Beware of this Deadly Energy Zapper!


I love movies. I also like good TV shows. I didn’t watch TV for years and years, but when Ivan was born, TV came back on the scene big time. When you’re feeding a baby, you can’t do much other than watch TV. And now that Ivan’s a two-year old, at the end of the day, all we have energy to do is collapse on the sofa and watch a TV show for 30 minutes before bed.

I know TV isn’t good for you, but come on; everyone needs to indulge in not-so-good things every now and then. Even the Dali Lama takes leisure time, though I doubt he watches Modern Family, Nashville, or Scandal.

I’ve seen billboards all over town for the past couple of years for this really popular cable tv show, and they looked so scary that I had no desire to watch it. But this season it’s all about witches, and it has some amazing actresses in it, and I thought it might be interesting and fun. I love a good witch story! So I DVR’d the premiere, and watched it during Ivan’s nap several weeks ago. I was hesitant and worried that it might be too gross and frightening, but I risked it. What the hell.

You know what? It wasn’t just scary – it was HORRIFIC. They showed things I didn’t want to know about or be aware of. Hideous stuff. Murder, death, violence, destruction, yucky, ugly, dark, disgusting things. People using magical powers to kill other people. It made me want to throw up. But made myself watch it til the end (I covered my eyes at parts I knew would be bad for me to see). Afterwards, I had some quiet time to try and restore myself back to a nice, good, light energy, and it took some time. A whole week later, I had a nightmare in which I saw a horrible image I’d seen during that episode.

Watching that show was the energetic equivalent of smoking an entire pack of clove cigarettes. Deadly.

I know this show is incredibly popular, and has met critical acclaim. People really love it. But UGH! It was so dark and sad and blegh. I know everything can’t be hopeful and we can’t all have happy endings, but engaging in things like this just isn’t good for the soul. There are enough horrors in the world already. I don’t need to smoke the cloves.

I guess I’m just saying, if you want to participate in something damaging to your vibration, by all means do it – but be aware of what it’s doing to your vibration, how it’s making you feel, and how it could ultimately impact your psyche and your life in general.

Have you watched anything recently that brought you down? What about something that raised your vibes? What do you like to watch, in general?