I’m Krishanti, and I’m here to ignite the spark of your limitless power so you can start living a life you REALLY love.

I’ve helped thousands of radiant, spiritually conscious people like YOU

transform on many levels.

Through my personal guidance, on-demand workshops + guided meditations, clients have met soulmates, repaired relationships, created prosperity, healed emotional wounds, transformed their physical bodies, learned how to be psychic, and found their true purpose in life.

I’m kind of magical. And if you’re here, you probably are too.

Once upon a time, I didn’t know I was psychic or clairvoyant. I loved fairy tales, mythology, and all things beautiful and otherworldly, but I didn’t know these realities were tangible.

Krishanti is my given name; my father is Indian. And despite having wonderful parents, I had your classically difficult childhood. You could say I was no stranger to tragedy, but the worst of it came in wave after crushing wave as my mom fought cancer for five years until she died when I was 15. I fell into a decade-long depression and struggled deeply with my concept of God and the meaning of life.

Despite inner turmoil, I managed to live a “normal” life. I did therapy, went to college, worked at corporate jobs, got married, and tried to fit in, ignoring the fact that something HUGE was missing from my life – although I had no idea what it was.

And then everything shifted.

One day, a dear soulmate friend got me a psychic reading at a clairvoyant school. The reading was conducted by psychic students, and the only question I had was: What am I here for?

My burning desire for the truth was quite apparent to the two readers, who for the next 90 minutes shifted and cleared my energy, called my spirit forward, and helped me to wake up to who I really am at a soul level.

Everything opened up after that: I was led to book after book about intuition, psychic development, and spirituality. I entered a clairvoyant development training program, and began doing readings and energy healings for others. From those humble beginnings, word spread… And now I teach others to access their own intuition to heal, grow, and transform their own lives.

We’re all psychic and intuitive.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in working with thousands of people on a deep spiritual level is that we all have the ability to tune and reach our own personal wellspring of truth and meaning. It’s natural. It’s real. It’s our birthright as radiant spiritual beings.

We can all directly access the limitless power of  God/The Universe/Spirit. And guess what? It’s exciting. It’s transformative. It’s fun. It’s deeply healing, and, best of all…

It’s Magical.