here’s a funny clip from a great Aussie show called Summer Heights High that always cracks me up. Chris Lilley, the male actor who plays catty high school girl Ja’mie King, just tickles my funny bone.

You might think this all has nothing to do with intuition and being psychic, but it does! Think about it: how can you loosen up or have any fun in life if you don’t find things that amuse you and make you giggle? And once you get into all this psychic stuff, you’ll find there’s a lot of humor to it; for as much as it can be different, mind-boggling, and amazing, it can also be really fun, nice, light, easy, and bright.
So whenever I see videos I think are funny, I’m going to post them here, just for the hell of it.

Meditating and grounding are two of the things I’ve covered so far that make you more psychic. But here’s a simple one – Passion Flower!!

I don’t pluck the real flower and eat it, but you could, I suppose. I buy the supplement at Whole Foods, in pill or liquid form. It helps me sleep and it makes my dreams come true – for reals. The things I dream about when I take Passion Flower really do come true. It’s non-toxic and non-addictive.



This is a portrait I took of my cat, Aloysius. Doesn’t he look wise? He loves to help with readings (he knows which clients like cats). He sits in their laps and relaxes during the session as they pet him.

I did a consultation for a client today who has a big choice to make: taking a stressful job for big money, or following her dreams into the unknown, down a path that may or may not ensure wealth or success. It’s her choice to make. She’s incredibly intelligent, beautiful, and driven: to me, it seems that she can make anything happen. And yet, what she’s facing right now is a big, scary decision: the choice between comfort or adventure. Kind of selling out (for big money, though), or entering into a whole other world, a whole new job in a different field across the country. In our session, I just helped her see more clearly the choices she had, what each job would mean, what the people would be like, how she would feel, etc. Ultimately, the choice is hers. My job was to help with clarity, to help her clearly see what she’s choosing between.

As is often the case with readings, I faced a similar circumstance this week. I received an offer for a job that, for all intents and purposes, seemed fine, almost great. But something in my gut told me not to take it. My body was tense, upset. I couldn’t sleep. I felt resentful, angry, even. For me, the choice between following the status quo, taking another marketing-related job which I can do and which will pay me a decent enough salary, or…not. Or following my dreams, trusting myself to know what will work for me and what won’t. It was so hard for me to decide, but I finally chose to turn the offer down. And now, a whole new future awaits. Am I scared? Yes. Am I going to keep stressing about it? I hope not.



I was forced to meditate as a child, and I hated it, so I find it odd that I’m doing it now on a daily basis and finding that it’s helping me to be more intuitive. In fact, I don’t even like to say “meditate.” I’ve tried calling it “introspecting” and I think when I have kids I’ll just tell them that Mommy needs her “quiet time.” Which I’m sure I will.
Anyway, the key to being a good psychic/intuitive/healer or anything along those lines is to meditate, and today I just want to say that my some of my favorite guided meditations are those by Sanaya Roman and Orin. Sanaya Roman has written some amazing books, too, like “Personal Power through Awareness” and “Living with Joy,” among others.
I love her meditations because the music is calming and soothing and not cheesy, her voice is beautiful, and the meditations are clear, easy to follow, and very uplifting.
There are free meditations on their website (click on the link above) as well as courses and mp3s and stuff for purchase.
Anyone who’s walking the intuitive path should have Sanaya Roman and Orin’s books/meditations/teachings in her basket.

Using Clairvoyance


This weekend I went to an amazing workshop held by Debra Lynn Katz, author of “You are Psychic,” “Extraordinary Psychic,” and “Freeing the Genie Within.” She’s the best teacher in the world, and she helped me to get in touch with my intuition when I got started on this path several years ago. I wanted to attend this workshop to just re-connect, work on my skills, and meet more like-minded people. It’s like continuing education for professionals.
If you’re interested in learning more about utilizing clairvoyance and other techniques to access your intuition, I highly recommend reading all of Debra’s books and taking one of her workshops or enrolling in her training program. You will be amazed. She shows you that it’s not “out there” or “weird,” it’s as normal as learning to read and write, do math, or ride a bike.

Being grounded probably comes naturally to this monkey, who lives wholly in the present moment of the earth and most likely doesn’t get caught up in thinking about the past, wondering about other ideas and people and places and movies and books and news in the present, or worrying about all kinds of things that may or may not happen in the future.

OK. The last few posts have been about me babbling on about my mundane life. I want to get back to psychic/intuitive basics and since GROUNDING is the first, here, again, is the little list of ways to get grounded:

…create a grounding cord in your imagination running from the base of your spine down into the center of the earth. Visualize the energy you don’t want leaving your body and falling down into the molten core hot lava burning hot center of the planet, where it is completely destroyed and re-generated or re-cycled by the earth for other things. I learned to do this technique from Debra Katz, one of the BEST psychic teachers in the universe.

…go dig around in the earth, or mud. Or put your hands into a pot of soil and just feel the earth around your fingers. Breathe it in. Sonia Choquette, one of my favorite intuitives, teaches this technique.

Sonia also says other ways to ground yourself are to:

…grab your keys and just hold them in your hand.
…bake some bread or cookies or something. If baking bread, knead your hands into the dough.
…go do some gardening.
…get some exercise.

I do all these things, and I also

…pet my cats, or brush them
…take a nice sea salt bath with essential oils
…do my nails or get my nails done, do a facial and a clay masque
…listen to music I like and sing really loud in my car

So that’s that.