Activate Your Psychic Super Powers eCourse

By Debra Lynne Katz and Krishanti Wahla

Welcome to…

Lesson 1: Introduction to Clairvoyance

Greetings, fellow psychic! (Yes, that’s you.) What? You’re not sure you really are psychic, or at least not to the point where you could do a reading for someone else?

Well, no worries – that’s why we’ve developed this course!

Not only are we intent on doing all we can to enable you to activate your own psychic abilities – your Super Powers- by learning how to work with clairvoyance, but it’s our goal that by the end of this course you will have all you need to do readings for yourself and other people.

If you’ve already achieved some level of skill in this area, our goal is to enable you to do readings with greater confidence and ease and to show you how the process of clairvoyant reading can be one of profound self-discovery and transformation for the reader as much as it is for the one receiving the reading.

What Exactly Is Clairvoyant Reading?

What do you think about when you hear the words psychic or clairvoyant – a gypsy with a scarf over her head, staring into a crystal ball? Or perhaps someone more modern, like Miss Cleo or Sylvia Browne? Clairvoyance, or psychic ability, is not a gift for the chosen few. Everyone who has the capacity to visualize can do a clairvoyant reading. All you have to do is learn the techniques!

First and foremost, clairvoyant reading is basically a type of meditation, one in which you focus on simple visualizations, pose questions to these visualizations, and then wait for the images you see to provide information in the form of an answer. The only way it can work is through complete inward focus and concentration. But wait: don’t let that scare you! When you know the right techniques to use, which you will soon, this intense concentration will be effortless. Why? Because when you are doing clairvoyant readings, you’re not trying to quiet and empty a mind that, by nature, is addicted to being busy and noisy. Instead, your mind is so active with the techniques that the end result is you are focusing without trying to focus.

When you see visions or use your clairvoyance, and you take the time to communicate the information to someone else, this is called a reading. When we “read” other people we can see into any aspect of their lives. The information comes from a variety of sources, but the bulk of what you’ll see comes from what we call a universal source of all-knowingness. Very little is known about this source except that it’s there to tap into whenever we like. This source is the same one that we believe Carl Jung was referring to when he coined the term “Collective Unconscious.” The information contained within this source is largely or perhaps entirely of a visual nature.

The Personal Benefit of Doing Clairvoyant Readings

When we read other people who have something in common with us, who are strong mirrors for us, not only do we become more aware of these pictures or filters, but energetically they actually begin to shift and fall away, whether we consciously notice it or not. In this way, performing a clairvoyant reading or healing on another person can be a powerful method of self-transformation because it allows us to de-program ourselves so we are more free to be who we want to be, without blocks and limitations. When we take the reigns and “destroy” certain images that appear to us in a reading, by either seeing them disappear or imagining that we are blowing them into little bits and pieces, we’re actually manipulating the energy further, helping it to move on and out of our energetic fields.

This is really what all transpersonal and psychological modalities aim to do, but clairvoyant reading can do it much faster. As a clairvoyant reader aware of this process, we can be our own therapists. Our clients are our mirrors and the impetus for change within ourselves. It’s important to understand that this process occurs whether or not you think you have something in common with the person you are reading and really has nothing to do with your cognitive awareness, although the more readings you do, the more impressed you will be with the fact that you tend to read people who are in fact dealing with issues similar to those you are also dealing with in the present moment.

Are you really ready to embrace your psychic abilities?

Embarking on a course of Clairvoyant practice has a lot of implications. Not only are you about to learn some cool new skills, but you’re also going to begin having some “mind blowing” experiences. There is a reason you don’t already have full use and control over your psychic faculties. A lot of people have grown up believing there is something scary or even dangerous with doing this work. It’s our position that your intention and state of being is what will bring in light or darkness and this is true of whether you are being a psychic, a salesperson, a doctor or a carpenter! We’ll be presenting techniques that will help make you more healthy and peaceful then perhaps you’ve ever been. At the same time, it’s important for you to look around you in your life. Are you surrounded by people who love you and hold you in the highest esteem? Are your everyday behaviors relatively healthy and moving you toward your goals or further away? Your psychic abilities don’t operate in a vacuum. Your spirituality is not something that is separate from the rest of you. Your spirituality is woven throughout and reflected by your personal life in terms of work, relationships, living situation, hobbies, and finances. These things are all reflections and indicators of your spiritual self. If they are messier then you’d like, don’t get down on yourself. Nothing wrong with realizing you have some personal work to do! You don’t have to change everything at once (it’s possible, but that can be overwhelming). The cool thing about taking this course is that if you actually do the exercises, you’ll find these will actually help you with making the necessary changes in your personal life by giving you more clarity, energy and resolve to move forward in the best direction FOR YOU.

Your Personal Investment in this Material

You have invested in this course with a little money. You will be investing in it further with your time and attention. One of the most important things to understand about psychic development is this: that being psychic means you can see the truth. You can see what is really going on. Are you ready to see what’s going on? Not just in the context of a reading, but when you aren’t even trying to be psychic? In your own life, are you ready to see the truth about your loved ones and strangers alike? Don’t let us scare you; the truth might be glorious! A lot of people think that being psychic is all about reading the future. While you will learn about reading the future, it’s important to understand that’s just a tiny part of being psychic. The truth of what is happening now often determines the future anyway. Are you ready to really have your eyes opened and take skyscraper steps up in your awareness?

Psychic Readiness/Preparation Quiz

So we invite you to take the following quiz. Listen to this meditation first to center yourself and connect more completely with your neutrality and center of psychic awareness.

Your answers can be from 1 to 10, with one representing agreeing with the statement in the least, 10 representing the most. To work on this you might want to move yourself to the deepest place within you, within your heart. You might even put your hand on your heart while you answer the questions:
Circle the correct number: 1 = strongly disagree to 10 = strongly agree

I am ready to see the truth of my own life and myself.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I am ready to see the truth about my fellow human beings, even those I’m closest to or who I have looked up to or who have authority over me.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I am ready to put myself first over the demands of the outer world.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I am ready to devote time to inward focus.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I realize that while meditating will take time out of my schedule, it will help me work more creativity and productively and greatly enhance my psychic awareness.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I am ready to speak my truth, even if I’m afraid of how others will react.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I am ready to interact with my guides and become more aware of the spirit world.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I am ready to let go of negative thinking, activities and things that I know deep down are not healthy for me.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I are ready to move to my next level of spiritual development, even if this means my life may change drastically as a result.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I am ready to experience myself as energy, and become more aware of my energy body.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I am in agreement that I will use these abilities only to help others and enhance both our lives.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Congratulations! If your answers are closer to 10, then you do have a great chance of succeeding with this course. Know that even the act of taking the quiz is solidifying your intentions. It’s making a statement that you are ready to accept the challenge of stepping fully and bravely onto your spiritual path.

However, if your answers are lower, first, congratulate yourself on your honesty! Lying to yourself, or perhaps we should say fooling yourself about your readiness would do nothing but lead to frustration.

100 to 120 – Over ripe! You have been ready to become psychic for a long time!
80 to 100 – No problem, you’ll do just fine.
50 to 80 – Don’t fear the truth; trust it will take you to where you ultimately will be happy to be.
30 to 50 – Sleep on it and retake the quiz tomorrow!
0 to 30 – Sleep on it, read the next few lessons, and retake the quiz in a couple of weeks!

So, to prepare yourself for this journey, here are some ideas for you to think about this week:

Spend time reflecting on imagery. Notice, when you read a book or hear a story, whether or not your mind creates a scene to go along with it. For instance, if someone tells you they saw Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, does your mind automatically create a visual of Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella’s Castle? If not, that’s fine! Just try and notice when and how visuals come to you. In order to start strengthening your clairvoyant abilities, try to conjure up images in your mind’s eye. If you can’t think of anything to imagine, turn on the television, and focus on the first thing that you see on the screen that catches your eye. Then close your eyes, and hold that image in your imagination for as long as you can (5-10 seconds should be long enough). Many people are really visualizing constantly but don’t realize that is what they are doing. Visualizations come in a vast array of styles and ways.

Homework Assignment:
Designate a journal just for your clairvoyant imagery. Every day this week, take a few moments to breathe deeply and center yourself. Listen to the above meditation, or follow your own centering practice if you have one. Then, spend some time – 10 minutes should suffice – to think about certain emotions (like happiness or sadness, excitement or boredom). Then, close your eyes and allow a corresponding visual image to come to mind. Write it down or draw it in your journal. Next, think about certain people in your life. Close your eyes and allow images to come into your mind’s eye. Once the image is clear, record it in your journal. Don’t worry about what the image means; you don’t have to analyze any of this yet. Just get comfortable with the pictures that come to you, and know that this exercise will help strengthen your powers of visualization.

