A Unique Healing Experience


People in my line of work give a lot of their energy, their heart and soul, to their clients. In fact, many intuitives are empaths, which means we literally feel the pain and suffering of the people who come to us. This makes us good at what we do, but it also can be detrimental to our energetic, emotional, and even physical selves.

What with all the recent changes in my life (namely, the arrival Baby Ivan!), I’ve felt depleted and energetically overwhelmed, so Marlene, the owner of House of Intuition, where I do readings 3 days a week, arranged for me to work with Dominic, the resident sound healing/massage therapist at HOI. He is an intuitive healer who employs a combination of massage, vocal toning, crystal bowls, and more to re-align the chakras and help people heal from physical, energetic, and emotional issues.

I’m the kind of person who will go to a massage at, say, Burke Williams, and lie there on the table the whole time thinking about what I need to get at the grocery store, whether or not I should donate that one top to the Goodwill, and when I can make it out to visit my parents. Basically, I have trouble being “present.”

This was SO not the case with the intuitive massage healing session I had with Dominic. I was so present I couldn’t believe it myself! He started on my root chakra, and although I was so super excited and happy for the treatment my heart was soaring, I immediately felt a shift taking place. And it was not subtle: I felt like I was going to literally throw up (I didn’t, but I felt nauseous). Because I know about this kind of work, I viewed this as an extremely good thing; something was being processed and released. I felt better within seconds, and started to feel a peace and calm that was really amazing. This was an experience like no other; the entire session was remarkably in tune with what I needed. I could feel my energy shifting, and I experienced wonderful clairvoyant imagery that supported the work that was being done.

At several points during the session, I had the distinct feeling that Dom was channeling my guides and even my mom, who died a long time ago. How do I know it was my mom? Well, I had the strongest memory come up of my love of her brushing my hair. It was so powerful, so real, that I couldn’t believe it, and at that time during the session, he was working around my head, and doing some vocal toning that was mystical and magical.

This type of healing session is so different from those that I know of that it’s actually difficult to describe. All I know is that Dominic pours his heart and soul into his work, and the results are amazing, incredible, and for someone whose mind wanders as much as mine does, unbelievable. I loved the massage aspect of the work, and I could also tell when he was releasing negative energy, moving stuck energy, and channeling the loving, healing vibration of my guides/light beings.

If you’re in a place in life where you feel drained, run down, or tired of dealing with recurring blocks and feel “stuck,” this kind of session would be really beneficial. To schedule an appointment, call the House of Intuition at 213.413.8300, or email Dominic at lightworker.dom@gmail.com. You will be blown away!!