There are tons of interesting theories related to psychic/intuitive mental activities and the idea of putting your attention on to something, or taking your attention away from something. The ultimate proof of this, in my mind, is that you can actually physically heal yourself and others by specifically running through exercises in your mind. It’s amazing and mind-boggling at the same time, and I think about it and practice it a lot.

As awesome as that and other psychic things are, however, we still have to live in everyday life, and that involves, for some people, driving and traffic.

I know a lady who says she can change traffic lights from red to green while she’s driving down the street, so she doesn’t have to stop. I believe that’s possible, but I haven’t really tried it, because I’m too busy driving to put the mental activity or energy into changing the lights. Plus, how would that whole thing work? What would it do to the other lights on the grid? It’s too complicated for me. But here’s a funny trick I learned. It’s probably not very out there and some people might find it silly that I’m even saying this, but have you ever noticed that if you’re sitting at a light, staring at it and waiting for it to change, it can feel like it goes on forever and ever and ever?

I noticed that if I get out hand cream, and start rubbing it into my hands, the light changes almost instantly. It even works in traffic jams. Which sucks, because then I have to try and steer with lotion on my hands and then I’m hoping for a light so I can rub the rest in. If I don’t need lotion, I’ll start fussing with something in the car, or pick up a book and start reading it, and, Presto! The light changes.

It’s all about attention. If I’m staring at a long light or peeved about a traffic jam, I’m totally focusing on it, all caught up in it, and not liking it very much. But if I start doing something else and almost forget about the light or traffic, it clears up on its own much faster than I’d ever have imagined.

Just something to think about, or try…

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    It's true that thing you want often appears when you least expect it, when you've stopped obsessing over it and put your attention on other things. I've found it to be true, anyway.