That’s it for this lesson. See you next week!


Activate Your Psychic Super Powers eCourse

By Debra Lynne Katz and Krishanti Wahla

Welcome to…

Lesson 2: Preparing Yourself to Do Readings

The only way to build your clairvoyant “muscles” is by exercising them. The more you practice, the faster and easier the information will flow. Approach this as you would learning a new language or a musical instrument: practice makes perfect.

Preparation Techniques—Psychic Tools

The following two lessons will focus on visualizations that can be used to prepare yourself for your clairvoyant readings. These powerful, transformative meditation tools can be done ten minutes before a clairvoyant reading or performed at a completely different time, for any length of time. The longer you do them, the more you’ll feel their effects and the more you’ll benefit from them, so we highly encourage you to try utilizing them so you can experience their effects.

Once you’ve mastered using these visualizations on yourself, you can then begin applying them to other people seeking your help; these visualizations, though simple, are actually very powerful tools for healing. They have a cumulative effect, so every time you do them they will assist you with maximizing your energy flow, centering yourself, reconnecting with your body and the earth, and they will help you release any energies you’ve taken on from other people or your environment. When you first begin practicing them, it may seem as if all you are doing is fooling around in the playground of your imagination, but what you will soon discover if you “play” consistently and diligently is that your imagination is the control panel for directing, creating, and releasing energy of all kinds that affect your thoughts, emotions, health, relationships, and your ability to manifest your goals. Energy is as real as your physical body.

Set up an Optimal Environment

It may seem like common sense, but we have to stress that you must find a quiet place to practice, where you won’t be disturbed. Turn off all music, your television set, your computer, and your phone. In time, you’ll be able to do these exercises anywhere, any time. However, the quieter it is, the easier it will be for you to focus, relax, and have fun.

Close Your Eyes

When you close your eyes, you are turning inward to a place of connection with yourself. You can see visions with your eyes open, but then you have to strain and work a lot harder to ignore all the outside stimuli. When we can witness every glimmer of hope, disdain, fear, sadness, or glee in the eyes or face of the person we are reading, we begin to filter out any information that might elicit an unhappy reaction, which affects how honestly we can communicate and ultimately doesn’t serve anyone.

Optimal Reading/Meditation Position

Although you can use your clairvoyance or meditate in any position, sitting in an upright position in a chair or on a sofa that fully supports your back, with your legs bent at the knees and your feet touching the floor, maximizes the energy flow and release.


Grounding provides a vehicle through which your body can focus and release its excess electrical energy. Grounding works best with your feet touching the ground. There are a variety of ways to ground your body. Grounding yourself from the first chakra strengthens your natural connection with the earth, and makes it feel safer for your spirit to be inside your body. However, by strengthening this grounding you may become the most grounded thing in the room.

Electricity always seeks grounding to complete its circuit; it seeks the shortest possible route to the source with the least amount of resistance. In order to protect our homes and ourselves from being electrocuted by lightning, every electrical box has a ground stake about six feet long that has been hammered into the earth. The stake is made out of steel and is coated with copper. It channels any extraneous electricity, such as lightning, into the earth rather than into your electrical outlets, where it would seek you as the source to ground through.

When we visualize ourselves with a grounding cord, we are essentially creating a grounding stake so that extraneous foreign energies will go into our cords instead of into the rest of our body. When we extend that visualization to include the building we are in, then the various foreign energies already in that space will have someplace to go besides into us or our newly created grounding cords. Since gravity works with our grounding cords to form a vacuum effect, by grounding the building we are essentially giving it its own vacuum hose, thereby lessening the possibility of our own getting congested or clogged.

Grounding the Room

Sit in a comfortable position with your feet touching the floor. Ground the room by imagining a huge metallic beam running from the center of the ceiling deep into the hot molten lave core of the planet. The beam can be half the width of the entire room or match its entire diameter. You can also see beams running from each individual corner of the room downward into the earth. You may also visualize these beams surrounding the outside of the house. If you feel the space really needs a healing, you can call forth the cosmic energies, which you can visualize as an intense colored light pouring down through the beams into the earth. Imagine they are washing away whatever needs to be released, such as emotional energy from yourself or other people who have occupied the room.

Grounding Yourself

Visualize any strong object that will connect your body at the base of your spine to the core of the earth to form a grounding cord. Some of our favorite objects are a giant tree trunk, a cruise ship anchor, a heavy column made from pure gold, a big, thick Amazon rainforest vine, or a powerful pipeline. It is best to see this object at least as wide your hips. Some people have a really difficult time seeing their grounding cord as anything stronger than a thread or a wobbly vine. This is because they are ungrounded or thinly anchored into their bodies. Don’t worry if this describes you, because with time your grounding, and therefore the visualization of your cord, will grow stronger.

Next, imagine that your grounding cord has a hollow, slippery center, and then give your grounding cord two directives. First, tell it that it is going to absorb anything which comes your way that you wouldn’t really want to stick to you, and then tell it that it is going to operate as the vehicle by which you will spontaneously release any pain, emotions, or thoughts that no longer serve you. Let your attention run between the points at which the cord meets the base of your spine at the first chakra, and the ground.

You can also imagine that the gravitational pull is increasing in order to draw out any toxins from your body. You might imagine that your grounding cord is like a straw, and the earth is like a mouth that is sucking out the energies you are now expelling.

Grounding Your Aura

Our auras or energy fields are stretchy. They expand or contract as easily as we can extend our arms to hug another or bring another close to us in a gesture of protection. During readings and healings, it helps to know where your energy field ends and begins so that you can have control over the reading experience. If your aura is encompassing your readee, or theirs is encompassing you, you both are going to experience each other’s emotions. Now you might think, “Cool, then I will know how they are feeling.” While this may be true, you may get very confused about which are their emotions and which are your own, and then become affected by these before you can consciously realize what is happening. By bringing your aura closer to you and setting boundaries between yourself and the other person, you will be in a better position to observe and remain calm and composed during a reading.
You can ground your aura by first visualizing that you are drawing it in around you about two or three feet (for some of you who are feeling ill or are naturally introverted, this might require you to imagine you are expanding it outward from its natural position). Next, imagine that you are tucking the bottom part of your aura into your grounding cord at the point where it runs below your feet right into the ground. Then demand that your aura release anything that is no longer serving you right into and down your grounding cord. If it doesn’t feel like your aura wants to be grounded, try giving yourself a larger grounding cord, giving your aura its own grounding cord, or pretending that you are sewing, nailing, stapling, gluing, or tacking your aura into the cord. Then see a turbocharged lever on the side and imagine you are pressing down. As you press down, you will release whatever energy in your aura that didn’t want to ground.

Create a Separation Object

A separation object is that which creates an energetic boundary between you and everyone else. It is helpful to use one when encountering a highly emotional person and when performing a reading or healing. First, visualize an object that can rotate around the outermost edge of your grounding cord. You can see this as any object, but make sure it’s strong and absorbent. You can then give it its own grounding cord to strengthen it. We like to use images of smiley faces or big, bright flowers—really anything that is lighthearted or that makes us happy. This dispels any resistance to whatever it might be that the separation object is helping to separate us from.
You can program your separation object with the command that any foreign energies directed into your field or body will instead go right into it. You can also remind yourself that everything on the side of the object facing you is you and belongs to you, and everything on the outside is something or someone else. It’s a great idea to check in with this every once in a while when doing readings. Afterward, you can visualize it on your screen and look for the colors and read the ensuing energies that entered your separation object so you can get an idea of what was happening around you. You can then destroy this used one and create a new, fresh separation object.

Daily Homework:

Step 1: Grounding. First, bring yourself to a meditative space and focus on grounding yourself for at least 10 minutes. Pay attention to the images, colors, or impressions that release down your grounding cord.

Step 2: Aura Meditation. Follow the grounding with focusing on your aura around you. Bring your aura in around you and then begin to expand it until it encompasses the entire room. Continue to stretch it out in all directions so that it’s so large it covers your whole neighborhood, then city, state and even entire country and beyond. Don’t forget your aura extends over your head and beneath your feet! Experience how it feels to have your aura so large. Notice if you are leaving your body to follow it or if you can stay centered behind your third eye as you do this exercise. Then practice pulling it back to you little by little, so that it’s about 2-3 feet away from you. Notice how that feels.

Step 3: Next, spend a few minutes creating and checking out your separation object. When you see it in place, ask it to show you the colors of the energies that it has absorbed. Don’t be alarmed if you begin to get more advanced pictures of people you know!

There is no written assignment this week, but feel free to use your notebook to jot down any new or different observations or feelings you may experience.

This audio recording is a guided meditation created to take you through the steps above. In this meditation, we refer to the grounding cord as a rope, but you can imagine anything that resonates with you. Listen to it as often as you’d like.

