10 Ways to Get Yourself out of a Funk


Have you ever been in a funk? Maybe it just started out as “one of those days,” or maybe something specific triggered it – like, you were in a good mood until someone said or did something rude or irritating. Whatever the case, being in a funk stinks. It actually surrounds you with low-vibration energy, and that energy affects your health, your world, and the world of those around you, because it transmits over to other people in a kind of domino-effect that affects their vibration as well (as in the case of someone triggering that for YOU!). Rather than suffer, you can do concrete things that will raise your vibes and get you to a place where you feel better. Here are some things (in no particular order of preference) that I’ve found to be effective not only for myself, but for friends, family, and clients:

  1. Listen to music you like. Music is pure vibration and can re-attune your energy field.
  2. Find something – anything – to laugh at. Look up videos on eBaumsworld or youtube.
  3. Call someone and bitch about things for a bit, then change the subject; enlist their help!
  4. Take a shower or a bath and wash those bad vibes away. If you’re feeling really crummy, scrub your body with a fine sea salt; it’s a great purifier and dispels negative energy.
  5. If you have a pet, cuddle with him or her. 
  6. Throw yourself a pity party and wallow in your funk, then make a promise to yourself that tomorrow will be a new and better day. My favorite pity parties involve sympathetic friends and movies like A Little Princess, Stardust, or Matilda, a box of Kleenex, and popcorn.
  7. Buy yourself a treat! It doesn’t have to be a major purchase, just something fun.
  8. Leave the place you’re in: go for a walk around the block, move your physical body. Stomp your feet, punch the air (or a wall if you’re really pissed!), or run. Force yourself to dance, even. Just do something to switch gears and shift your body.
  9. If you can hug a tree, do it! Tree energy is excellent for repairing your aura and elevating your mood. Ask the tree to shift your vibration to a better place, and it will.
  10. Breathe in some essential oils. Orange is great for lifting your vibes, but really, whatever scent makes you happiest is the one that will help the most.

I’m sure there are millions of more ways to get yourself out of a funk; this is just the tip of the iceberg! What techniques have you found to be effective?