Are Haunted Houses for Real?


In honor of Halloween week, I thought I’d tackle the whole “haunted house” deal. Do haunted houses really exist? From the things I’ve experienced personally, as well as what I’ve seen and heard in sessions with clients, yes, I think they do. You won’t catch me running around trying to find them, either; as a super sensitive person, haunted houses are the types of places I’ll do anything to steer clear of!

What is a haunted house?

A haunted house is typically a building in which a spirit or scary entity exists. It can also be a space in which something horrible occurred, and the molecular memory of the awful event lingers, making the energy of the space seem oppressive and yucky for sensitive people to be in.

Why are some houses haunted?

Some houses are haunted because spirits of the people who lived there are still hanging around on the earth plane and haven’t crossed over to the other side. There are lots of different reasons why spirits don’t cross over. Some have “unfinished business,” and some are in a state of trauma and just don’t want to, or are not able to, leave.

Can haunted houses hurt people?

Absolutely! But not in the way that movies depict. Ghosts can’t hurt you – they just try and scare you. First of all, if you are sensitive, a haunted place will give you the creeps. I remember visiting a witchy voodoo shop in New Orleans, and an old plantation house in South Carolina, that both gave me the heeby jeebies. I just wanted to get the heck out of there. Secondly, if you hang around in a space that is haunted by ghosts or ghoulish things, you will start to feel bad both physically and mentally. You might get headaches, or you might start to get depressed or anxious. This is because those energies can have an impact on your aura as well as your nervous system. Some energies will play with electrical fixtures and make noises that go bump in the night, so they can really scare you – which of course isn’t good for your overall well being.

Can you clear a haunted house?

Some places can be cleansed and cleared by a feng shui master or healing/clearing professional, yes. Others, not so much. There’s like a negative imprint in the ley lines of the earth that adversely affect the space. Remember that movie Poltergeist, where they moved into a new housing community built over sacred Native American burial grounds? No good! Same thing happens in real life. In fact, one summer while I was in college some friends and I lived across from the Veterans cemetery. That was the weirdest summer ever, and everything felt turned around and upside down. I think in retrospect it had something to do with the location.

How can you know for sure a house is haunted?

If you see ghostlike apparitions floating around at night, just like in the movies, you don’t need to get your eyes checked; the place is haunted. Some people really do see these things, and they’re not necessarily people who see spirits all the time. Scary, huh? If you are in a place and you just have a funny feeling that you’re being watched, or that you’re not the only one in the room, I’d say there’s a 90% chance it’s haunted, and a 10% chance you’re just being paranoid.

How do you make sure the house your buying isn’t haunted?

First of all, just try and stay there long enough to get a sense of the place. Go there in the evening or at night. Go into each room, and close your eyes, and try and notice how you feel, and what your impressions are. Do you feel happy or sad? Calm or anxious? Houses definitely hold the energy of the people who lived there in the past, and with practice, you will find that some places absolutely have sad vibes, while others have happy ones. Pick the place with a happy vibe.

Have you ever been in a real haunted house? How could you tell? What did you notice?