Additional Easy Homework:

During the times that you’re not meditating, take moments throughout the day to check in with your aura and separation object. Reinforce to yourself that you are strong in your energy field, and that your separation object is protecting you from absorbing any foreign energy. If you find yourself in a particularly sticky situation or around a person who really rubs you the wrong way, imagine yourself pulling your aura in, and then see your separation object repelling any influence this person may have on you.

As you do the above, allow and remind yourself to keep your heart open. One problem many new students have is that they go into resistance to that which they want to protect themselves from. This just makes things worse. Don’t fear or hate or resist that which you don’t want in your energy field. Instead send it a little love (pink heart energy) while you use your protection/separation tools. This will help both you and what or whomever you are resisting.

Have fun with this! See you next week.


Activate Your Psychic Super Powers eCourse

By Debra Lynne Katz and Krishanti Wahla

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Lesson 3: Preparing Yourself to Do Readings, Part 2
Running Energy

A great part of the activation of your psychic super powers involves energy; we’re visualizing and interacting with real energies that are not usually easy to see with the physical eye. Therefore, it’s very important for clairvoyant readers to establish a strong flow of energy throughout their own bodies and energy fields before embarking on doing readings for others. This week’s lesson is all about the practice of visualizing and utilizing these very real energies.

There are many ways to work with energy. Energy can most easily be visualized as a colored, active, moving substance. You can see it as colored light, water, fire—anything fluid and moving. Running energy is like giving ourselves a shower. It also allows us to replenish ourselves, to re-balance and re-establish our energetic flow. To prepare yourself for doing psychic readings, we first recommend that you get comfortable with this process.

Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy is also known as Universal Life Force Energy. It’s pure, vibrant, and extremely powerful. Inviting this energy into your body is the equivalent of opening up to the divine light and life of God.

Imagine that the cosmos, or heavens, are opening up, and see torrents of colored light or water pouring down onto your head. Imagine the top of your head (your crown chakra) opening up like a lotus, rose, or tulip to welcome in this flow. Inhale this breath down to your toes and even let some of it run down your grounding cord. You can imagine that this energy is as neutral as water, or you can assign it a quality you want to have in your life, such as more joy, peace, passion, creativity, and so on.

Earth Energy

Earth energy can help us increase our connection to the earth. When we walk, run, or do physical activities outside in nature, we spontaneously increase the flow up through our feet. We can deliberately and easily increase this flow through visualization.

We have little energy centers located in the soles our feet. Imagine you are opening these centers by seeing them as spinning disks getting bigger and bigger. See them opening and then closing, opening and closing, until it feels as if you are really doing this. It is kind of similar to the feeling of opening your eyes or your mouth really wide and then closing it. Finally, have your feet chakras remain fixed at a comfortable degree of openness that will enable the optimal amount of energy to flow through your feet.

Next, imagine that earth energy is rising from a very deep and clean place, deep within the earth. See this energy as an earthy color that enters your feet. Watch as it swirls around through the little chakras in your feet and flows through every toe, each heel, and up your ankles. See it flow up your calves and legs, let it swish around in your knees, then raise it up through your thighs, and really let it wash out every part of your thighs. From your thighs, direct the nurturing, vibrant earth energy into your first chakra at the base of your spine and then let it circulate in there and flush back down your grounding cord. Visualize this for at least five minutes. Ask yourself if this color feels good to you. If not, choose another one originating from a different spot deep within the ground. After a few minutes you might try to imagine the flow increasing in volume and strength.

Combining Earth and Cosmic Energies

Draw the cosmic energy downward from a clean spot in the heavens into your crown chakra, then down your spine where it can circulate in your first chakra. At the same time, see the earth energy rise up from the earth into your feet and up through your legs. It will also be spinning through your first chakra before it falls back down your grounding cord. Imagine the cosmic and earth energies are meeting in that first chakra to form a combined color. Let this combined color be 80 percent cosmic energy and 20 percent earth. Then see it rising back up through the core and front part of your body as if it were a powerful geyser, shooting straight out through the top of your head, spinning the chakras with its force.

Once it exits through your head, you can imagine it shooting higher and higher in the air, and then falling back down around the entire circumference of your body and back down through your aura, cleaning that out. If your aura is grounded, the energy will then wash right back down your grounding cord. Continue to visualize this for several minutes. If you do this for thirty minutes to an hour every day, you will completely transform your entire energy field and begin to feel very different.

Calling Back Your Own Energy

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we often travel out of our bodies to retrieve information. While the bulk of our energy remains in our bodies, much of it is sent to other people and projects and places. Some parts of ourselves are stuck in the past while other parts are out searching for answers and security in the future. Some parts are being held hostage by others, but this usually can only happen if we think we need them or we owe them something out of guilt or past agreements. Much of our illness, our exhaustion, our hunger, and our cravings related to addictions are due to us being low on our own spiritual energy. Fortunately, we can retrieve our energy with the aid of the following visualization.

Imagine a large golden sun above your head. Imagine that you are writing your name across it, which gives the signal to yourself and anyone else that this is your very own object. Imagine there is a very large magnet at its core, the strongest magnet in the universe. This magnet is designed to attract only your energy that is outside of your body at the moment. Start to call back all your energy from anyone, any place, anything it could possibly be engaged with. You will probably intuitively know where some of it is, but you might spontaneously get some thoughts or images of people that you are surprised about. Just because a relationship ended decades ago doesn’t mean it’s not still continuing on a nonphysical level. Sometimes we need to consciously end that connection so we are free to create new and rewarding relationships in the present moment on the physical level.

Just keep calling back your energy into your golden sun until the sun swells up from being so full. Once it is as full as it will (or can) get, imagine the sun bursts open and all that energy pours right down into the crown of your head, all the way down to your feet, and then back up, like orange juice pouring into a glass and spilling over. Let it spurt out the top of your head and run like a fountain out and down your aura, eventually running back down your grounding cord.

You can also see the energy flowing down your shoulders and arms, with a little bit of it splashing out of your palms in fountains of light that also seep into your now-glowing aura. See the cells of your body expanding with the swirling light. Your cells and entire being get so full of this light that the light shines through every pore of your body, forming a million pinpoints of light emanating outward, engulfing your entire energy field in one huge glimmering disco ball. Then see this ball of light growing even brighter and bigger, stretching upward and out in all directions like a frenzied fire.

Homework Assignment:

1. Use as a Meditation:
Sit down, go inward and meditate using the energetic techniques outlined here for ten to twenty minutes each day. Once you are comfortable with visualizing these techniques, listen to this guided meditation, which is about 15 minutes long and combines the grounding and separation exercises from the previous lesson with these exercises. It is important that you practice these techniques (either by following the guided meditation, or visualizing on your own) at least every other day for the first few weeks. These exercises are prerequisites for clairvoyant reading. They will help you get grounded, centered, and connected in your body so that you can safely and more easily tap into your psychic abilities. Furthermore, once you are comfortable doing them on yourself, you will be ready to apply them to others as well. These visualizations also serve as a foundation for a powerful healing methodology that will be taught in our course on clairvoyant healing.

2. Use as a Walking or Running Meditation:
These visualizations can be performed with your eyes open as you go about your day. At least once a day, try running your energy while you are on the bus, walking your dog, jogging, washing the dishes, etc. However, we don’t recommend doing this while driving or operating heavy machinery as you could slip into a trance and become sleepy or distracted!

3. Use While Speaking to a Difficult Person:
Running energy is like taking a shower. If you are in the shower and someone splashes a bucket of gooey mud on you, it would barely touch you, and if it did, in seconds it would come right off. So these exercises serve as methods of clearing, energizing and protection. Protection from what? From negative emotions and thoughts and frequencies that are emanating from the people around you. So at least 3 times this week, either right before or during a conversation with someone who is not in a fantastic space, take a few moments and begin to focus on running your earth and/or cosmic energy through your own body and notice what happens.

For Your Notebook:

Answer the following questions:
1. How did you feel after running your cosmic and earth energies for the first time?
2. How do you feel after listening to this week’s guided meditation?
3. Do you notice a difference between running energy as part of a focused mediation vs. when you do it while engaged in other activities?
4. How did your experience of your encounter with another person change when you applied these techniques before or during your conversation? Did you feel or act differently or did they respond differently than they have to you in the past?
5. What effects do you feel from running your energy for just a few minutes?
6. What effects do you feel from running your energy for more than 15 minutes?
7. Do you notice a difference between running cosmic and earth energy or calling back your own energy? If so, what is the difference? (Note: this might be different each time you do it!).

We encourage you to continue to use your notebook to record any changes in your life or differences with how you perceive yourself and others around you. We highly encourage you to run your energy when you are feeling stressed or upset or in place of an addictive behavior. So instead of reaching for that next drink, cigarette, or that other half of the cake, go run your energy!



