Baby Steps


I just did a follow-up reading for a wonderful client I’d met with last year. While things have changed for the better in several ways, she’s still facing the same bigger issues that were nagging her a year ago. I gave her some intuitive insights that made her laugh, and some suggestions for future action steps. She’s not at the place to move mountains yet, but she’s getting there, little by little.

It might take several years for her to be in the position she ultimately wants to be in. Sometimes just making things happen that we desperately want to have happen takes some warming up to. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it, but we can try making lists, focusing on our goals, and taking baby steps to get there.

Say Readers...

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    Yes, it's so important to not beat ourselves up, and instead to praise ourselves when we take these steps. Even if they're small, and even if we had to take a few steps backward first, at least we're still pointing the right way. Even if we get turned around, we can find our way back. We can listen to our inner compass and also get help from intuitive people like you to give us a nudge in the right direction.