3 Ways to Get Past Your Mistakes


I made a huge mistake with my finances last month. It took me hours to figure it all out, and I was really frustrated that I’d been so stupid. Math isn’t my strong suit, but I’m usually OK with accounting – and in December, I just dropped the ball. Luckily, I figured it all out, but I’m still worried that I made such a mess of it. I was telling a friend about this, and she told me that a blind woman asked her to help her cross the street recently. My friend was late for work, and feared she’d miss her bus, but what kind of jerk doesn’t help a blind person? She was on the phone trying to see if someone could give her a ride as she escorted the lady across the street, and forgot to help her step up on the curb. The lady stumbled, and my friend cursed herself for being such an idiot that she couldn’t even properly help a blind woman cross the street.

A life well-lived is riddled with mistakes. I hope that means I’m living life well, because I can’t even tell you what a fool I’ve made of myself over the years. I still beat myself up for things, but I’m learning to get better at it. It also helps to know that every single person I’ve met with in an intuitive consulting session has made hundreds of mistakes, too. Rather than dwell on your countless errors and faux-pas, here are 3 ways to get past them:

1. LAUGH at yourself!

I love sharing stories of things that happen with friends. We laugh at ourselves, at each other, and at life in general. It’s just too much of a burden to walk around hating yourself for having done something wrong. Some of the best stories EVER involve people’s mistakes, like my husband’s aunt’s story about getting her new baby all dressed up and ready to go, packing her diaper bag, getting all set up in the car, and driving down the street, only to realize the baby wasn’t with her. She freaked out and wondered if she’d left him on the roof of the car, and checked the sides of the road as she drove in a panic back home. When she got there, she dashed upstairs and found him lying happily in his crib, all dressed and ready right where she’d left him. It was horrifying for her at the time, but it’s a great story that will make people laugh for years to come.

Why not accept that you’re imperfect, have fun, and realize other people do the exact same thing as you?

2. Stop the cycle.

Obviously, if you find yourself making the same mistake over and over, you’ve got to stop what you’re doing. If you keep creating drama, what is that saying about you? What do you need to learn? What keeps happening to you, and why? The minute you identify the cycle, you’re halfway through fixing it. Seriously. I’ve met with hundreds of people who are fed up with repeating the same old story again and again. They decide to make a change and improve their lives, and 90% of the time, it works.

3. Let go and forgive yourself.

If a person is having a hard time forgiving you for a mistake you made, what does that say about them? It means they have a hardened heart, and they can’t let go. That’s not cool – and that’s on them. What you need to do is forgive yourself for your mistakes, too. We all do things we regret. Every single one of us. Some things we do on purpose, and some things we just do accidentally. But to hate yourself for making mistakes is horrible. That creates restricted energy that can really do physical damage to your body. A client I met with recently was having the hardest time forgiving her ex-partner, who had left her for someone else. The session revealed that they’d had plenty of past lives together, and what happened in this lifetime was a balancing of the karmic scales. The lesson she needed to learn was to forgive, and to accept that they were still one, despite their apparent differences. If the client didn’t start forgiving and letting go, she’d create disease in her throat, as her throat chakra was tight with constricted energy.

Love yourself, accept that you’re human, and that being human means making mistakes. Forgive yourself, understand where you are and were coming from, and walk with grace.

What are the worst mistakes you think you’ve made in your lifetime? Were you able to grow from them?