Activate Your Psychic Super Powers eCourse (lesson four)

By Debra Lynne Katz and Krishanti Wahla

Welcome to…

Lesson 4: Basic Training: The Clairvoyant Techniques

Hi! How are you doing this week? We hope the energetic techniques presented in the last lesson are helping you to become more fully present in your body and your life. Remember, those preparatory techniques are designed to help you clear your mind and energy field so as to optimize your clairvoyant viewing pleasure! They also serve as powerful self-healing and meditation tools.

In this lesson we will mainly focus on your clairvoyant ability. However, please be aware that your other abilities of telepathy, clairaudience, and clairsentience will also be activated, and will provide you with information through your inner senses of hearing and feeling as well. We will address your clairaudient abilities in greater detail later on. In this lesson, you will learn how to perform a clairvoyant reading on yourself and others.

The technique we’re going to teach you is an excellent method for reading people. It can be used to see into and obtain information about past, present or future events.
Prior to doing any clairvoyant work, begin by grounding, bringing back your energy, running your earth and cosmic energy and creating a nice separation object or fortress around your aura.

The technique we share in this course is intended primarily for reading from your sixth charka, also known as your third eye. This requires you to be fully present in your body (as opposed to other techniques that would have you leave your body, as in the case of channeling). Much of the information you will be drawing from will be coming from either a universal source of information accessed directly by your own clairvoyance, or will be projected and communicated on telepathic levels to you by the person you are reading. Occasionally some information will come from other spirits, either ones associated with you or the person you are reading.
Usually, spirit communication comes in the form of telepathic thoughts or clairaudient hearing. Sometimes a spirit can toss you a picture (this usually has an almost intrusive quality to it), but this is far less common.

Center Yourself

Since your clairvoyance is centered at the point of your sixth chakra that also corresponds to your pineal gland, this is where you will center yourself. It’s also where you can observe the emotions you will experience without being overly influenced by them. Your ability to speak up about what you are seeing is as important as the ability to see at all. The best psychics are those who can objectively report the information in a calm manner. This is very important!

As spirits, we can be centered or focused in any part of our body. When we are centered up behind our sixth chakra, we are less emotional. Our clairvoyance becomes activated and we are literally above our emotions. This doesn’t mean we won’t feel any emotions at all. To the contrary, our emotions will often reflect what the readee is feeling or experiencing; however, when we are centered in this part of ourselves, we will not have to become a victim of our emotions. We can have our emotions and know we are having them. It’s the difference between being a spectator to a tornado—merely feeling some of the wind and turbulence—and getting swept away in the tornado. When we read, we are sometimes looking at other people’s tornadoes. We can only help our readees if we remain neutral and a bit removed. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you will become uncaring or cold hearted!

Familiarize Yourself with This Place

The guided meditation from lesson one first introduced you to the idea of being centered by creating a room in the center of your head behind your 6th chakra. So now, as in that meditation, we invite you to come up or down or from wherever you are into the center of your head. You can actually place your fingers on your forehead, slightly above and in between your two eyes, to remind you of where this is. Close your eyes and imagine you are centered smack-dab in the middle of your head, so that if there were a window or eye right there you’d be looking out at your fingertips. Once you have a concept of this, you can relax your hand back down to your lap.

Create a Seat

Create a comfortable chair, which will be like a director’s seat or driver’s seat. Have fun designing it. Imagine you are sitting in the chair. Then see yourself standing up and running circles around it. Then run in circles in the other direction. As you run, imagine you are taking your hands and running them alongside the inside of your head. Jump on top of the chair. Use it like a springboard or trampoline and do flips forward and backward off of it. Fly around the center of your head if you like, and then come back and sit in the chair. Imagine you are sitting on a beautiful, ornate high priestess throne, in a luxuriously comfortable, plush home movie theater seat, or at the helm of a ship on the sea or in outer space. Know that you are in charge. See yourself wearing the appropriate costume if you’d like. Have fun with this!

Open Your Third Eye

Next, while imagining that you are sitting inside your head and really centered there, also imagine that you are looking out of your forehead. Imagine that you have a control panel in front of you and focus all your attention on the inside of your forehead. Imagine there is actually a third eye painted on your forehead and now, under your command, this eye is opening up so you can see beyond it. One of Debra’s favorite visualizations is of the viewing deck in Star Trek. On that TV series, on the other side of the viewing screen there was either a lovely view of outer space or the image of some planetary leader telling the crew they were about to face imminent attack if they didn’t turn around immediately. So, watch as either an eye or a window opens up on your forehead, and imagine that you are now looking out of your forehead. It’s helpful to start off with a gesture of opening these parts, because that sends the symbolic and hypnotic suggestion that we are now creating a change in ourselves, opening up something not previously open. Even if you think your abilities are wide open already, by doing this visualization immediately before a reading you are sending the signal to yourself that you are now, at this specific time, allowing yourself to be more clairvoyant than you normally are in your everyday life.

Reading Screen

From the center of your head, you are now looking out of the eye or window of your forehead. Focus about six to eight inches in front of this point and visualize a reading screen. Take notice of the screen’s appearance and attributes. You can see this as any shape or size. We invite you to try different images every time you do this in order to see what is most comfortable. Some popular images used by students are that of a television screen, a computer monitor, an IMAX theater screen, a black or white board, parchment paper, and the like.

From the inside of your head, imagine that you are taking a tape measure and measuring the distance between where you are in your head and where the screen is. Just get a feel for how many inches or feet away your screen is. For the purposes of this exercise, we are reading from within our bodies; if your screen is too far away, this likely indicates your spirit or a part of you is very far from your body. If you feel as if the screen is miles away, then destroy that screen, recheck yourself to see if you are in fact centered in your head, and then create a screen closer to you.

Turn On Your Screen

Imagine there is a lamp or lights attached to the top of the screen. Imagine you are flipping the switch to these lights. Notice how nicely the lights illuminate the screen. Let this be another symbol or hypnotic suggestion to yourself that your clairvoyance is turning on strong to illuminate whatever is about to appear on your screen.

Ground Your Screen

Next, go ahead and give your reading screen its own grounding cord, running from the base of the screen deep into the earth. Notice if anything happens to the screen or if it changes in any way. It may or may not.

Practice Your Preparatory Techniques on Your Screen

There are two ways you can perform these visualizations. The first way is to imagine them as if they were really happening to your actual body. The second is to visualize them on the reading screen. There is value to both. Most people spontaneously visualize these techniques happening directly to their bodies. Even after students have grown adept at creating and utilizing a screen during readings with others, they still tend to spontaneously ground themselves or run energy by visualizing it happening directly to their body. Doing so is easier and it tends to make it all feel more real. However, we do encourage you to practice these techniques both ways once you have taken the time to visualize your screen and see what that is like. It’s great to go back and forth.
The value of seeing your body and your aura with your grounding cord and energy running through your body on the screen is that you can sometimes be more precise with having a sense of the colors and energies you are bringing in or releasing. Reading yourself and particularly others really requires you to use the screen constantly and consistently, and therefore using it to work with the preparatory techniques and/or in your meditation sessions is great practice.

Homework Assignment:

1. Every day, for at least ten minutes a day, practice grounding yourself and running your energy. Next, bring your awareness to the center of your head and create a reading screen. Run through the techniques once again using your screen. Practice this method for another ten minutes.
2. Practice creating and destroying images. Every time you create an image and destroy it, you are moving energy, engaging in the act of creation itself and building your visualization muscles. Each day choose a new category of images to create and destroy. Just look around you for examples. If you are in your bedroom, you can choose the various objects in your room to first visualize, and then destroy. See how many ways you can come up with to destroy these. Get creative. If you are outside, see how many different kinds of rocks, plants, trees, or clouds you can visualize and then get rid of.
3. Do the above exercises with the use of a screen and also without one. Notice if you can maintain the image of the frame of the screen or if it’s just easier to visualize creating and destroying objects where you would first imagine the screen to be. Once you start doing readings on other people, you may find it helpful to start with a screen but then find that you forget about the screen and just focus on the colors and images. That is perfectly fine.

The following meditation goes through the techniques mentioned above. You can listen to it each time you practice, or just once, in order to get the hang of the methods we’ve described.




Activate Your Psychic Super Powers eCourse (lesson five)

By Debra Lynne Katz and Krishanti Wahla

Welcome to..

Lesson 5: Clairvoyant Technique #1: Creating a Single Viewing Receptacle

Hi there! We hope you’re having fun running your energies and hanging out in the center of your head. The nice thing about the inside of your head is it’s 100 percent all your own! This means that NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, gets to dictate what goes on in this secret chamber of mysteries, unless you allow them to.

