3 Ways to Develop Your Clairaudience for Spiritual Guidance


As a natural clairvoyant (that just means I’m good at visualizing pictures, by the way), I found it really challenging to develop my clairaudience. I love to see things in my 3rd eye with my physical eyes closed. But hearing things? That’s another story.

Receiving clairaudient messages means you just get messages. They come through as thoughts that you have to then distinguish from your own. Or, then can come through as actual voices that are not in your head.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of hearing voices from beings or people I can’t see scares the bejezus out of me. I bet you anything that’s why I was slow to get on the clairaudience boat. I don’t want to be one of those people hearing things. That’s uncomfortably close to being cuckoo-nutty.

Some people are cool with that, though. The dearly departed Sylvia Browne worked with her spirit guide Francine to deliver messages to people. It was so easy for Sylvia, because Francine kind of just whispered in her ear, and Sylvia just repeated what Francine said. Neat, huh?

However you wish to receive clairaudient guidance, the first thing to know is this: You have to set the intent that you’re going to be working with the highest level of guidance out there. Spiritual avatars like the Christ consciousness, Buddha, Quan Yinh, Archangels, Angels, ascended masters, saints, etc. Under no means possible will you work with lower-level energies. Once you intend that you’re only going to hook up with enlightened beings, you’ll be fine. Only those energies will come through.

That said, here are 3 easy ways to start working on your clairaudience:

1. Listen, and listen well, to the voices in your mind. 

Ask for guidance, and then pay attention to the thoughts that float through your head. Notice if they come from a certain direction (my clairaudient guidance comes through as a thought that originates in the right side of my head). Notice what those thoughts sound like. Write them down. See if they sound like you. If it’s guidance, and not your mental chatter, it will sound initially like a wiser, gentler, smarter version of yourself. Kind of like your higher self. Over time, you’ll come to recognize it as spiritual guidance, and be able to determine if it’s a guide, or a spiritual master, or other form of guidance.

2. Meditate.

I know I always talk about how important it is to meditate, but it quiets your mind down so that you can HEAR guidance. So it’s really important, especially if you want to develop your clairaudience.

3. Ask for guidance, and then listen for signs.

You might hear a bird chirping, or a car horn honking. Or perhaps you’ll turn on the tv or radio and hear something meaningful. Spiritual guidance comes through in many ways, and one of the most fun ways to interpret it and gather meaning is through paying attention to the signs that come through. You might know instantly what that sign means, or the sign might just provide reassurance that spiritual guidance is available to you at all times, and that you are loved and cared about by higher power/god/your guides/the universe at large.

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Have you experienced clairaudience before? How does it work for you?