Asking for Signs


The idea of asking for a “sign” when you need one never came on my radar until I started reading about intuitive development. Sonia Choquette, one of my favorite teachers, is a strong advocate for asking for signs to provide guidance for us along our path – and she’s right. Nothing is more incredibly inspiring than asking for a sign, and then receiving it. We’re kind of out on a limb here in this life. We don’t always know what’s up, where we’re going, or if and how we’re going to get there. The thing is, there is a higher power at play, and turning to that higher power for guidance can really help us in ways we’ve never imagined.

One of my greatest difficulties in doing intuitive consultations for a living has been recognizing the fact that the information that comes to me in readings is really, truly, genuinely helpful and useful to people. I grew up with a background in the metaphysical. I trained with the best psychics in the world. I completed an intensive training program and did free readings for an entire YEAR before feeling it would be okay for me to charge for the services I provide. And yet, because of personal issues, I still have doubts as to whether or not I am doing a good enough job at what I do. I want to be sure I’m being of service, not just blabbing to people. I’ve had bad readings, and I’d hate to be the person delivering them – how awful would that be!?!

This issue came up strongly for me this past December, a month that was incredibly busy, but one that was interspersed with several intense planetary and energetic configurations. And so, not knowing quite what to do or think while being so entrenched in the middle of things (as we simply ARE in life), I asked, in the wee hours of the morning of January 5th, for a sign that the work I do is meaningful, that the things I see and predict are real, and that I am on the right track with doing the work that I do.

What I’m about to share is pretty incredible: in fact, I’m still reeling from the signs that came through the SAME DAY that I asked from them. At about 10am, I got an email from a repeat client I’d done a reading for a few months ago. He said he needed to reach out to me for healing and advice because his heart had been broken, and that I’d told him in his last reading to watch out for this girl he was just beginning to fall for, because she was bad news. And she was. I was devastated to hear how hurt he’d been, but on the flip side of the coin, amazed and grateful for the sign that the information I’d given him in that reading had been correct. Had he only listened! Well – I’m sure he will next time. He and I are both on the same page with that one.

At around 2pm, I arrived at the House of Intuition in Silverlake, where I do readings on Wednesdays and Fridays. My first appointment came in – a young woman I’d done a reading before several months ago, back in November. She said I’d told her she’d get a particular job in January – and she’d just received the offer that morning. I was blown away yet again.

At 4pm, I had another session, this time again with someone I’d read for previously, a woman named Angel. At this point, after having received two signs already, I realized that the fact that her name was Angel was probably not a coincidence. She said she’d taken the advice I’d given in her previous reading and read Sonia Choquette’s book Ask Your Guides, and had connected with an incredible spirit guide who was a powerhouse of love, guidance, and assistance. The bulk of our session involved my communicating with this spirit guide for additional specific guidance pertaining to her life. It was wonderful!

As if those weren’t enough signs, the universe came through one more time, with a last appointment at the House – a woman named Angeli. You know what I was thinking – come on, TWO people with angelic names in ONE DAY? This was beyond coincidence. I loved working with her in the course of the session, and felt that true guidance came through that was very sound, practical, and helpful.

See what I mean about signs? All you have to do is ask. Let’s start this year off by expecting to receive signs, to hear and accept the guidance that comes to us, and to act on it. I swear to you that it works. And I would not be saying this if I’d not experienced it firsthand. So join me! Let’s go for it! Let’s take the plunge and look for the best, highest, most wonderful, enlightened guidance there is – and then be open to acting on it.