This week, we’re going to start practicing doing actual clairvoyant readings on yourself and others. Remember to approach the reading process with a sense of light-heartedness and fun. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and don’t try to force yourself to see things; rather, gently allow the images to come through. One of the first questions a new student has is whether or not they are really being clairvoyant or if they are merely imagining things. Since psychic information flows through the vehicle of the imagination, the only thing you can do is relax and trust. With practice, experience, and time you will gain the ability to judge the quality of information coming through. The worst thing you can do is to over analyze, or get stuck on the need to be right or to make sense of what you are seeing before you record or speak up about what you are seeing. What will help the flow is to remain in a highly curious and amused state and to share everything you get, no matter how silly or seemingly insignificant it is to you at the time.

Begin by centering yourself, grounding, running your energies, and creating a reading screen out in front of your third eye. Imagine there is a light above the screen and turn it on. Remind yourself that when you turn on the light you are turning on your screen.

Next, create a clear, transparent image of an object that has the ability to hold something else. This is what we refer to as a viewing receptacle. This receptacle can be in the shape of a rose, a tulip, a crystal, a plant–any neutral object with a variety of aspects to it that could possibly contain other objects. If these are too complex, you can try using the image of a crystal ball or a star constellation or cloud.
Many clairvoyants like using a rose the best because roses have so many layers and attributes that will change and take on various forms during a reading. A rose is harder to visualize than a ball, but ultimately the complexity can provide a richer tool to work with. Once you visualize this on your screen in as much detail as possible, go ahead and destroy it until it no longer exists. You can blow it up, set it on fire, shoot it, erase it, see it getting smaller and smaller until it dissipates, or you can fling it off your screen and watch it fly off somewhere and evaporate.

Sometimes after you destroy your receptacle, you will have a sense that there are still pieces remaining. You can take these and roll them up into a ball and repeat the process until all the pieces have disappeared. This is a step you should never skip because these contain energy that can impact you if you just leave them there. If you feel like you don’t want to get rid of them because it took you a while to create them, or it seems too rude or hostile to destroy them, or whatever resistance to this comes up, know that this same resistance could very well be affecting you in your own personal life when it comes to letting go of things.

Invite the Information into Your Reading Receptacle

After creating and destroying a few roses, which will help exercise your clairvoyant muscles and move any energy off your screen, create a brand-new receptacle. Now you are ready to invite in the energy of the person you are going to read.

Take a really good look at the clear, transparent receptacle or rose you have put up on your screen. Notice its size and shape. If you are interested in learning something about yourself, you can pose a question to it and then just observe it. If you want to know something about someone else in your life who is not present, you can say their name a few times to the receptacle, even write their name underneath it with an imaginary pen and then watch the rose.

The first thing to look for is a color or colors. Just sit back, be very patient, and ask the rose to show you a color that represents the person or information you are seeking. You can watch to see if the rose changes in the slightest way from when you first began to visualize it, or if it demonstrates some sort of movement or does something you did not expect. While you are doing this, an image or picture might arise as well. Whether you can barely notice a minute glimpse of a color or whether you see something in such bold Technicolor that it makes you jump in your seat, be assured that you are on the right track.

Be aware that if you are reading yourself or someone who is not present, it is going to be a lot harder for you to stay focused. One thing that will really help in this case is to utilize some kind of voice recording device that you can speak into as you do the reading. This will keep you on task.

Observe Your Viewing Receptacle

The key here is to relax, observe, and have no expectations. Never underestimate the importance of anything that comes up for you, and please do not disregard something just because it looks or sounds ridiculous and you have absolutely no idea what it means. Doing that is the biggest mistake most students make. The critical and analytical part of you is going to want to judge everything you see as good/bad, right/wrong, important/insignificant, impressive/dumb, normal/weird—and this is the part of yourself you have to completely ignore. Everything you notice is happening for a reason. You are a detective, an explorer, a researcher. You should not leave any stone unturned—that stone may just turn out to be the most precious of gems. All we need is the first clue, and then we have something to work with, to sink our psychic teeth into. Again, that clue can be a simple color or a very clear image.
If you are not noticing a single thing after a minute or two, try destroying your viewing receptacle and checking to see if you are still centered behind your third eye. Then destroy your current reading screen and create a new one; put up a brand-new receptacle and repeat the above process by stating the name of the person you are interested in learning about, or the question you want information about. You may want to ask your question in a different way.

Once You Have Your Clue, Pose a Question or Command

Once you have the first clue—such as a color, a change in your receptacle, or an image—then you have a couple of options. One is to pose a question to that attribute, such as “What do you represent?” or “What do you want to show me?” The other is to give it a command: “Hi there, show me a clue to understand you better” or “You will now reveal more information I can understand.” Then all you have to do is sit back and watch the attribute of the receptacle again as a whole, and wait and see what happens next.

Another option is to destroy that receptacle, create a new one, and ask it to show you the meaning or a clue about what you just viewed in the first receptacle. We recommend doing this when you don’t feel that anything else is happening from looking at the same one. Remember that when you create and destroy any image, you are moving and releasing energy and stimulating your clairvoyance, so don’t be afraid or lazy when it comes to recreating your viewing receptacle over and over. At the same time, you must be patient. Sometimes it takes several minutes before you start to notice anything.

Reading Another Person Who Is Present

When you are doing a reading for another person who is present, you will use the same techniques as discussed above. The only difference will be in establishing the initial connection and then disconnecting at the end.

Start off by asking the person you are reading (your readee) to sit across from you at a comfortable distance, usually a few feet away. You can inform the readee that you will have your eyes closed for most if not all of the reading, but that they should keep their eyes open and remain as alert as possible.

Make sure you give yourself time to run your energy before the reading. This will help keep you secure, energized, and focused, and will also give your clairvoyance a warm-up and jump-start. Some people need more prep time than others, particularly when starting out and particularly if the analytical part of their mind tends to be in overdrive. So it’s best to spend time meditating, ideally about thirty minutes before you invite the readee to sit down in front of you. If you don’t meditate, you will still be able to do the reading, but just be aware that the information may not flow as easily, it may take you longer to be able to focus, or you may struggle with more self-doubt.

Greet the Readee’s Spirit

Once you are ready, you can say a prayer if you’d like. Then visualize a protective bubble of light (any color you wish) surrounding yourself and your readee. Next, greet your readee’s spirit. During a clairvoyant reading, we are getting in touch with the essence of a person. We are reading their spirit along with their personality and body. When you put your attention on your readee’s spirit, your readee will spontaneously become more in touch with that part of themselves. You can do this simply by imagining that you are sending them a note that says “Hello, spirit” or a present in the form of a bouquet of flowers. You can even ask yourself, “What would this person really like to have?” and then see what comes to you, and send over a symbol that represents that. Then watch to see where this gift you are sending to them goes and whether or not it seems they are receiving it. Wherever it goes is where they are centered. It may therefore go to a certain location within their body or somewhere outside their body. If it seems as if they aren’t receiving this gift, then repeat the process. If they still don’t appear to receive it, this may be an indication that they will have a hard time receiving the rest of your communication or that it may just take a while for them to get comfortable with the process. Regardless, continue on with the reading for as long as the readee has verbally asked you for one. This process of greeting the readee’s spirit is a good one to repeat during the reading if you feel that you need to establish a stronger connection in order to stimulate the flow of images coming to you.

Establish a Connection

First, imagine a clear, transparent receptacle (such as a lotus flower) to represent the crown chakra. You can see this either on your reading screen or you can imagine it is floating directly above your readee’s head. Have the readee state their current name and date of birth a few times, and invite the main color their spirit is vibrating at to come into the flower. Sit back and wait until you get a sense of a color. If you see many colors, you can give this flower a grounding cord by using the image of its stem going into the earth. If you are not satisfied with this process, you can destroy the lotus flower and create a brand-new one, repeating the process of having the readee say their name.

When your readee says their name, listen to their voice and postulate that the tone and quality of the voice will come into your receptacle and translate itself into visual information such as a color. Once you notice a color, you can match your crown chakra to it by simply visualizing your crown chakra vibrating at this same color, but a notch or two brighter. Once you have established this color, ask your readee to state his or her question, then create a rose that represents that question and watch to see if it changes in any way. Allow the images to unfold, and pay attention to the clues they reveal to you. If you’re having trouble with seeing specific imagery, destroy the rose on your screen and create a new one.

Wrapping Up Your Reading

The best way to end your reading is to create a new receptacle and ask it to show you a next step or action the readee can take that will help them achieve a goal. This is not about you giving advice, but really asking for the answer to come clairvoyantly. Providing the readee with actions that they can take will empower them and remind them that they are in charge of their destiny, not you. When you are finished with the reading, you will want to make sure you remove your readee’s color from your crown chakra. You can do so by seeing it return to a neutral gold color and then either looking at it to see what color it wants to turn to, or assigning it a color that matches a vibration that seems to represent you or that makes you feel good.

