3 Spirit Guide Safety Tips You Need to Know.


Let me be honest with you. When I first heard the term “spirit guides,” I thought it was completely whack. The concept sounded completely odd to me. A guide? A SPIRIT guide? What’s the point of that? And if you can’t see them, then why would you bother?

As I learned how to do readings and healings, however, I discovered that spirit guides are actually quite helpful. I get great information from them regarding areas I’m not familiar with (medical stuff, for instance), and some of the insight and guidance I’ve received is nothing short of astounding. In assisting us on our path, spirit guides in turn grow and evolve. So, through my work, the whole thing started to make more sense to me.


When I started training people on how to connect with their intuition, and when I would “check in” to see what types of guides were around clients who specifically asked me to check in on that for them, I began to notice something. Some students would easily connect with what appeared to be guides, but when we looked more closely, they were NOT guides. They were spirits that were not helpful or enlightened. Same thing happened with clients; I’d start describing energies around them and they’d go “That’s my grandma!” or whatever.

Not all spirits are guides. And you should be VERY careful when you try to connect with ANY sort of spirit, whatsoever.

So if you’re thinking about working with spirit guides, here are some tips that might help:

1. Avoid blind trust and make sure it’s a guide, not just any old disembodied spirit.

Don’t just expect that any old spirit you make contact with is a guide, no matter how helpful he or she may appear to be. Work with a trusted intuitive, or healer, or psychic-minded friend to check in and see who you are communicating with. That is the very best way to tell.

2. Ask God, Creator, or Divine Source to guide you in this process.

Look: the highest guidance possible is that of GOD. Don’t ever, ever, ever think there is anything or anyone more powerful, or that it will be easier to connect with guides than with God. Ask Source to help you connect with positive, enlightened energies who will only help you to get closer to the divine. Say a prayer EVERY time you attempt to get spirit guide guidance, and make sure that the whole process is with God’s grace and blessing. Otherwise, you could be opening the door to all kinds of weird energies not in alignment with your highest good.

3. Work with Angels before working with guides.

The frequencies that angels work on is much different than that of spirit guides. If you first get to connect with angels, you may not need spirit guides at all. But it’s up to you – angels are incredibly powerful, and very close to God, but you might feel like you need some denser energies and spirit guide know-how, as spirit guides have lived on earth and gone through the whole evolution process that you are presently having to endure. Once you are familiar with angelic vibrations, though, it will be easier to tell when you’re getting good, high-level enlightened spirit guide knowledge and information.

You can keep this whole thing simple – it doesn’t need to be complicated – but just know that any sort of entree into the spirit world can be super dangerous if you’re not grounded, connected to God, and keeping yourself in the light.

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Have fun and be safe!