3 Ways to Make Your Resolutions Last throughout the Year


Happy New Year!

Have you written your resolutions for 2014 out yet? If you can do it at some point this week, that would be great. The first step in manifesting what you want is to identify it. Your list is like a road map. It’s not just an idle way to daydream – it’s a critical component in the whole process.

The art of bringing ideas into reality is an alchemical technique, one that we do naturally for basic things in life, but one that requires a great deal more energy and focus when it comes to creating bigger experiences and achieving larger goals.

I’m still getting the hang of the whole process myself, and I’m delighted when things show up. Here are 5 ways to keep your resolutions moving forward with full steam throughout 2014:

1. Bring your desire into focus daily both physically and energetically.
Many of us write our resolutions down, and then tuck them away somewhere to gather dust. I just found the resolutions I wrote for 2013 on a bookshelf. I glanced at the list, noticed I’d done some things, but not all, and then put it back on the shelf. In order to make your resolutions last, you have to take that list and work on it daily. Do a manifestation meditation for major goals that you need extra help with on a DAILY basis (a lot of great ones are in Debra Katz’s book, Freeing the Genie Within). Then take physical steps, too. Go to the exercise class you resolved to participate in. Force yourself to get out there and network. Stop eating cookies during the week. Make yourself get up early and work on your book. Actually do the things you need to do to stay on track. It’s simple, but it’s something a lot of us just forget to do – and then we wonder why we’re not living the lives we ideally want to live!

2. Guard Your Dreams with Care.
If one or more of your resolutions is a major, big-time goal, be careful who you share it with. Not everyone will “get” what you’re intending to do, and if you go to them, filled with excitement and joy and hope, all it takes is one negative comment, or one warning, to burst your bubble. There’s also a superstition about keeping things under wrap until they’re really official ON. You need to conserve your creative energy, and guard it, because it you babble on about it, you might actually dilute the potency of the whole thing. So guard  your dream with care, and keep it a secret. Share it only with people you know will support you fully.

3. Let Your Imagination Work for You.
Your imagination is a brilliant essence unlike anything else. It’s the part of your brain where your spirit comes through, and this triggers your intuition, the part of you that will guide you right to where you want to be. Use your imagination to paint pictures of what you want. You can imagine it in your mind’s eye, creating a scene that you step into daily, or you can paint it, or write it out. The key is to do it on a regular basis. Pretend that you’ve accomplished what you’ve accomplished. Imagine that everything is the way you wish it to be. Relax, and make believe that all is well. The more you train yourself to get into this mode, the more you’ll see that your actual life experiences are aligning with what you wish to create. Don’t think – imagine.

What are your big resolutions for 2014? Do you think you can really achieve them? What will it take to get you there?