Homework Assignment:

Prior to listening to the following meditation, which is designed to lead you through a reading on someone you know and are wondering about, please run your energy and ground yourself so that you are fully prepared to go into reading mode.

Using your journal, write down several questions you’d like to know about yourself and your life. Follow the techniques above, and record the images that come through to you. If the answers are not immediately evident, spend time reflecting on the imagery that has appeared to you and see if, in time, you understand what the messages are indicating



Activate Your Psychic Super Powers eCourse

By Debra Lynne Katz and Krishanti Wahla

Welcome to…

Lesson 6: Additional Clairvoyant Techniques

Hi! How’s it going? We hope you’re having fun doing readings on yourself and others. This week, we’re going to introduce a few more techniques to help you with the process.

Technique #2: Reading Relationships between Two People
In the technique we introduced you to last week, we performed the reading using one viewing receptacle. Clairvoyant Technique #2 is virtually the same, but will utilize two receptacles, or roses, and look at the relationships between the two. Whether you use roses or another object for your viewing receptacle, it’s important to begin using the same image for both receptacles so you can compare the changes within these as the energy/information enters and then transforms them into more complex symbols and images.

Many clairvoyant readers really enjoy working with two roses because it gives us even more to look at. You can focus attention on one at a time, or step back and watch to see how the two interact with each other. You can also look at what might stand in between them by putting out a third rose in the middle and labeling it as a communication receptacle. This is the best technique for reading relationships of any kind.

Label Your Receptacles

It is important for you to know which receptacle represents which person or thing. So visualize the first one and consciously decide if it should go to the right or left of your reading screen. Then, in your imagination, write the name of the person or thing underneath it or above it. You can also say the name of the person to that particular receptacle or, if you are reading someone, you can ask them to say the corresponding name a few times and you can invite that person’s energy to show itself in that receptacle. Then, visualize the next receptacle and put that on the opposite side of the screen and repeat the process with either you or your readee stating the second person’s name. If you are reading a couple and both people are present with you, have one person say their name, and observe the receptacle until you see a color. Then create the second receptacle, invite the second person to say their name, and look for a color.

If both people are not present, have the one person who is present say both people’s names, one at a time. Tell your receptacle that it is going to show you the nature of the absent person, not as the one saying the names thinks of them, but as the absent person actually is.

As is usually the case whenever one person talks about someone else who is not there, we need to understand that we are going to tend to be more sympathetic to the person who is present, at least at that moment. It helps to keep this in the back of your mind because if all is not perfect in paradise, it’s going to be natural to assume that it’s the absent person’s fault, when in actuality your complaining readee may be the real problem. This fact will usually emerge during the reading, but it helps to go into the reading being conscious of your natural biases, which will favor the person you are speaking to—and who might be paying you for the reading! Ultimately as a reader, you should not be judging either party. If you assign blame or fault to anyone, that is a function of your logical mind and has nothing to do with being psychic.

Clairvoyant Technique #3: Reading the Relationship between a Person and a Goal

This technique works with reading relationships between people, or between a person and anything they are wondering about. This could include their own clairvoyant or healing ability, their finances, their future, a particular person, any creative project, and so forth.

Once you are looking out at your reading screen and have created your connection with whomever you are reading, create a clear, transparent, neutral 3-D receptacle or viewing object such as a rose. Take a good look at this so you have a starting point to work with. Let this rose represent yourself or the person you are reading. Next, above the rose, create a symbol of something that represents the person’s goal again, whether that be more money (perhaps a dollar sign or gold bar), a relationship (you can visualize a wedding ring), a child (visualize a baby), stronger clairvoyant abilities (visualize a third eye), and so on.

Then, simply drop the symbol into the rose and notice what happens to the rose once it is filled up with the symbol. You’ll be amazed at what comes up! This is analogous to giving a pill to the client to see how the client responds. We can also ask, “Is this food / exercise / therapy / man / job / project good for me (or the client)?”—and then drop it into the viewing receptacle and watch what happens.

We really enjoy this exercise because it’s always interesting to see what comes up. Does the rose accept it or spit it out? How does the rose change? Does it look better or worse? If you would like information about the future, then visualize a calendar. Rip out a page with a particular month on it and drop it into the receptacle. You can also do this with a map of a place you are considering moving to, and see what happens.

Examples of How to Work with the Three Techniques
Below are some common questions asked by readees as well as examples of how to work with the receptacle. We use the words “rose” and “viewing receptacle” interchangeably.

Question: “How is my job going?”
1. Look at one rose that represents the readee’s job.
2. Look at one rose for the readee, one rose for their job. Instruct the two roses to show you the nature of their relationship.
3. Look at one rose for the readee, and above this visualize a symbol representing their job. Drop the symbol into the rose and notice what happens to the rose.

Question: “What is wrong with my marriage?”
1. Look at one rose for the marriage.
2. Visualize a rose for each person in the relationship. How do the roses interact?
3. Visualize a rose for each person in the relationship. In the middle put up a third rose to represent their communication.

Question: “Have I hired the right attorney for my lawsuit?”
1. Look at one rose for the readee, one rose for the attorney.
2. Look at one rose for the attorney, one rose for the lawsuit.

Question: “I am considering investing in a few business ventures. Which is the best?” Or, “I am dating a few guys. Which one is the best?” Or, “I have a few job offers. Which one is the best?” Or, “I have a few places in mind to move to. Which place is the best?”
1. Look at a single rose for each venture. Do one at a time; after you are done with one, destroy it and then look at a rose for the next.
2. Put up one rose for the readee and one rose for the venture (or guy, job offer, or location). Watch what happens between the two roses. Once you are satisfied with what you get, destroy all these images and start over with the next person or thing the readee is considering.
3. See three viewing receptacles. Label each one with the thing it represents. Ask for the strongest possibility to stand out among the rest, and look at all three and see what happens.

Question: “I would like to know if I am on my spiritual path.”
1. Look at one rose for the readee, one rose for their spiritual path. How do they interact?
2. Look at one rose for the readee. Put up a symbol representing their spiritual path. Watch how the two interact.
3. Look at one rose for the readee. Put up a symbol representing their spiritual path. Drop the symbol into the rose and notice what happens with the rose.

Viewing Receptacles Are Just a Tool to Get You Started

In order to be able to effectively do clairvoyant readings in any situation, we need to understand how to navigate our way and guide ourselves through the reading. As you have seen, we are not just waiting for inspiration to drop from the heavens and hit us over the head, any more than we’d consider sitting down on a sofa and hoping the TV will turn on by itself.

Our reading screen is like a TV that we position at a comfortable distance in front of us. When we visualize a transparent 3-D rose or another object on our screen, and invite the information we are seeking to come into it by saying the name of the readee, it is similar to consciously selecting a TV channel or a specific radio station. We still won’t know exactly what program is going to come on, or what the storyline or the identity of the characters will be, but we do know we can expect something to appear with as much certainty as if we were to press the “on” button of a TV.
Asking specific questions is like tuning in to a particular television show. We may understand we are about to view a show that has to do with detectives or romance or animals, and we may even know who some of the characters are and what they are like because we watched it last week, but we still don’t know the storyline or how the characters might surprise us, nor do we know how the show will ultimately turn out until the images show up on our screen.

Reading screens and viewing receptacles are tools you can always use to access your clairvoyance and that you can return to when you get stuck, when the information stops flowing, or when you aren’t sure how to proceed. Once you get started and the information is flowing, you will find that you don’t need to be focusing on the receptacles on your screen. Some of you may not even want to use a screen, but just the receptacle or vice versa. Often the images will flow freely, mixed in with a knowledge of what the images mean, and you may realize that for several minutes you haven’t needed to use your screen or a rose or receptacle, or even consciously pose a question.

Many psychics use tarot cards, tea leaves, or crystal balls in the same manner as the screen and viewing receptacle. Even former military remote viewers use a technique called an ideogram to get started. In fact, it can be quite fun to use any of the above as the visualization for your viewing receptacle. You can play around by starting off with the image of a blank tarot card or a tea leaf, crystal ball, or geometric pattern, and see how those work for you.

Homework Assignment:

The following meditation is designed to help you with going through the three techniques listed below:

Do 3 readings and record the results in your journal.

1. Using Technique 1, clairvoyantly read your own relationship with someone you are curious about.
2. Using Technique 1, clairvoyantly do a relationship reading for a friend on someone they are involved with.
3. Choose one goal that you have been working on for a while. Do a reading using technique 2 and/or 3 for yourself.
4. Have a friend choose a goal that he/she has been working on for a while. Do a reading using technique 2 and/or 3 for your friend.



