A Great Quote


I’m reading a little book by Ted Andrews called “How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides.” It’s jam packed with information, and I love the easy practicality of his approach.

I go through certain periods, as do my fellow intuitive friends, of feeling “not so psychic.” That’s why I LOVE this quote from the book:

“There is a misconception about the psychic world and the path to higher spirituality today. Many assume that if they are not working actively in the field they cannot be making progress. They feel that if they are not demonstrating psychic ability, they are not growing. We must be careful about having a desire or need to be out front, displaying our abilities.
It is not the demonstration of psychic ability, higher intuition or type of spirit contact that unfolds our potential. It doesn’t even reflect it. Our potential and the reflection of it can be seen in the meeting of our daily trials and obligations in a creative manner that propels us along our individual paths.
The purpose of contact with the spirit realm is not psychic power, but expanded perceptions. It is the development of the ability to look beyond physical limitations and learn the creative possibilities that exist within them while at the same time transcending them. It is to help us rediscover the wonder, awe and power of the divine universe how it lives within us.”

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