5 Ways to Find Your Purpose


A lot of people ask me what their life’s purpose is. It’s a hugely important question, one which I grappled with for years before I started doing the work I do now. While almost all of us are concerned about our life’s purpose as it relates to the work we do to earn a living, purpose is not something that’s limited to making money. For example, a mother of three I met with recently was discouraged about her career path, and wanted desperately to know what her purpose was. One of the first things that came through in her reading was that her soul’s most pressing purpose was to be an excellent mother, which she was doing so naturally, so effortlessly, that she took it for granted, and didn’t see it for the incredibly important life purpose that it was. Career-wise, it appeared she had many creative talents, and could make a great living as an entrepreneur by marketing and selling her ingenious craft ideas. She just had to commit to doing it, and trust that her talents could support her; that was half the battle.

My friend Carolyn, who is a very talented artist, asked the famous psychic, teacher, and author Sonia Choquette what her purpose was, and Sonia told her that it was to bring joy into other’s lives. Carolyn thought and thought about this, and we talked about it a lot, because she couldn’t quite figure out how that related to making money. And yet, one of the reasons I, and many of her friends and family, adore her is that she brings joy into our lives. Just being around her makes me happy. On top of that, her art is beautiful, and every time I look at the painting she gave me, it soothes my spirit. So, just being the way she naturally is, is a part of her purpose. Her art is so beautiful and uplifting that she can make a living selling it, so she’s also focusing on that right now.

It’s very simple, but essentially, your purpose is YOU. It’s built into the very fabric of your being. Sometimes it’s hard to translate that over into real-life experience, though, so here are 5 ways to find out just what your purpose is:

1. What do you love? What does your spirit love?

2. Ask your closest friends and family members, those you love and respect the most, what they like best about you, what they think you’re good at. Think about things you’ve succeeded at in the past – those that were easy for you, as well as those that were challenging. What are you the most proud of? What makes you feel good about yourself?

3. Dream up your perfect week. What do you do each day? What are you doing for work? Where do you live? What is your home life like?

4. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with your time? What charities would you give back to?

5. Be bold, be brave, and chart your own course. Stop putting things off because they seem impossible, and start taking action today. If you hate your day job, create your exit strategy, and do it now. You don’t have to quit and risk being homeless, but you can make changes that will help you support yourself in the future. Get up at 5am and work on your novel, or stay up late to finalize the business plan for your own company. There’s no such thing as “not enough time.” If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Some people seem to be born knowing just what their purpose is. But for others, it takes a lot of time, energy, and faith that you’re heading in the right direction. You must stay true to what you believe in, and hold the very essence of what you want your life to be like in your consciousness as much as possible. The more you concentrate on the feeling of what you want your life experience to be, the closer you will get to creating it. You may not figure it all out at once in a stunning “A-ha!” moment that parts the skies, but, little by little, it will come together, and one day you will realize that you are loving your life and living your purpose. And more of those days will follow.