Activate Your Psychic Super Powers eCourse (lesson seven)

By Debra Lynne Katz and Krishanti Wahla

Welcome to..

Lesson 7: Other Sources of Psychic Information Clairaudience and Telepathy

Clairaudience is the ability to access information through a combination of inner hearing and thought. Telepathy is a type of clairaudience and is the sending and receiving of thoughts from one person or spirit to another. During a clairvoyant reading, these abilities will spontaneously emerge, but there are definitely things we can do to develop and direct these abilities. In order to give you a taste of what psychic hearing is like, we recommend doing the following exercise.

Exercise to Understand Clairaudience

Close your eyes and turn your attention inward. Silently say “I love you” ten times to yourself, inside your own head. Listen to yourself saying these words. Then do this again, but this time do it as if you were shouting “I love you,” again only inside your mind. Now do this again as if you were singing the words. Do it one more time with some kind of foreign accent.

You will most surely notice that you can hear yourself forming these words and that the volume, tone, pitches, and cadence will have varied even though you were not physically saying the words. This is exactly what telepathic or clairaudience messages sound like. The only difference is that in this exercise you were intentionally forming these thoughts. When they come in on a psychic level they will arrive unexpectedly, as if they were news to you. This is analogous to the relationship between visualization and clairvoyance. When you visualize, you are directing your mind to conjure up a certain image. When you are being clairvoyant, your visualizations begin to act outside the boundaries of what you intended or expected.

Telepathy Coming from Another Person
Clairaudient messages come from a variety of sources. They often come directly from the person you are reading or focusing on. Sometimes you may hear a voice that sounds just like that of your client or someone you are sitting close to that includes an “I” statement, such as “I can’t stand this anymore” or “I want this more than anything.” When this happens you will often have a very clear sense it’s your readee speaking to you just as if your readee were addressing you with words.
Sometimes a message will come in from a spirit guide, a deceased relative, or some kind of entity that has a vested interest in the readee. The message might just spontaneously enter your mind, or you might request an answer to a particular or general question such as “Please tell me what my client needs to hear the most,” “Why has this person really come to me today?” or “What the hell did that image just mean?!” Once you ask the questions, be as still and as silent as possible and put all your attention on your ears. The more the messages come in words or a tone unlike those you typically use, the more certain you can be the message is coming from a source outside yourself, particularly when the information surprises you.
You need to be aware that some spirits will lie to you. If you wish to seek a message during a reading, it’s helpful for this reason to direct your questions to a particular source, such as the readee’s Higher Self, the spirit guide who is most loving or most knowledgeable in a specific subject, or a particular deity you feel connected with. If you get a very strong message, you can always use your clairvoyance to help you “see” its source.

Early on in Debra’s clairvoyant training, she realized she couldn’t always trust the auditory messages she heard, so she got into the habit of backing up any clairaudient messages with her clairvoyant images. Clairvoyant images almost always come from the reader and the readee. On rare occasions, an entity may throw a picture at a clairvoyant. We say “throw a picture” because that’s how it feels, like an intrusion. It has a different quality than most other images or visions, and is usually unrelated to the topic or has sexual or violent connotations. If you’ve ever been falling asleep or meditating and, out of the blue, saw a demonic face or a sex picture flash before your eyes, this is what you were very possibly experiencing.
Although they are definitely subject to misinterpretation, clairvoyant images don’t lie, whereas spirits are a lot less dependable unless you have an established connection with a particular one. There is a depth of information that comes from clairvoyant symbols that clairaudient messages often do not match. When you see information you can alter it, so clairvoyance automatically paves the way for healing to occur in a way that sharing verbal messages does not.

Most of the famous psychics you have heard of and/or observed, from Sylvia Browne to John Edward to James Van Praagh, rely heavily on their clairaudience and the information they receive either from their own guides or the deceased relatives of their clients (particularly Edward and Van Praagh). This is why these psychics are also considered mediums. Receiving auditory messages works well for them, and enables them to access and communicate information very quickly. Compare the difference between looking at a picture and describing it in your own words to someone else, and repeating word for word what someone else is telling you. Describing the picture takes a lot longer. Therefore these psychics do very well on radio and TV programs, where their messages need to be delivered in short fifteen-second sound bites.


Clairaudience is a mild form of channeling. Channeling is the spiritual ability to bring another spirit into one’s body. Spirits can plug into any part of a living person’s body or energy field. Healing spirits often just plug into a healer’s hand chakras. Spirits that wish to speak through a person will usually plug into the telepathic channels that are located on the back of the head behind the ears, and behind the neck and the throat chakra. There are really millions of spirits out there that would love nothing better than to communicate with someone— really anyone who will listen! Some of these spirits also plug into the back of the head, behind the sixth chakra and also into one’s crown chakra. Even when a spirit is plugged into just one or a few areas of the body, the body can be readily influenced by that spirit’s emotions and thoughts. When the spirit is plugged into the throat chakra, the person’s voice may be drastically altered, but usually their appearance will remain the same.

In full-body channeling, a large portion of the channeler’s spirit leaves their body to make room for another spirit to completely move into their body and energy field. When the spirits have exchanged places, the channeler often takes on the physical appearance, mannerisms, and voice of the entity being channeled. The spirit that owns the body will frequently be unaware of what is being stated or will not retain a memory of what was said. Two of the best known full-body channelers are J. Z. Knight, who channels Ramtha and authored “The White Book,” and the late Jane Roberts, who channeled a group of beings known as Seth and wrote books such as “The Nature of Personal Reality” and “Seth Speaks.”

We are all constantly channeling to varying degrees at every moment, whether we are channeling our parents’ judgments or channeling dirty jokes from entities that we picked up the night before at the local bar. Some people attend schools and workshops to learn how to minimize the risks of channeling and how to recognize when they are spontaneously channeling in their everyday life, so they can avoid being affected by energies that don’t always have their best interests in mind. Many of the mentally ill homeless people you see talking to themselves on the streets are frequently channeling multitudes of beings at any given time. These beings like to talk and don’t care whether or not anyone is listening. It’s also evident that when people say things such as “I don’t know why I just did that,” “I know I did it, but it’s not me,” or “I haven’t been myself lately,” that they are being more accurate than they even know.

Some spirits are very adept at working with channelers. They intuitively understand how to effectively plug into a body, and to speak in a voice and use language that can be readily understood. Others have no clue as to how to achieve a proper connection. Until they are taught by the channeler or another clairvoyant who can see them, they will plug into the wrong body part or communicate in the wrong language. Just as with other types of spirit guides, channeling guides range from being ignorant and unconscious to being fully enlightened ascended masters.
When channeling you want to be very careful about whom you invite in; otherwise you may end up with a very unruly houseguest who doesn’t know when to leave. For this reason we don’t recommend channeling without proper instruction and supervision by an experienced teacher. Channeled spirits tend to have a specialty. Some are healers, other are teachers, still others are charismatic entertainers, and some are just vagabond souls seeking further experiences for themselves. Full-body channeling is very hard on the body. People who engage in this type of practice are vulnerable to illness and a shortened life span and sometimes might begin to incur karma based on the spirits’ actions. This is what happens when a person goes on a rampage, committing an act of violence and then having no memory of it the next morning. People who have been drinking or using drugs are obviously more vulnerable to this phenomenon.

Homework Assignment:

Listen to the following guided meditation, which is designed to help you make contact with your spirit guide.



Activate Your Psychic Super Powers eCourse (lesson eight)

By Debra Lynne Katz and Krishanti Wahla

Welcome to…

Lesson 8: Putting It All Together

How’s it going this week? It’s the last day of school! We hope that you’ve been moving along with your psychic awareness and enjoying getting comfortable with the process of activating your psychic super powers. In this last lesson, we’re presenting additional techniques to help augment your clairvoyant imagery and revisiting a few topics such as the interplay between clairaudience and clairvoyance.


We suggest practicing the clairvoyant techniques taught in lessons 1 through 6 first, and then incorporating the skill of clairaudience once you have practiced your clairvoyance a few times. That is not to say you won’t naturally be receiving information on a psychic hearing level or that you shouldn’t use it sooner, but since clairvoyance for some people is a little trickier, it has worked well for students to get the visual flowing first and to use clairaudience to fill in the blanks. You can fall back on clairaudience when you are feeling stuck in understanding the meaning of your images, when you want further communication, or when you just feel ready to incorporate this skill into your repertoire. Some of you will have already experienced your clairaudience often enough at times when you were meditating, falling asleep, or relaxed—and for you it will most likely come easily and quite frequently when you are purposefully doing readings.


