I’m Krishanti, and I’m here to help you ignite the spark of your limitless power so you can start living a life you REALLY love.

I’ve helped thousands of radiant, spiritually conscious people like YOU to transform on all kinds of different levels.

Through my personal guidance, on-demand workshops & guided meditations, clients have met soul mates, repaired relationships, created prosperity, healed emotional wounds, transformed their physical bodies, learned how to be psychic, and found their true purpose in life.

Loving clients refer to me as a guru, a catalyst, and a blessing from God. But the thing is, I learned how to be psychic and to tap into the limitless power of the Universe for guidance. Before that, I had a series of regular corporate jobs that looked great on a resume, but left me lost and unfulfilled.

Then I found my true calling and everything shifted.

And all of the steps, processes, and techniques I learned on my path of psychic development, energy healing, and spiritual growth & transformation, as well as my firsthand experience working with people all over the world for over 10+ years, can help YOU shift into a new and better reality.

My Fun, Simple, Easy-to-Follow Methods Are Tried and True — and Really Work!

When I’m not writing, meditating, or designing new programs, I’m hanging out with my 5 year old son Ivan, getting groceries with my husband Ryan, trying to make it to yoga, shopping, spending time with friends, Googling the universe with my tarot cards, or watching Netflix.

In a Nutshell:

  1. I’m compassionate – and I’m no stranger to the struggle. My mom, a soul mate and true kindred spirit, died of cancer when I was 15 after a 5-year battle. I went into a decade-long depression, turned my back on God and wore all black.
  2. God and I finally got onto good terms again and I experienced a profound healing tsunami-style wave of peace, love, and forgiveness that I can’t put into words.
  3. Krishanti is my real name. I’m half East Indian.
  4. Howard Stern, Amy Schumer, and Russell Brand make me laugh out loud.
  5. I use tarot and the iChing to do readings for myself but clairvoyance & energy work for clients.
  6. I can’t levitate – but I can bi-locate!
  7. I love great films. I also like Lifetime movies and shows on the CW.
  8. Some say I have the gift of being psychic, but my husband says I have the gift of gab.
  9. I LOVE to shop and can do so for hours on end, using my psychic superpowers to score unbelievable treasures at jaw-dropping prices.
  10. I’m living proof that you can heal your wounds, reinvent yourself, transform your life, and find true happiness at any age, no matter what your given circumstances are.

Professional Bio

Krishanti is a teacher for spiritually conscious people who want to transform their lives.

Through her straightforward and fun on-demand classes, guided meditations, and private sessions, she’ll remind you of just how powerful you really are, with practical exercises and energetic techniques aimed to ignite your spirit and revolutionize your world.

Her articles and courses are featured on DailyOM.com, WisdomTimes.com, OfCourse.co.uk, and Vision Magazine. Loving clients have called her a guru and a gift from God.

And when she’s not connecting people to their limitless potential, you can find her playing with her husband and 5 year old son, trekking the globe for fashion finds, and fine-tuning her psychic skills.

Ignite the spark that will transform your life at Krishanti.com!