A good time to start calling forth your telepathy during a reading is when you see an image of your client or of a person or animal, and you wish to understand something about them or their intentions, desires, or actions. You can address these images with any question you are wondering about just as you would in “real life,” but perhaps with even more boldness and candor. For example, you can say something to the image such as, “Hey, [name], how do you truly feel about this situation?” or “Hi, what do you need more than anything right now?” Once you pose a question to these images, the most important thing to do is to be still and silent inside yourself and wait for a response. Give the images time. Not every one of them will have an immediate response, although you won’t usually have to wait more than a minute or two. Put your attention on your inner ears; you can even imagine your ears are becoming larger in order to take in the auditory information. Just wait.

Troubleshooting: If you don’t get a response, you can try rephrasing your question, or you can go back to the visual technique using the viewing receptacle method and then, later on in the reading, attempt to do this exercise again with another image. This is particularly good to do if you have a sense that you are looking at a spirit that spontaneously pops up or is one that your readee asked you to look at. Nevertheless, don’t shy away from using your clairvoyance with spirits, as doing so will help you to see them as they used to look if they once had bodies.
Remember also that you can always address your client’s Higher Self or spirits by sending them a hello in the form of a note, some flowers, or a little gift. Wait for them to respond, or you can imagine you are shaking their hands and asking them to tell you how they feel about something, particularly when the client is struggling with a tough decision. When a client has posed a question such as “Tell me what I should do,” it is a great opportunity to put it back on the deepest, most intimate part of the client by asking that deep part to tell you what its greatest longing is.

Instant Knowing

Instant knowing is different from clairaudience. Instant knowing will sometimes precede a clairvoyant image or follow it. It requires less interpretation than the other two abilities, and it’s more subtle although it seems to be quite accurate. Sometimes it’s almost as if you can feel it land within your mind, and you would barely notice it if it weren’t for the fact that the information is not anything you could have otherwise known. It doesn’t come in as a message; it’s just somehow there.

How to Develop and Work with Knowingness

First, in your notebook write down a few questions that you have been wondering about. Set these aside.

Next, imagine that there is a special place in your mind that is the most perfect spot in which to receive information on an instant knowing level. Close your eyes and allow your attention to move to that exact spot. Notice where in your inner visual field your attention lands (i.e., could be above the left eye, or below it, or towards the right ear and down; for each person it will be different!). Once there, imagine there is a sliver of a brightly lit pathway running from this exact spot to your crown chakra and straight out the top running upward into the sky. You can clearly activate the pathway by writing the words, “instant knowing” on a stone and bringing the stone down through the pathway right to the landing spot where you are centered. Do this a few times as preparation for the actual information to come in. Be as quiet as possible.

Next, ask a question and instruct your mind that it will receive an answer effortlessly and that the information will flow through your crown chakra and land at the exact spot that you are focusing on, and then just wait. The answer may come immediately or it may come after you have completed the meditation and taken your attention off the entire process. If it doesn’t seem to come at all, don’t get discouraged. It might even land there later that night, during a dream or when you wake up the next morning.

This is going to be much easier after you’ve already been using your clairvoyance during a session and after meditating for a while. Many people’s minds are so cluttered and busy that it’s hard for them to hear clairaudient messages or notice intuitive or divinely inspired thoughts. That is one reason why people tend to spontaneously begin experiencing their psychic abilities when they start meditating or increase their meditation time.

How to View the Future

You thought we’d never get here, did you? Yes, it is possible to view the future. But first, there are some things to consider.

Is It Good or Bad to Know the Future?

Most psychics don’t want to see “bad things” any more than their clients want to hear them. For this reason, most psychics don’t pick these up unless there is a warning message there. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at the future; on the contrary, you can be confident that if you look into the future you will see the things that your readee can deal with. It also doesn’t mean that your readee is going to react favorably to whatever you are getting about the future. The readee may not like it at all in the moment, may deny that it’s possible, or even tell you that you are most certainly wrong, but most of the time it’s information that will be helpful for them at a later date. They will either be able to prepare themselves for that which you’ve predicted or you will help them understand it, or enable them to make changes to either avoid it altogether or lessen its impact when it arrives.

Future Reading Option One (General)

Visualize your reading screen. Then place a clear crystal rose on it. Underneath it, label it “the future.” Instruct it to show you some future events. Look for a color first, then ask the color to show you what it represents. If you are not getting a sense of when these events will occur, once you start to describe them you can ask your rose to show you a symbol that will help your readee understand when they are going to happen or recognize when they’re about to happen. Some of the symbols that come up might have to do with the weather. For example, if you see the readee shoveling snow it is likely the event is going to happen in the winter. If you see a graduation cap, this may indicate the event will occur sometime around or after a graduation.
Sometimes you may not get colors, but your rose might do something that gives you some indication—for example, it may grow very large and open up, or it might shrivel and fall over on its side. This will at least give you some indication whether or not the specific events you or your readee are wondering about will turn out as hoped. This is one reason why utilizing an image of a rose can be helpful when performing clairvoyant readings.

Future Reading Option Two (Specific)

Visualize your reading screen. Put out a clear transparent rose on it. Underneath it you can imagine you are writing the date in the future about which you’d like information. This could be a specific day, as in the case of your readee requesting information about the outcome of their immigration interview, court date, or wedding. More often, however, you may just wish to choose a certain period of time in the future, such as three, six, or nine months, or one year, three years, or ten years. Remember that the future encompasses millions of seconds, events, and feelings, so you are just going to tune in to a few events, at most, that the person perhaps needs to hear about now.

You can ask to see anything about the future, or you can pose any specific question to the rose about a particular point in time. For example, you can ask the rose to show you information about the readee’s relationship three months from now or you can ask the rose to show you if the readee will have a relationship in three months. If it doesn’t look as if they will, you can look ahead six months or a year and ask for images to appear if the readee will be alone or with someone else.

If you are seeing events that you know are not pleasing the readee, you can put out a new viewing receptacle and ask it to show you information regarding the reason the readee is not creating what they want, or what they think they want!

Don’t Forget to Clear/Clean Out and Make Separations after a Reading!

After you read another person, you always want to break the energy connection. This is really easy to do most of the time (unless they enjoyed the reading/connection so much they don’t want to let you go!) There are several ways to do this. The most important steps to remember are as follows:

1. Call back your own energy. Simply visualize a rose for them and the reading and call your energy back. Notice what happens to the rose when you call your energy back. Or you can visualize their body and aura and yours next to them and see each one getting his/her own energy back.
2. Send the readee’s energy back to them. Watch the energy that is not your own leave your physical body and return to theirs.
3. Check for energy cords or whether or not your two auras are merged. You can again either use a receptacle or visualize their entire body/aura and ask for any cords that got established during the reading that are not serving you to show themselves. Then simply imagine a pair of scissors and cut the cords.
4. Recheck where you are. Did you wander far from your body or remain centered within your self? Where are you? Where is your aura? Where would you like to be now? If you find yourself feeling spaced out, getting lost or losing things after a reading, this means that you are not grounded or centered. Time to do a little work.
5. Break the telepathic connection. See a telephone; designate this as the representation of the telepathic connection between your two bodies and souls as part of the reading and then see this phone breaking into tiny specs of dust. As you do this set the intention that the telepathic communication is coming to an end.
6. Reset your crown chakra and your frequency. If you matched your crown chakra with your readee’s, it’s important after a reading to reset your crown chakra at a color and frequency that is right for you. It may help to visualize that person’s crown chakra and the color they’re vibrating at, and then contrast this with a color that feels really good to you and is a color you associate with yourself (or would like to – this is an opportunity to raise your frequency; if you’ve always vibrated at brown or even bright pink, allow yourself to change colors). You can take this color and draw it all the way down your body to your toes and even further down your cord so you can be at this whole new vibration.

The following guided audio meditation will walk you through the process of ending the reading, clearing, and detaching from others.

In Conclusion

Wow! If it feels like you have covered a lot of material in the last 8 weeks, it’s because you have! Remember that all this mediation and psychic work will transform you. It’s really part of your spiritual and human evolution. Even if you don’t plan to become a professional psychic, you will find you now have a whole new host of tools to help you in times of stress, confusion and need. Sometimes the right response to these difficult emotions and times is to seek out answers in a reading on yourself or from someone else experienced in these techniques. Quite often it’s not about getting the answers (as much as you think you need them) but instead just bringing yourself into a new and refreshed mental and emotional state. Every single one of the exercises you have learned and practiced in this course will do that for you! Psychic reading does open you up to a host of new and “other worldly” experiences and these can be overwhelming. But if you enter into your practice with awareness and with the ultimate intention that when you do any of this it’s for your greatest well-being and those of everyone around you, you will be just fine. More than fine. You will excel and sail beyond your wildest dreams. Think of your enthusiasm as the wind for the sail and these techniques as the steering and landing mechanism.
Wishing you the greatest joy in your spiritual explorations,

Debra Lynne Katz and Krishanti